Best Balance Bike for 18 month old

As most children will learn to walk between the ages of 9 months and 18 months, this means there is nothing to stop them getting a balance bike and learning to ride as well!

Although most bikes will be more like toys for this age group, balance bikes for 18 month old children do provide a great way to learn the fundamentals of balance and steering. They will also love to have their own independence while improving motor skills and confidence.

They also provide a great form of exercise as your child will be able to join you on family walks rather than just riding in the pushchair!

There is a great selection of balance bikes for 18 month olds available and we have highlighted a few of our favourite models below:



Saddle Height


Yvolution Y Velo Toddle Bike

28cm - 35.5cm

Nicko Mini Wooden Balance Bike

23cm or 27cm

Beehive Zebra Balance Bike


Wishbone 3-in-1

28cm - 46cm

Chillafish Quadie

22cm - 25cm

Features of a Balance Bike for 18 month old

The features of a balance bike for an 18 month old will be very different from balance bikes for older children.

Your toddler is unlikely to be able to handle a standard balance bike, but most designers have realised this and produced bikes which are suitable for this age range while also helping with balance.


Most balance bikes for 18 month olds will have 3 wheels (at least to start with), as this will get your child familiar with sitting in a saddle and propelling the bike with their feet.

Fun Designs

These models often have fun and quirky designs, so choose one which your child will enjoy. The main aim at this age is just to get them to engage in riding and having fun!

They Can Grow with Your Child

As your child progresses, some bikes will grow with your child and turn into a more standard balance bike (such as the Wishbone 3 in 1), or bikes can be adapted as balance improves. The Yvolution Toddle Bike is a great example of this as the double width rear wheel can be changed to a standard width.

Balance bikes for 18 month olds are great fun, and if they get really good at riding they may be able to progress straight to a pedal bike. However, it is probably more likely they will need a bit more practise on a slightly larger bike and there is a great choice of balance bikes for 2 year olds and 3 year olds.

We have reviewed some of our recommended balance bikes for 18 month olds below:

Yvolution Y Velo Toddle Bike

  • Double rear wheel which can be removed as your child progresses
  • Available in a choice of vibrant colours
  • Suitable for height range 70cm – 95cm
  • Saddle height 28cm – 35.5cm

The Y Velo Balance Bike is one of our recommended balance bikes for 18 month olds due to the iconic dual rear wheel.

This innovative design makes it easier for children to learn to balance on just two wheels, and should fast-track their progress to a pedal bike.

The saddle height starts at 28cm, so do make sure your child is tall enough for the bike. You can check by measuring the inseam of your child which should be 2-3cm lower than the saddle.

Other features of this bike include comfortable hand grips, an adjustable saddle and puncture proof tyres.

Nicko Mini Wooden Balance Bike

  • 2 in 1 option as a trike or balance bike
  • Birch wooden frame available in different colours
  • Saddle height of 23cm or 27cm

The Nicko Mini Wooden Balance Bike is a great option for 18 month olds as it can be used as either a trike (with 3 wheels) or a 2 wheel balance bike.

It is smaller than an average balance bike, so makes a great introduction for very young children while improving motor skills and co-ordination.

Features include a soft padded seat, EVA foam tyres (no punctures), and non slip grip handlebars with safety ends.

This bike can be used both indoors and outdoors and weighs just 2.3kg with a carry handle. Very useful for when the child gets tired of riding and wants a ride in the buggy instead!

Beehive Zebra Balance Bike

  • Fun Zebra design
  • Comfortable saddle designed for very small children
  • EVA wheels are anti-skid and ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Your toddler will love this fun zebra balance bike, and will soon be zooming around the house in no time!

Although it is not technically a balance bike, the three-wheel design provides stability and is ideal for 1 to 2 year old children to learn at their own pace.

Features include a comfortable saddle which has been designed specifically for very small children, as well as cushioned handlebars and anti-skid EVA wheels.

This bike can be used indoors as well as outside, and is also available in a fun Giraffe design as well!

Wishbone 3 in 1 Balance Bike

  • Innovative design allows for trike and 2 styles of balance bike
  • Grows with your child from toddler through to pedal bike
  • Eco friendly design

The Wishbone 3 in 1 Balance Bike makes our list as it is probably the most adaptable balance bike available and a great option that will take your child from a 3 wheel trike all the way through to a pedal bike.

The unique design means that the bike can be transformed from a trike to a ‘short’ balance bike and then to a ‘long’ balance bike with a higher saddle.

This means that it can be used by all children from 1 year olds through to 3, 4 or 5 year olds in balance bike mode.

The patented Rotafix™ joint connects the front and rear of the frame, and allows for a huge range of adjustments to fit every child.

The trike mode allows young children to cruise around getting used to balancing, while the balance bike modes provide the next step on getting ready for a pedal bike.

We also like this bike as it has a strong frame made from recycled material,so although the Wishbone 3 in 1 Balance Bike is at the top end of the scale when it comes to budget it will be in use for one or more children for quite some time.

Chillafish Quadie

  • Great pre-balance bike 4-wheeler
  • Seat height 22cm – 25cm
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Rubber tyres great for indoor and outdoor use

Although the Chillafish Quadie is not technically a balance bike like some of the other models we have reviewed here, it makes a great introduction to riding and will make the step up to a balance bike easier.

The Quadie is made from quality materials, with a lightweight steel V-tube and silent, non-marking rubber tyres which mean the bike is ideal for use both indoors and out.

Small children will love zooming around on the Quadie, but when they get tired there is a convenient handgrip on the seat. We really love the hidden storage box in the seat for toys or snacks when they get hungry.

This bike is recommended for children between the ages of 1-3, and if they get on well with the Quadie they can then progress to other balance bikes in the Chillafish range such as the BMXie and Jack and Josie.


These are just a few of the best balance bikes for 18 month olds. The most important thing at this age is for the child to have fun, but these makes and models should improve motor skills, co-ordination and help them to learn to ride as well!

You can also check out our guides to the best balance bikes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds and 6 year olds on this website as well.