Safetots Balance bike

The Safetots Ultimate Balance bike is produced by Safetots, who are a leading British company that offers a range of quality services and products for babies and children.

Safetots Balance bike review

Safetots Balance bike Buy now  £29.99

The Safetots Balance bike has an unspectacular, yet solid appearance on first viewing, with a steel frame, horse shoe saddle and spoked wheels which improve the look of the bike and improve the flexibility to help the learning process.

As with most steel balance bikes, the Safetots Ultimate Balance bike is equipped with a fully adjustable saddle and handlebars so you can change the height as your child grows. However, although this bike is advertised as being suitable for children age 2 through to 5 – the lowest seat height on this bike is around 37cm which will make it too big for most 2 year olds as they will most likely require a seat at around 29cm. Check out our guide to balance bikes for 2 years olds if you are looking for this age range.

The Safetots Balance bike offers a good range of features for the price, with rubber handlebars to protect little hands, a ‘horse shoe’ saddle for comfort and mud guards which look great!

The tyres are solid rubber with a high spec tred, so this does reduce the risk of skidding and means the bike can be used indoors.

At a price of just £29.99, the Safetots balance bike is great value and a very good competitor for the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike which is the market leader in this price range. The bikes are very different though, as the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is much smaller and more suited for 2 year old riders and the Safetots Balance bike would be a great buy for children aged 3 or 4 who are just taking to the saddle.

The bike is available in blue or pink, and don’t forget the essential accessories such as a protective helmet when getting your children learning to ride!

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