Health benefits of balance bikes

There are many benefits of balance bikes that we have already outlined here on this website. These include a safe way to learn to steer and balance to get a child ready for a normal pedal bike. A balance bike will also provide a great deal of independence for children, the extra confidence that comes with riding a balance bike and not to mention the sheer enjoyment of racing away from Mum & Dad!

If you go out on the family walk with a balance bike then your child will be able to travel much further than if they were walking and it is a lot more fun for them than being pushed in the buggy or riding on a buggy board.

Health benefits of balance bikes

The perfect place for a bike ride!

There are also numerous health benefits to balance bikes, as riding will provide a great work out. Children love balance bikes so much that they will want to explore as far as possible, so this will include running up hills and exploring parks, towns and villages. They can be out for hours on their bikes which means they will be burning off lots of calories!

Get outdoors

Balance bikes will get children in to the great outdoors and away from computer games, tablets and the television, thus reducing the amount of time they are sitting around so there will be a lower likelihood of them becoming overweight and decreasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


It goes without saying that activity and exercise is beneficial for children, and some of the major benefits include a leaner and fitter body and the development of stronger muscles and bones. Regular exercise will also help children to sleep better (which is also good news for parents), and should help to improve their general outlook on life.

Social bonds

Balance bikes can also help to develop social and family bonds, as slightly older children will want to get out on their bikes with their friends and longer walks as a family are a lot more fun than sitting around watching TV.

We all know that it is no fun being trapped inside on a rainy day – so balance bikes provide the perfect opportunity to get out and run off all of that excess energy that children always seem to have! Happy cycling!