Chillafish balance bike

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Chillafish balance bikes cater for all ages with bikes ranging from the Bunzi balance bike for very small children through to the BMXie balance bikes and the new Chillafish Fixie with racing style handlebars.

We have prepared the table below as an easy to use guide to the main Chillafish models.



Saddle height



Chillafish BMXie-RS

32cm - 39cm

Stylish BMX design

Ideal for 3-4 year olds

Chillafish BMXie 2

32cm - 39cm

Updated BMXie model

Includes integrated footrest and footbrake

Chillafish BMX Fixie

32cm - 42cm

Unique drop handlebars

12 inch airless rubberskin tyres

Chillafish Bunzi 2-in-1

22cm - 25cm

Ideal for 1-3 year olds

Switches from trike to bike

Chillafish Balance Bike reviews

All Chillafish balance bikes have high quality features as well as stylish designs, so they make a great choice when looking for the best balance bike.

We have reviewed their most popular models in more depth below:

Chillafish BMXie-RS balance bike

  • Cool and stylish BMX design
  • High quality fibre glass frame
  • Airless Rubberskin tyres for grip and appearance 
  • Seat height from 32 - 39cm
  • Ideal bike for 3 year olds

The Chillafish BMXie-RS balance bike has a cool and stylish BMX design, so it looks great and also performs very well with a range of quality features.

This bike is great to use on more uneven surfaces like the park or rough trails, as it now includes Airless Rubberskin tyres for excellent grip and performance.

These tyres includes a foam core so they do not puncture, but an outside rubber layer gives them the appearance of real tyres. This provides a great combination of good grip with no need to pump the tyre up.

The frame is made from high quality fibre glass material, which sets it apart from the competition and makes it very light and easy to handle. Other clever features include a detachable footrest which can be stored under the frame

Kids will also love the number plates as well as the sticker set for customisation.

The seat is adjustable, which is the case with most balance bikes and with a seat height ranging from 32 – 39cm it will be suitable for most 2 to 5 year olds.

You may find that 32cm is a little high for most 2 year olds, so consider a Strider or Puky bike as an alternative which start at 29cm. You can check out our recommended balance bikes for 2 year olds in our guide.

We think this bike is ideal for 3 year olds, with the perfect saddle height, a great value price and some excellent features that should see your child all the way through to a pedal bike.

Other recommended balance bikes for 3 year olds include the PUKY LR1 Learner Bike, the Strider Classic and the great value range of Boppi balance bikes.

The Chillafish BMXie-RS is perfect for riders who prefer a BMX and off road style with a superb design, high quality specification and it is really fun to ride.

It is available in several colours including blue, green, red, pink and yellow.

Chillafish BMXie 2 Balance Bike

  • New version of the BMXie bike
  • Includes integrated footrest and footbrake
  • Airless 12 inch rubberskin tyres

Also now available is the Chillafish BMXie 2 Balance Bike.

This model has retained many of the features of the BMXie RS, and also includes an integrated footrest and footbrake. This means that the rider can rest their feet while they are cruising control skids and stopping using the brake.

A fantastic upgrade for this very popular bike, with a lightweight frame and airless rubberskin tyres which mean that you don't have to worry about punctures.

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike

  • Can be converted from a tricyle to a balance bike (no tools)
  • Great introduction to balance bikes
  • Very low saddle height from 22cm
  • Indoor or outdoor use

The Bunzi balance bike is an extremely clever design as a unique 2-in-1 balance bike that can be converted from a 3 wheel tricycle into a 2 wheel balance bike without the need for tools.

This means that it is suitable for younger children from around 12 months, and the extra stability provided by the 3 wheels means they will soon be racing around the living room and enjoying life on their bike.

The seat position is low to the ground on the 3 wheel bike, which makes it easy to ride and an ideal way to learn the principles of steering and using your feet to get along.

The Bunzi balance bike can then be converted by removing the seat and changing the bike into balance mode, but if you find your child isn’t quite ready for this yet you can switch between the modes as often as you like.

The seat is adjustable on the Bunzi balance bike (from 22cm in 3 wheel mode to 25cm in 3 wheel mode), and this is essential as children grow very quickly at this age!

The bike is made from lightweight high quality ABS material which makes it very light, and it is also easy to carry with the seat handgrip.

Another clever feature is a hidden storage box in the seat which means that your child can bring along their favourite toy, a snack or a drink for the ride.

The Chillafish Bunzi balance bike is a really exciting option which makes cycling a lot of fun for very young children. It is great introduction to balance bikes and the anti-skid, non-marking rubber synthetic tyres means it is ideal for use both in and out of the home.

Chillafish Fixie Balance Bike

  • Unique drop bar handlebar
  • Integrated footrest and footbrake
  • High quality steel frame
  • Saddle height 32 - 39cm

The Chillafish Fixie is a unique balance bike with a drop bar handlebar giving it the appearance of a real racing bike!

This will give your child the chance to emulate their heroes in the Tour de France, and there are different hand positions so they can cruise with their hands on the top or drop into a racing mode.

This bike has high quality features throughout, with a steel frame and 12 inch airless rubberskin tyres. This means there is no need to worry about punctures but they provide a comfortable ride. 

This bike also features an integrated footrest and a foot brake which allows for fun skidding.

The Chillafish Fixie makes a great alternative to the BMXie bikes, with a saddle height which can be adjusted between 32cm and 39cm. 

A great addition to the Chillafish balance bike range and one of the coolest bikes available for 2020!


All of these beautifully engineered bikes from Chillafish are extremely high quality, so although they may be more slightly expensive than other bikes on the market you will definitely get what you pay for and the bikes should retain a high resale value.

The Chillafish balance bike range caters for all balance bike riders from toddlers just learning to walk to more experienced riders ready to try some tricks on their BMXie. Enjoy the ride!