Tiny Bike Balance Bike

Tiny Balance Bike


The Tiny Bike Balance Bike is currently unavailable but please see our reviews and guides for other suitable bikes.

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Here is our review of the Tiny Balance Bike for when it is available to purchase again:

  • Wide rubber wheels
  • Steel frame
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

The Tiny Bike Balance Bike is a great little balance bike that looks great and has a robust build.

The bike is aimed at children aged 2-4 years, but it lives up to its name as one of the smaller bikes in the market so would make an ideal present for a child’s 2nd birthday.

It would also be suitable or some children aged under 2 if they are big for their age and you are keen for them to get on their bike. It makes a great starter bike to help children steer and balance before they graduate to a ‘proper’ pedal bike. It weighs in at a lightweight 3.2kg.

Easy to assemble straight out of the box, the Tiny Bike Balance Bike is sturdy and stylish and features a steel frame that is available in a range of colours, including pink, purple, red and white.

Other features include a footrest that is ideal for children as they glide along, an adjustable seat and safety handlebars. Check out our guide to balance bike saddle heights for advice on how to choose a bike that is the correct size for your child. The tyres are solid, which means there is no risk of punctures but the ride may not be as comfortable a bike with air tyres.

The Tiny Bike Balance Bike is fantastic value for money and competes directly with bikes such as Chillafish and Bike Star which are a similar price.

We think this is a great choice for a starter bike as it can be ridden indoors and outdoors, so if you do decide to purchase the Tiny Bike Balance Bike then your child should be off and about in no time at all.