Balance bike saddle height guide

We have already seen from all of the models that we have reviewed on this website that there is a huge range of balance bikes that vary in style, tyre size, frame structure and many other variables.

However, one of the most important aspects to think about when you are choosing the best balance bike is the balance bike saddle height. If you get the saddle height wrong, then your child is going to have problems getting on and off the bike and won’t be comfortable during their ride – so it is very important to get this right!

The first thing you will need to do is to accurately obtain the inside leg measurement of the child for whom you are buying the bike. You will then need to compare this with the minimum saddle height of the balance bikes that you are looking at.

Most balance bikes will come with an adjustable seat, and they will advertise the range of heights available. You will be able to compare these on the Ultimate Balance Bike guide we have prepared on the front page of this website, or you can take an example such as the Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike which has a saddle height that can be adjusted from 29.5cm to 40cm.

The Strider 12 Classic balance bike is one of our favourite balance bikes in the market, as this saddle height is ideal for a 2-3 year old that is looking for a balance bike to last for a couple of years. It also offers seat post and handlebar extensions so the bike can keep growing with your child.

Check out our guide to the best balance bikes for 2 year old if you are hunting for a bike in this age range.

Balance bike saddle height

When you are comparing the inside leg measurement of your child with the balance bike, make sure that the minimum saddle height is around 2.5cm – 3cm less than their inside leg. This means they will be able to sit comfortably on the bike and get on and off it easily. If you choose a bike with an equal saddle height to their measurement, then they will probably have problems getting their feet flat on the floor which is vital to learning to ride the bike properly.

You should then be able to adjust the saddle height as your child grows. All bikes will have an adjustable seat to some degree, although you will probably find that steel balance bikes have a larger range than wooden balance bikes. Good luck looking for the best balance bike!