Best budget balance bike

Balance bikes are an essential item in the playground, at the park and looking good for young children these days, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great quality bike. The cheaper bikes may not have all of the bells, whistles and luxury features of more expensive models – but you can still get hold of some great bikes for prices ranging from £25 – £30 and upwards.

We love a comparison table on this website, so we have provided the table below to highlight three of the best budget balance bikes available on the market today.

Chicco Red Bullet balance bike
Chicco Red Bullet balance bike
Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike
Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike
Boppi balance bike
Boppi balance bike
Metal or Wooden£27 - £32

Our first recommendation is the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike, which is incredible value as the bike is generally available for just under £30.

This is a great option starter bike for children aged between 2 and 3, as the lightweight nature of the bike (weighing just 2.7kg) and the low saddle height means that it is easy to handle for smaller children. The Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is equipped with a metal frame and features an adjustable seat and handlebars.

If you would prefer a wooden balance bike in this price range, then look no further than the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike. This bike has a retro style, and although it is much heavier than the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike it is made from birch plywood so it is great for the environment and the saddle can be adjusted between 34cm, 36cm and 38cm. Another benefit of the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike is the inflatable tyres.


A final option is the Boppi balance bike, which is available as either a metal or a wooden bike.

The metal bike features a lightweight tubular frame which weighs in at 3kg, so although this is slightly heavier than the Chicco Red Bullet bike it is very well balanced.

Both the metal and wooden Boppi balance bikes feature EVA foam tyres, so this means they are easy to maintain and excellent for younger riders. Boppi balance bikes are available for under £30 which makes them a very good choice for a budget balance bike.

These models show that you can find a great quality balance bike on a limited budget, although if you can stretch your budget to £50 and above then you open up the choices to a greater range of bikes including Bike Star, Stompee and even a Strider. Don’t forget you will also need to invest in a safety helmet as well if your child is going to be out on the pavement or cycling on tarmac.

We hope this helps you choose the best budget balance bike, and if you are shopping by age group then check out our recommendations for the best balance bikes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds or 4 year olds.



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