Best balance bike for 3 year old

Now we are really talking! This is the age when there is nothing to stop children getting on their bikes, learning to ride and really finding their independence! Although some  2 year olds might be reluctant to start using balance bikes, and many 6 year olds will have grown out of balance bikes, most 3 year olds should be raring to go!

This means that there is a huge range of models available for children aged around 3, so it would be  impossible to fit them all into this review. We have selected our favourite 5 models and listed them in the table below, so you can see the sort of bikes that are available when you are looking for the best balance bike for 3 year olds.

Early rider classic
Early rider classic
Puky Balance Bike LR1
Puky Balance Bike LR1
Adventure Zooom balance bike
Adventure Zooom balance bike
Aluminium£82 - £125
Kiddimoto Kurve Pastel Dotty
Kiddimoto Kurve Pastel Dotty

By the time your child is approaching their 3rd birthday, they will probably be too big for one of the smaller balance bikes we featured in our reviews for the best balance bikes for 2 year olds.

This means they will need a bike with a larger seat height, so if you aim for a model starting at around 35cm this should be about right. You need to make sure that the lowest setting of the seat is around 2.5 – 3cm lower than the inside leg of the child so that they can get on and off the bike comfortably. As long as the seat is adjustable (which it will be on most models), then a good quality bike bought at this age should see them right through to their first pedal bike. We have more details on seat height in our Balance Bike Seat Height Guide.

One of our favourite models for 3 years olds is the Stompee Balance Bike, which is featured in the table above. The Stompee balance bike has the appearance of a genuine mini mountain bike, with chunky pneumatic tyres and a stylish finish. It also looks great with alloy wheels and a large padded seat, and as Stomp specialise in off road motorbikes then this bike should be able to stand the test of whatever most energetic 3 and 4 year olds can throw at it!

Another great option is the Puky LR1 Learner bike. Puky provide models for children of all ages, but we find that the Puky LR1 Learner bike is perfect for this age group.

The lowest seat height of this bike is 34cm, and it is also different from some other models with the low platform which makes it easier for smaller children to get on and off the bike.

If you would prefer a wooden balance bike for your 3 year old, then there are several options in this category. A top of the range model is the Early Rider Classic, which is high quality wooden balance bike, with a range of superb features and a stylish fire emblem on the frame.

The seat height of the Early Rider Classic starts at 31.5cm, and it weighs in at 4.25kg which means that it will be able to support riders right up the age of around 5.

The Early Rider Classic will set you back around £100, so if your budget doesn’t stretch this far but you would prefer a wooden balance bike then there are several other options including a Mongoose Balance bike at just over £50, or the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike which is available for around £35.

Other best selling models to highlight in this range of bikes are the Kiddimoto Kurve and the Scoot balance bikes. The Kiddimoto Kurve range of balance bikes are beautifully designed wooden bikes with a range of styles including Pastel Dotty, Police and Fire. These are very different from the Stompee, Puky or Early Rider models – and you may have seen them featured on Dragons Den!

Kiddimoto Kurve bikes are available from around £50, and have a seat height between 37cm – 39cm. This is not as wide a range of some of the other models which is a drawback of wooden balance bikes.

Finally, if you can stretch your budget to around £100 and would prefer an aluminium balance bike then we would recommend the Scoot balance bike. This is a stylish and high quality bike that caters perfectly for 3 year olds, and it even comes with 2 different seat posts so you can switch between them as your child grows. The Adventure Zooom balance bike is another option in this price range, and these bikes compare very closely in terms of style, features and price.

These are just a few of the models available, so there is plenty of choice for the best balance bike for 3 years olds looking to get on their bike and explore the world. We have featured many more on this website, so happy riding!