The most expensive balance bikes

We try to feature all types of balance bikes on this website, ranging from the most basic and economical bikes through to the most expensive and deluxe bikes which will offer a much wider range of features.

Although you can get an excellent balance bike for as little as £30 – £35 (the Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike is a good example), most bikes will retail between £50 – £100. This will buy you a good quality bike with extra features such as padded seats, safety handlebars and a stylish design. There is a huge range of models to choose from in this price bracket including Puky, Weeride and Stompee Balance Bikes.

However, we realise  that some people will be only be looking for the very best and most expensive bikes, and so there are a handful of models that we can focus on!

Early rider Alley Runner
Early rider Alley Runner

One of the most expensive balance bikes that we have featured is the Early Rider Alley Runner, which is the only aluminium bike manufactured by Early Rider.

The Alley Runner offers a range of premium features, with an aluminium frame, a carbon seat post and carbon handlebars. The faux leather seat is also anatomically designed for comfort, and so this bike looks and feels like a top of the range model with a classic diamond design. The carbon features help to keep the weight of this bike down to just 3.3kg, which is comparable to some of the smaller balance bikes on offer for much younger children.

You can buy the Early Rider Alley Runner for around £150.

Another balance bike that will set you back over £100 is the Go Glider 16 inch balance bike. This bike is designed for older children aged from 5-10 years, so it is ideal for late starters or for children with balance and co-ordination challenges.

Go Glider Balance Bike
Go Glider Balance Bike

The Go Glider balance bike is a great way to learn to ride and features puncture proof EVA tyres (check out our balance bikes tyres guide), and a rear handbrake so the child is ready to learn at their own pace. It is also easy to assemble as you will just need to insert the handlebars, adjust the seat and you will be ready to go.

Although these bikes from Early Rider and Go Glider are quality bikes, they don’t quite compete with the Petit Pierre Pearl White Balance Bike. This is the most technologically advanced and expensive balance bike in the world with features including a carbon frame, optimized wheelbase and saddle suspension.

The Petit Pierre Pearl White Balance Bike retails for well over £1,000, so if none of the bikes available on general sale aren’t quite what you are looking for then this could be the bike for you!