Best balance bike for 6 year olds

If your child has been using balance bikes since 18 months or 2 years, then by the time they approach the age of 6 they should have well and truly mastered the arts of balance and steering and be ready to move  on to larger bikes.

However, some children do not discover balance bikes or take to cycling until an older age . This could be due to lack of space if you live in a big city, a preference for other activities or that you just don’t have enough time to learn to ride with a busy schedule.

Other children love balance bikes so much that they want to continue to become expert riders. Balance bikes are much lighter than normal pedal bikes which have a heavy chain and pedals, so they allow children to perform some tricks and stunts that just aren’t possible on normal bikes!

The range of bikes in this category is much smaller than the number of bikes that are available for children age 18 month – 5 years.  But although there is much less choice, there are still some quality options when looking for the best balance bike for 6 year old, and although older children may not take to riding quite as easily as younger children they still have the choice of several very good models.

Strider Youth 16 Sport Balance bike

Strider Youth balance bike

Strider lead the way in balance bikes for older children, and the Strider Cup is a specialist event for expert balance bike riders where children can show off their tricks and stunts.


The Strider Youth 16” Sport balance bike is their signature larger model, with a stylish design and sporty features such as a low 3 degree sweep handlebar.

This bike also features a removable launch pad footrest that allows the rider to tuck their feet in as they coast or perform tricks.

This is an excellent choice for an older child learning to ride for the first time, or for those dealing with special needs.

It is safety tested for riders all the way up to 85kg, and the seat height ranges from 49.5cm through to 64.8cm. This means it is perfect for children in the 6-12 age group for either advanced riding or for those who are not yet ready for a pedal bike for whatever reason. It is available in several colours including purple, green, blue or red.

The Strider Youth 16” Sport balance bike is generally available for £165.


Go Glider 16″Balance bike

Go Glider 16 inch balance bike
Go Glider 16 inch balance bike

The Go Glider 16″Balance bike is ideal for older children learning to ride, as it has a stylish and sporty design with a metal frame and some excellent features.

The bike is equipped with footpegs where children can rest their feet while they are ‘gliding’, and it also offers a hand brake and a kickstand. The bike has maintenance free EVA tyres, as well as an ajustable saddle.

This bike is available in red, blue or pink from around £129.


Kiddimoto Kurve Middi Balance Bikes

Kiddimoto Kurve Middi Pastel Dotty
Kiddimoto Kurve Middi Pastel Dotty

If you would prefer a wooden balance bike then take a look at the Kiddimoto Kurve range of bikes. Kiddimoto offer stylish and uniquely designed balance bikes, with designs ranging from Police and Fire to the Italian Job.

They offer two of their most popular designs in the Kiddimoto Kurve Middi range which are the Union Jack and Pastel Dotty, and these bikes are also suitable for 6-11 year old children with an adjustable saddle height starting at 50cm.

Kiddimoto Balance Bikes are manufactured from recyclable birch plywood and are recognised as one of the leading brands in helping to develop learning.


Their bikes are suitable for use by children who have problems with balance or co-ordination as well as by children who may have disabilities that affect their ability to ride a bike.

You probably won’t do as many tricks on a Union Jack or Pastel Dotty Kiddimoto Kurve, but they are a great way to learn and are available from £100 – £135.

We hope you find this short guide useful when you are looking for the best balance bike for 6 year old, and if you go ahead and purchase any of these bikes then your children will have fun on their balance bikes for years to come!