Frog Tadpole Balance Bike

Frog bikes specialise in high quality children’s bikes, and this includes a selection of balance bikes for younger children just starting to learn to ride.

Frog balance bikes are designed with the child in mind, so they are not just scaled down adult bikes. This is reflected in the geometry and style of the bike with high quality features throughout.

The signature balance bike in the Frog range is the Tadpole bike, and this review will focus on the Tadpole bike as well as the Frog Tadpole Plus.

Frog Tadpole Balance Bike

RRP £160

  • 12" wheels
  • Ideal for 2.5 and 3 year olds
  • Long wheel base for stability
  • Kendra tyres
  • Saddle height 33.7 - 42cm
  • Rear hand brake

Frog Tadpole Plus Balance Bike

RRP £180

  • 14" wheels
  • Ideal for 3.5 and 4-5 year olds
  • Similar features to the Frog Tadpole
  • Suitable for children with inseam from 38cm

Frog Tadpole Balance Bike Review

On first impressions, the Frog Tadpole Balance Bike is a sleek and elegant bike that looks like it is just waiting to be taken for a ride!

The lightweight, sturdy aluminium frame gives a very sporty and stylish appearance, which means that the bike is nimble and easy for the child to handle as well as convenient for parents to carry when they tire of riding.

It is important that the balance bike you select for your child is not too heavy and cumbersome, as this will put them off from riding the bike and could set their cycling skills back by some time.

Saddle Height

The Frog Tadpole balance bike has 12” wheels, and it is equipped with a saddle which can be adjusted from 33.7cm to 42cm.

This means that we think this bike would be ideal for 2.5 to 3 year olds looking to learn to ride, as a 33.7cm saddle may be too high for a 2 year old. The weight of 4.17kg is also more suitable for a 3 year old child.

An average 2 year old has an inside leg measurement of 31cm - 35cm, and the minimum saddle height of your chosen bike should be around 2.5cm - 3cm less than their inside leg.

This is why the Frog Tadpole balance bike may be slightly too big for a child just turning 2, but it would be ideal for an older 2 year old or a 3 year old.

There are more details about how to choose a balance bike based on saddle height in our balance bike saddle height guide.

There are other balance bikes such as the Strider Sport, Puky LRM and LAVA Sport balance bikes which have lower saddles and these are featured in our recommendations for the best balance bike for 2 year olds.

The saddle is easy to adjust with a quick release seat post so it is a very quick process to move the saddle up as your child grows.

High Quality Features

The Frog Tadpole Balance Bike is packed with high quality features throughout, including a thickly padded seat for comfort, a safety steering lock to prevent oversteering, an easy to grip Tetkro rear brake and a bell (which we find is always popular with young children!)

You can see a visual guide to all of these features on the video below:

The bike also features Kenda hybrid tyres, which means that they provide a comfortable ride while also allowing for traction and grip.

As mentioned at the start of the review, this bike has been designed specifically with younger children in mind and this includes a long wheel base for extra stability.

This makes the bike easier to handle and will increase confidence as the child gets to grips with the bike. They will be riding far away from you at the park or down the road before you know it!

Frog Tadpole Balance Bike Review

As suggested by the name, the Frog Tadpole Plus balance bike includes many of the features of the Frog Tadpole bike, but it is a larger bike so it is suitable for slightly older children.

Saddle Height

It features 14” wheels, so this puts it in the same category as the Weeride Deluxe and the Ridgeback Scoot XL balance bikes.

We do not have the exact measurements for the saddle height, but Frog Bikes suggest that the bike is suitable for children with an inside leg measurement from 38cm.

As the average 4 year old has an inside leg measurement of around 37cm, we think this bike would fit firmly into the category as one of the best balance bikes for 4 year olds. It is always important to check the saddle height measurement before deciding on your bike.

Other features

The Frog Tadpole Plus weighs in at 4.18kg, so this makes it very light for a bike of this size and should be easy for a 3 or 4 year old to handle.

The same quality features such as a lightweight aluminium frame, rear brake and safety steering lock are included, as well as the quick release clamp to adjust the saddle and a bell.


Frog balance bikes are some of the more expensive balance bikes available, but with a range of quality features and a choice of 2 bikes there should be a bike suitable for you.

Both bikes score very well on performance, weight and comfort of the ride, so if you have a budget of over £150 for your balance bike then you won’t be disappointed with either the Frog Tadpole or the Frog Tadpole Plus.