Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike

Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance BikeBuy now  £44.99


Kiddimoto are probably most well known for their exciting and innovative wooden balance bikes, including the ever popular Kiddimoto Kurve bike which comes in a range of funky designs.

A new addition to the Kiddimoto stable is the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike which is also available in an upgraded ‘Max’ version. These bikes are very different from the Kiddimoto Kurve and other bikes in the Kiddimoto range, as they are metal balance bikes and aimed firmly at the younger age range of children in the balance bike market.

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike looks great with a modern and stylish design, and is packed with an impressive number of features given that the bike is generally available for under £50.

The seat is adjustable from 34cm – 47cm, which is a large range of heights and means that if you invest in this bike for your toddler they will have plenty of time to learn the principles of balance and steering before moving on to a pedal bike. The seat height of 34cm compares well with other bikes in the market, but you may find this will be too high for an 18 month or 2 year old given that other bike such as the Puky LRM and Strider ST4 start at 29cm.

As well as offering such a large range of seat heights, the seat on the Kiddimoto Super Junior is well padded, the frame is manufactured from lightweight steel and the bike is equipped with comfortable sculpted hand grips with padded ends from protection during falls.

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike is available in black, red or pink – and at just 2.5kg, this is also one of the lightest balance bikes around!

Kiddimoto Super Junior Max Balance Bike


Super Junior Max Balance bikeBuy now  £65

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike is a great starter bike, but if you are sold on the look and design of the bike then it may well be worth upgrading to the ‘Max’ version of the bike.

This model offers several additional features, the most notable of which are the additional of a drum brake for the front wheel, an extra grippy footplate and pneumatic air tyres (as opposed to the solid tyres on the starter version).

These features give the Max version of the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike a superior performance, as the air tyres will provide a much more comfortable ride, the brake will save on shoe leather and the extra grips on the footplate is a cute little addition that is often overlooked on other bikes.

These extra features increase the weight of the Max version to 4.1kg, so this bike would be suitable for older children aged 3 and above who would be capable of handling a bike of this weight. You would also expect to pay around £20 extra.

The modern design, impressive range of features and competitive pricing makes the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike a fantastic addition to the balance bike market, and the extra features on the Super Junior Max make this one of our favourite balance bikes of 2018!

Kiddimoto balance bike

Hands up who wants a Union Jack, Pastel Dotty or Fire Engine themed balance bike?

Then you will love the range of wooden Kiddimoto balance bikes that are British made and are among the best wooden balance bikes available.

A fantastic choice during your search for the best balance bike!

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Kiddimoto Kurve

The most well known bikes of the Kiddimoto range are the Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes, which are beautifully designed bikes with a gracious curved styling and a sturdy construction made from birch ply wood.

Kiddimoto Kurve Pastel Dotty balance bike

The Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes come in a wide range of exciting and distinctive styles including Police, Flower, Fire, Union Jack and Pastel Dotty (one of our favourite pink balance bikes).

Other options include Red Dotty, Skullz and a funky Splatz style so there is something for everyone!

The Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes come with an adjustable saddle which offers three different positions ranging from 37cm to 39.5cm. This is a relatively high starting saddle position (The Puky LRM and Strider Classic start at 29cm), so this bike is most suitable for 3 year olds and above. Check out our guide to balance bike seat heights here.

Other features of the Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes include a 12 inch pneumatic tyre with inner tube and safety is also a priority with a steering lock that stops the bike from turning more than 30 degrees and preventing jack knife. The comfortable rubber hand grips protect little hands and the bike weighs in at 4.5kg.

Kiddimoto Kurve offer award winning, British designed bikes and are generally available for around £50 - £60 making them an excellent choice of balance bike.

Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike

The second bike in the Kiddimoto range is the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike, which we have also reviewed in a separate post.

Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike

This is completely different from the Kiddimoto Kurve, as it is made from metal and has a lower starting saddle height so it is great for younger children.

It boasts an impressive range of features, including an adjustable saddle with a minimum height of 34cm. This can extend up to 50cm so it can grow with your child.

The lightweight steel frame makes the bike easy to transport and it is available in a number of funky and exciting colours for around £60.