Steel balance bikes

Although there are some excellent wooden balance bikes available from manufacturers such as Kiddimoto, John Crane and Early Rider – the majority of balance bikes on the market today are made from metal, and a large number of those are made from lightweight steel.

What are the benefits of a steel balance bike?

The technology used to create balance bikes is very advanced, so this means that steel balance bikes can be tough, lightweight and can take most of the knocks that a 2, 3 or 4 year old can throw at them!

Steel balance bikes are welded together to form the main frame of the bike, and this is then enhanced with extra features with saddles, handlebars and the various types of tyre that are available.

Steel bikes can also be painted in many different colours, so there is a huge range available from bright pink to oasis blue and stylish red or green.

Many of the leading manufacturers produce excellent steel balance bikes. There are a large number of models on the market, and excellent models for younger riders are the Bike Star Classic or the Puky LRM Learner bike.

Bike Star Learner Balance Bike Classic
Bike Star Learner Balance Bike Classic

These models both have a low footboard or platform which allows the rider to rest their feet as they scoot along, so they can easily reach the floor if they feel they are going to be overbalancing.

The Bike Star Classic Balance Bike is available for around £54.99

The Weeride First Balance bike is also an excellent steel balance bike for younger children, with a step through frame and a range of features including an adjustable saddle and a carry handle.




There are also some very good steel balance bikes available for slightly older children, including the ST4 Strider balance bike which is suitable for riders from age 18 months to 5 years.

ST4 Strider Balance Bike
ST4 Strider Balance Bike

The ST4 is a quality balance bike with a range of superb features and is available from £77

Strider are also one of the market leaders for balance bikes for children aged 6 years and above, with the superb Super Strider 16” balance bike which allows expert riders to show off their array of stunts.


Another benefit of steel balance bikes is that they are usually more adjustable than wooden balance bikes. This means that a good steel balance bike should be able to last your child from learning to ride until when they are ready to graduate to a pedal bike.



Steel balance bikes are also usually able to accommodate heavier riders than aluminium bikes. They do have some disadvantages – they are not as environmentally friendly as wooden bikes, and a chip in your bike could turn to rust. However, they should not rust over the course of their lifetime, unless they are left out in the rain – which we would not recommend!