The most expensive balance bikes

We try to feature all types of balance bikes on this website, ranging from the most basic and economical bikes through to the most expensive and deluxe bikes which will offer a much wider range of features.

Although you can get an excellent balance bike for as little as £30 - £35, most bikes will retail between £50 - £100. This will buy you a good quality bike with extra features such as padded seats, safety handlebars and a stylish design. There is a huge range of models to choose from in this price bracket including Puky, Weeride and Bike Star.

However, we realise that some people will be only be looking for the very best and most expensive bikes, and so there are a handful of models that we can focus on!

Carbon Fibre Balance Bikes

The most expensive balance bikes available are made from carbon fibre, which makes the bikes extremely light and very strong along with a smooth and comfortable ride.

There are now carbon fibre balance bikes available from several manufacturers, so if you have in excess of £500 to spend on your balance bike then read on!

YSH Carbon Fibre Balance Bike

YSH Carbon Fibre Balance Bike

  • Carbon fibre frame
  • Ergonomic design
  • Shock absorber pnuematic tyres
  • Saddle height 30cm - 40cm

This sleek and stylish balance bike is a top of the range model with a carbon fibre frame, aluminium alloy stem and anti-wear, shock absorber pneumatic tyres to provide a smooth and jolt free ride.

This balance bike is ideal for all ages, as the low saddle height makes the bike accessible for riders as young as 2 years old.

It is extremely important to make sure that the bike you are choosing fits your child, and most 2 year olds should be able to handle this bike. The seat extends up to 40cm, so if they take to riding then this should last them most of the way to a pedal bike.

This bike has high quality features, as along with the carbon fibre frame it also includes a high quality leather seat and rubber pneumatic tyres. The ergonomic design makes the bike easy to ride and the safety grips on the handlebars protect from scrapes.

An amazing balance bike that is a fantastic introduction to cycling!

Balance bikes over £100

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a carbon fibre balance bike, but you are happy to spend in excess of £100 then there are excellent bikes available from manufacturers such as Specialized and Early Rider.

The Specialized Hotwalk balance bike has a lightweight aluminium frame, a lower seat height for 2019 and a step through frame which makes it ideal for younger children.

If you would prefer a wooden balance bike, then you could consider the Early Rider Lite or the Early Rider Classic, which are both high quality balance bikes around this price point. We have outlined the differences between these bikes in another post.

There is certain to be a balance bike out there to suit you whether your budget is £30 or £500!