Balance bike saddle height guide

We have already seen from all of the models that we have reviewed on this website that there is a huge range of balance bikes that vary in style, tyre size, frame structure and many other variables.

However, probably the most important factor to consider when you are choosing the best balance bike is the saddle height.

If you get this wrong, then your child is going to have problems getting on and off their bike and won’t be comfortable during their ride. This might mean they become reluctant to use the bike and they miss out on the freedom and excitement that a balance bike can bring!

How to choose the correct saddle height

The first thing you will need to do is to accurately obtain the inside leg measurement of the child for whom you are buying the bike. You can do this by standing the child with their feet flat on the floor (with no shoes). Then place an object (such as a book or magazine) between their legs as high as comfortable, and when they step away measure how high this is from the ground.

You will then need to compare this measurement with the minimum saddle height of the balance bikes that you are looking at.

The critical thing to consider is that when you are comparing the inside leg measurement of your child with the balance bike, make sure that the minimum saddle height is around 2.5cm – 3cm less than their inside leg.

This sentence is in bold because it is probably the most important thing we have written this entire website!

If you get this measurement correct, the child will be able to get on to the bike easily and they should be able to get their feet flat on the floor. This will allow them to propel the bike along and use their feet to stop when necessary.

Saddle Height Guide

We have prepared this useful guide below to provide a starting point to finding the bike with the best saddle height for your child.


Average inside leg


Minimum Saddle Height

Recommended models



31cm - 35cm


Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

Strider Classic balance bike


35cm - 40cm


Metal Boppi balance bike

Boppi balance bike


40cm - 50cm


Kiddimoto Kurve Pastel Dotty balance bike

Kiddimoto Kurve balance bike


43cm - 50cm


Weeride Deluxe Balance Bike

Weeride Deluxe balance bike


48cm - 55cm


Strider Youth balance bike

Strider Youth balance bike

The table also provides links to our full guides for choosing balance bikes for each age group. Although the saddle height is crucially important, there are plenty of other factors to consider!

It is also worth noting that every child is different, so different bikes will suit different children. However, the relationship between the inside leg measurement and the minimum saddle height should never change!

Adjustable saddles

Almost all balance bikes come with an adjustable seat, and they will advertise the range of heights available.

We have made an effort to highlight the saddle height ranges on our reviews of each model, and the lowest saddle height provides a good indication of the most suitable age range for the bike.

You will find that metal balance bikes have a larger range of heights than wooden balance bikes, and some bikes such as the Strider Classic have a large range of heights between 29cm and 40cm.

This means that a good quality bike with a large range of heights can grow with your child, and once they have mastered the concept of balance and steering it should see them all the way through to a ‘proper’ pedal bike. The Strider Classic also offers adjustable handlebars and an extendable seat post.

We hope you found this guide to balance bike saddle heights useful and good luck in choosing the best balance bike for your child!