Best balance bike for 6 year olds

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If your child has been using balance bikes since they were 2 or 3, then by the time they approach the age of 6 they should have well and truly mastered the arts of balance and steering and be ready to move on to larger bikes.

However, some children do not discover balance bikes or take to cycling until an older age . This could be due to lack of space if you live in a big city, a preference for other activities or that you just don't have enough time to learn to ride with a busy schedule.

Other children love balance bikes so much that they want to continue to become expert riders. Balance bikes are much lighter than normal pedal bikes which have a heavy chain and pedals, so they allow children to perform some tricks and stunts that just aren’t possible on normal bikes!

The range of bikes in this category is much smaller than the number of bikes that are available for children aged 18 month – 5 years.

But although there is much less choice, there are still some quality options when looking for the best balance bike for 6 year olds, and although older children may not take to riding quite as easily as younger children they still have the choice of several very good models.

Ridgeback Scoot XL Balance Bike 14"

  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • Saddle Height 40cm - 54cm
  • High quality spec

Although the other bikes we have recommended for 6 year olds have 16 inch wheels, we have included the Ridgeback Scoot XL in our selection as it would fit well with some 6 year olds and it is a high quality bike.

It has a long wheelbase for stability, as well as wide handlebars and air tyres for a comfortable ride. Ridgeback are well known for the quality of their bikes so you know you will be getting a very good bike here.

The bike also includes a very comfortable leather saddle as well as a hand brake.

LLF 16" Balance Bike

  • Suitbable for children 80cm - 120cm
  • Non slip handle and soft seat
  • Polymer tyres so no stopping for flats
  • Sturdy enough for children up to 30kg

This carbon steel balance bike is suitable for children between 80cm and 120cm, so it should cater for most 5 and 6 year olds that are just learning to ride a bike.

It is designed without any sharp points, with a non-slip handle and a soft seat to absorb all bumps in the road.

It also features polymer tyres, so there will be no problem with flats. It also has a really cool and stylish design so it is perfect for the playground or the park.

This bike is sturdy enough for children up to 30kg, so it is ideal for slightly older children looking to get on with riding a bike.

YUMEIGE 16" Balance Bike

  • Strong, high-carbon steel frame
  • Wide Dayan handlebars
  • Ergonomically designed seat cushion
  • Seat height 59cm - 76cm

This bike makes an excellent alternative to the Strider Youth bike, and is ideal for older children learning to ride.

It has a strong, high-carbon steel frame and wide Dayan handlebars which increase stability and make the bike easier to ride. The bike also features super wide anti-wear tyres, which have excellent elasticity and give a smoother ride.

Another feature of this bike is the ergonomically designed seat cushion, which is soft-filled, hollow and breathable for comfort. The saddle height on this bike is from 59cm – 76cm so it is also great for children in the 6 – 12 age group.

The market for balance bikes for older children is growing, so there are sure to be some more models available for this age group soon. We will keep you updated as soon as they become available!