Balance bike bolts

Balance bikes are equipped with a huge range of features these days, and the most important factors in your decision on buying the best balance bike will be determined by the type of frame you prefer, which sort of tyres and many other factors including the age of the child, style of bike and if the bike has a brake (or not).

One of the features often overlooked is the bolts that hold the bike together, and if they are exposed, recessed or covered.

Exposed bolts are common on many metal balance bikes, and although this means that the bolts are easy enough to access and adjust if required they can prove a slight concern. This is because exposed metal bolts can get scratched over time, and if they are very prominent this means that they can scratch the inside of the child’s leg while riding.

Prince Lionheart balance bike

This problem is avoided with recessed bolts, which are often found on wooden balance bikes such as the Prince Lionheart Balance bike (pictured)

The bolts on this style of bike are hidden away within the wooden frame of the bike so they are out of sight and don’t cause any hindrance to the rider.

Another advantage of balance bikes with recessed bolts is that they are out of the way if the child has a fall. Small children will sometimes fall directly on top of the bike during a fall, so exposed bolts can cause an injury so this is not a problem with bikes with recessed bolts. This also applies to balance bikes with covered bolts.

Bolts are an essential feature of balance bikes as they hold the entire bike together. Although recessed and covered bolts do help to prevent injury in the event of a fall, there are many excellent metal balance bikes with exposed bolts that don’t hinder the performance of the bike.

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