Go Glider Balance Bike

Go Glider balance bike

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Here is our review of the Go-Glider Balance Bike for when it is available again:

Balance bikes are not just for younger children, and we have already examined the best balance bikes for 6 year olds elsewhere on this website. Although most children of this age are ready for a pedal bike, some children like to continue with balance bikes while others are later learners.

One of the best balance bikes for older children is the Go Glider balance bike, which is suitable for children from 5 to 10 years old.

The bike is manufactured by the Glide Bike Company, and is equipped with 16 inch wheels, which makes it a comfortable ride for older children.

The Go Glider Balance bike looks great and closely resembles a quality pedal bike, and the low centre of gravity on the bike means that children should soon be able to take their feet off the floor to begin ‘gliding’.

The Go Glider Balance bike does require some assembling, although this should not take more than about 30 minutes before you are ready for a ride.

Features include a kickstand, a rear drum brake and a footrest – which can be great for the rider to stand on and perform tricks. The tyres are maintenance free EVA foam tyres.

This bike is usually in available in several colours including blue, red, pink, green and orange. Although this bike is generally more expensive than most balance bikes designed for younger children, riders of the Go Glider Balance Bike should not outgrow their bike as quickly, especially with the adjustable handlebars and padded seat.

Many children like to continue riding balance bikes well beyond when they can ride a pedal bike – just because balance bikes are so much fun and easy to handle! The Go Glider Balance bike definitely fits into this category, and riders should be able to build up plenty of speed and a great repertoire of tricks once they have mastered the initial skills of balancing and steering.