LAVA Sport Balance Bike

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • Aluminium frame, fork and handlebars
  • Saddle height from 31cm - 40cm
  • Ideal for both 2 and 3 year olds

The new LAVA Sport Aluminium balance bike is now available, and it is one of our favourite balance bikes for 2020!

This bike really stands out from the crowd with not only a sporty design, but a fully aluminium frame, fork, handlebar and seat post.

The beautiful anodized aluminium finish means that the bike won’t chip like traditional paint, and it is available in Fuji Blue or stunning Hot Pink!

The aluminium frame and parts mean that this balance bike is extremely lightweight at just 2.1kg. This makes it even lighter than competitors such as the Strider Sport, making it easy for young children to handle.

The bike also includes features such as a padded seat, lightweight foam tyres and durable handlebar grips.

Moving on to the all important saddle height, the LAVA Sport balance bike rates really well in this department as the saddle can be adjusted from just 31cm - 40cm.

This means that it should be suitable for most young children learning to ride, from any age between 2 and 5. The saddle can easily be adjusted using a quick release clap.

This is a great balance bike that has really raised the standard of balance bike available for a mid-range price. It has already received fantastic reviews and we anticipate it will be a best-seller very soon!