Banana Balance Bike

Banana balance bikes are among our favourite models for 2019, as they combine a really competitive price with a fantastic design and a range of superb features.

Banana Balance Bike LT model

Banana Balance Bike LT
  • Signature curved frame helps with access to the bike
  • Saddle height from 31cm - 40cm
  • Ideal bike for 2 years plus
  • Upgraded features for 2019


There are 2 different models available of the Banana balance bike, and the first of these is the LT model.

The signature feature of this bike, that both models share, is that is the frame is curved like a banana. This has the dual benefits of allowing the child to easily access the bike – and it also looks really cool!

This bike is lightweight and strong, and with a saddle that is adjustable from 31cm to 40cm it is suitable for children aged between 2 and 4. We think it will be an ideal gift for a 2nd or 3rd birthday!

The Banana balance bike has been improved for 2019, and one of the upgraded features is the twin bearing headset. This provides a smooth steering action and is both lightweight, strong and durable.

The wheels have also been updated, with a grippier tread pattern which helps in wet conditions and a revised spindle and bearing set up which allows for better free spinning of the wheels.

Another fantastic feature of the Banana balance bike is the handlebars, which are wide enough to help with steering and include safety features with updated rubber grips. The handlebars can also easily be adjusted using the clamp.

There is little to fault the Banana balance bike, as it includes a great range of features, the ergonomic design will help children to learn and it is available for just £37.99.

Colours available include blue, pink and green (pictured).

Banana Balance Bike GT model

Banana Balance Bike GT
  • Improved features include 12" alloy wheels
  • Saddle height from 32cm - 40cm
  • Quality aluminium handlebars and steering set up
  • Slightly heavier than LT model


The GT model includes all of the benefits of the LT model, but with a range of improved features that give it a slick and premium look.

The GT model features 12” alloy wheels, so this really improves the appearance of the bike and air filled tyres provide a comfortable ride and greater traction.

The aluminium handlebars are lightweight and strong, and combined with the threadless headset provide a steering and handlebar set up that is often only found on adult bikes.

The saddle height on this bike ranges from 32cm – 40cm, so this is a similar range to the LT model and makes it suitable for 2 year olds and upwards. However, it is slightly heavier than the LT model (3.6kg v 2.9kg), so if it is a younger child you are buying for we would recommend the LT model.

The Banana balance bike GT model is slightly more expensive at £47.99, but if you are looking for a cool, cruising bike for your child to begin their journey on two wheels this makes a fantastic choice!

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike
  • Great value
  • Very light at 2.7kg
  • Saddle height 33cm – 38cm
  • Best for 2-3 year olds
  • Shorter wheel base than some other bikes


The Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is one of the best budget balance bikes available, with the bike generally available for just over £30 from new. This makes it one of the cheapest bikes on the market - so is it worth the investment and what do you get for your money?

The bike has a metal frame, and weighs in at a very light 2.7kg, although one of the reasons for the low weight is that the bike is small compared to other models. This means that although the bike is marketed for children that are 3 years or older, you will probably find that most 2 years olds will be able to comfortably use the bike, and by the time they reach 4 or 5 they will have outgrown it.

The metallic frame is painted a striking red colour on the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike, and features includes an adjustable seat with a lowest seat height of 33cm. This means that the bike looks great and little riders will love learning to ride on a 'proper' bike rather than a toy.

The saddle height is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing the best balance bike. The height of 33cm on this bike is ideal for most 2 year olds which is one of the reasons this bike is one of our recommended balance bikes for 2 year olds

However, please make sure that you measure the inseam of your child first to make sure the minimum saddle height is around 2.5cm – 3cm less than their inside leg.

The handlebars are also adjustable, and the bike comes equipped with plastic tyres so it can be used as a toy inside the house or outside when you go to the park. This is a common feature on some of the less expensive balance bikes, as they are low maintenance and puncture proof. Read more about balance bike tyres in our Ultimate Balance Bikes Tyre Guide.

The bike does require some assembly, although this is quite straightforward and should not take more than a few minutes as most of the work has been done for you before delivery.

The Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is one of the best value balance bikes around, and although it is not packed with many features it does have a sturdy and durable build and provides the basic requirements for a good quality bike.

The thin chassis, light weight and plastic tyres make it a good choice, although the very short wheel base can make the bike difficult to handle and it can show signs of wear and tear after heavy use.

Zooom Balance Bike

Adventure Zooom balance bike
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Large range of seat heights (34cm - 51cm)
  • Quality features
  • Stylish design

£90 - £100

The Adventure Zooom balance bike is a good all round, quality balance bike, with a sleek and stylish design and a range of excellent features.

Adventure Zooom Balance Bike Seat Height

The bike is aimed at the core balance bike age range of 2-5 year olds, and it comes with two seat posts which gives it one of the largest seat height ranges of all balance bikes as the seat can be adjusted from 34 - 51cm.

This means that the bike might be slightly too big if you are looking for a 2 year old, but it would be a perfect fit for most 3 year olds looking for their first bike.

You can read our guides to the best balance bikes for 2 year olds and 3 years old elsewhere on this website.

The extremely large range on the seat height means this bike should be with your child until they are ready for a ‘proper’ pedal bike.

Quality features

You really get what you pay for with the Adventure Zooom balance bike, as it boasts a range of quality features including a lightweight 6061 aluminium frame, a rear V-brake, quality alloy rims and Kenda air tyres.

The aluminium frame helps the bike to weigh in at 5.5kg, so although this is heavier than Puky and Strider bikes, it is still lighter than the steel frame models from brands such as Kettler.

These bikes are very robust and should be able to withstand most of the knocks and scrapes that an excited young bike rider will put it through.

If you order online, then you will have to part assemble the bike, but it should come with an instruction sheet so the process shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

All these features give the bike a very professional look, and it is available in either silver or blue.

It is sure to be one of the best looking balance bikes in the playground, and it is available for between £90 - £100.

This means it is towards the higher end of the balance bike market, but the Zooom balance bike is definitely worth looking at if you are looking for a quality bike!

Boppi balance bike

The Boppi balance bike is a great value bike that is available as either a wooden balance bike or a metal balance bike.

Both bikes are priced at around £35, so this is an excellent option in the budget balance bikes category and a very good alternative to the best-selling Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike.

The bikes are manufactured by Bopster, who are a UK based company that offer a great range of balance bikes, trikes and scooters as well as go karts and skateboards as well.

Boppi Metal Balance Bike

Metal Boppi balance bike

The metal version of the Boppi balance bike includes a strong and light tubular frame with features including an adjustable padded seat and cushion pad handlebars.

The bike frame weighs just 3kg, so this compares well to the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike of 2.7kg and should be comfortable for a 2 or 3 year old child to handle.

Although the Boppi metal balance bike is slightly heavier than the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike, this is because the Chicco bike is very small and the short wheel base means that it can be difficult to handle for small children.

The extra weight of the Boppi balance bike means the bike is slightly longer and better balanced.

The all-important saddle height starts at 30cm and can be increased to a maximum of 40cm, so this is a good range and comparable to other good bikes in this sector.

The lowest saddle height we have seen is 29cm on the Puky LRM Learner Bike and the Strider Classic, which are both much more expensive bikes.

Another feature of this metal Boppi balance bike is the 11 inch EVA tyres. This means that the tyres are filled with foam so they are puncture proof, and these sorts of tyres are also used on most Strider balance bikes.

EVA foam tyres are excellent for younger children learning to ride on smooth surfaces and they also require less maintenance.

Although the metal Boppi balance bike does not offer many additional features, it is an excellent basic balance bike, a great choice for 2 or 3 year olds and superb value at around £35. It is available in up to 6 different colours including blue, red, pink, yellow, purple and green.

Boppi Wooden Balance Bike

Boppi Wooden Balance bike

Boppi balance bikes are also available as wooden balance bikes, with an environmentally friendly birch plywood frame and a choice of several exciting colours and designs.

As with most wooden balance bikes, the saddle is not as adjustable as the metal version of the bike, with just two heights available at 35cm and 39cm.

This means that a 2 year old might find the lowest saddle height of 35cm too high so this bike is better suited for 3-5 year olds.

This bike also features EVA foam tyres, a detachable bell and padded handlebars, and as the frame is wooden it is available in a choice of fun designs which have been painted on to the frames. There are over 10 designs to choose from including Flame, Purple Flower, Space, Blue Racer and Hand Print (pictured).

An integrated carry handle is included for when your child gets tired and you need to carry the bike, and carrying the bike shouldn’t be too difficult as this bike weighs just 2.5kg which is one of the very lightest bikes on the market!

The wooden Boppi balance bike is also very competitively priced at around £35, so it is a great alternative to the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike which is another good quality wooden balance bike available at a similar price.

These Boppi balance bikes are both great bikes and excellent value for money, with the metal bike having the advantage of a more adjustable seat but the wooden balance bike is lighter and available in fun and eye-catching designs.

We hope this review helps you to find the best balance bike for your child and don't forget the accessories such as a bike helmet and gloves.

Strider Balance Bike

Strider Sports was established almost a decade ago, and has now grown to be a market leading company built on the back of the Strider balance bike.


Strider bikes are known to be innovative, sporty and great fun to ride, and with models ranging from bikes for 2 year olds through to adult balance bikes there is a great range to choose from. This guide will look at the range of Strider balance bikes in detail so that you can find the best model for you.

Comparison Table



Saddle Height



Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

Strider Classic

28 - 41cm

Large saddle height range.


Integrated footrest

Strider 12 Sport balance bike

Strider Sport

28 - 48cm

Extras include XL seatpost and handlebar pad

Strider 12 Pro balance bike

Strider 12 Pro

28 - 48cm

Alumunium frame

Cool number plate

Strider Youth 16 Sport balance bike

Strider Youth 16 Sport

49.5 - 64.8cm

Perfect for 6 - 11 year olds

Strider Adult 20 Sport Balance Bike

Strider Adult 20 Sport

69.9 - 84.6cm

Balance bikes for adults and teenagers

Product reviews

Strider 12" Classic Balance Bike

The ‘lead in’ Strider balance bike is the Strider 12” classic balance bike. This is one of our very favourite balance bikes, as it is packed with a huge range of features and offers a saddle that can be adjusted from 28 - 41cm.

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

This means the bike is suitable for children of all age ranges from 18 months right through to 5 years - and can grow with your child as they learn to ride. Please note that an optional additional seatpost is required to make the seat height large enough for 4-5 year olds.

The seat is one of the lowest on the market, which means that the youngest of children will be comfortable with their Strider balance bike almost as soon as they can walk. The saddle height is one of the most important features to consider when you are researching balance bikes, and you can check out some of our other recommendations for balance bikes for 2 year olds here.

This Strider balance bike is one of the lightest and most adjustable balance bikes available at just 3.0kg, (the Puky LRM balance bike is 3.5kg in comparison) with a new design that includes a smaller moulded seat and ultra light wheels.

All Strider bikes feature puncture proof, Eva polymer tyres and the main benefit of these wheels is that your child can ride on rough terrain without having to worry about getting a flat. Ideal for those afternoon rides in the woods!

Other features include improved cartridge wheel bearings, an adjustable handlebar height between 46cm and 55cm, and a frame integrated footrest. This is a particular feature of a Strider balance bike and can help older children to develop advanced riding skills.

The Strider 12” Classic balance bike is available in a range of 4 exciting colours, and priced at £66 it is a fantastic mid-range option for budding riders.

Strider 12" Sport Balance Bike

The Strider 12 Sport balance bike includes all of the features of the classic model, but includes some additional extras to justify the extra £22 spend.

Strider 12 Sport balance bike

The most significant of these is the inclusion of the extra-long seatpost, so this means that you can genuinely extend the saddle height up to 48cm.  A padded seat is also included, as well as a race pad for some cool styling and additional protection.

This means that the Strider 12 Sport balance bike is a much better option for slightly older children, and for those children more confident with their balance as some of the extra features would be wasted on 2-3 year olds.

The Strider 12 Sport Balance bike is available in a choice of 5 different colours and is slightly more expensive than the classic version at £88.

One of the selling points of a Strider balance bike is that once your child has mastered the art of balance, the bike becomes a toy and the grippy, off road tyres means that is ideal for the park, the woods and the BMX track.

Some children have become experts with a whole range of tricks, and there is a whole programme of events, challenges and tournaments dedicated to Strider balance bikes. The Strider Classic and Sport both come equipped with a built in launch pad footrest, which gives the rider a place to put their feet while gliding as well as the ability to pump and perform jumps on the bike!

Events include the Strider British Balance Bike Championships which provide children which the chance to show off their skills on some of Britain’s best BMX tracks. What a great breeding ground for future British sporting champions! If you are just starting out, then you can practise your skills at a Strider Adventure Zone which is a friendly environment where children can try out new tricks and improve their skills.

Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike

The original Strider balance bike was built around the concept of being lightweight, and Strider have taken this to the next level with the Strider 12 Pro balance bike.

Strider 12 Pro balance bike

This bike is made from extremely lightweight aluminium, which means that it weighs in at a very impressive 2.4kg (this compares to the 2.9kg of the Strider Classic and Sport). It also has a very different look in striking silver.

The weight is kept down with the Strider exclusive white Ultralight Wheels which have a five spoke design with 10 supporting gussets, providing maximum support with this very lightweight material.

Other quality features of the Strider 12 Pro balance bike include a unique aluminium handlebar which is specifically designed for smaller hands, and a number plate that looks really cool to give the bike a very racing feel.

This bike is also really easy to assemble with a quick clamp adjustable seat and handlebar height so no tools are required. It is priced at around £110..

Strider Youth 16 Sport Balance Bike

The Classic, Sport and Pro bikes are all aimed at riders aged 2-5, as this is when most children will be learning to ride before they graduate to a ‘proper’ pedal bike.

However, there are also bikes available for children aged 6 and above, as some children learn at a later age and these bikes are also suitable for children with special needs.

Strider Youth 16 Sport balance bike

Strider offer the Strider 16 Sport balance bike, which is suitable for children aged 6 – 11 and is a redesign of the previously featured Super Strider 16” bike.

The most obvious difference between this bike and the previous models is that it is much larger. The seatpost is suitable for children with an inseam of between 52.1 – 67.3cm, and it is also able to support riders weighing up to 85kg. The bike itself weighs 8kg, so this is not a bike that is quite as easy to carry around!

This bike looks great with wide handlebars, a fully padded seat and a front and rear v brakes, so it has plenty of features. It also includes cross terrain tyres and the fully integrated footrest, so it is suitable for older children who want to practise their tricks if they have outgrown their first Strider model.

Although the Strider 16 Sport balance bike is quite expensive at £150, it is a sturdy and top quality bike and one of the leading models around for older children.

Strider Adult 20 Sport Balance Bike

The final bike in the Strider balance bike range is the Strider 20 Sport balance bike. This bike is one of the few balance bikes available for teenagers and adults, with a very similar design to the Strider 16 Sport bike including the wide handlebars and integrated footrest.

Strider Adult 20 Sport

This bike is featured in more detail in our post on Adult balance bikes, and one of the very few models available for this age range.

It has an adjustable handlebar for various rider heights, as well as removable footrests for striding or advanced riding. 

It is designed for riders weighing up to 242lbs / 110kg

As with all balance bikes, riders should be well equipped with a helmet, pads and other safety gear – especially if you are going to be practising those tricks on your Strider!

Puky Balance bike

Puky balance bikes come in a range of different sizes, and with over 60 years of experience this German brand can be relied upon to produce a good quality and reliable bike.


Puky balance bikes are well known for their child friendly, step through frames on most of their models and they also feature particularly child friendly ergonomics.

This guide will review the range of Puky balance bikes in detail, so to get started on this leading brand we have produced this easy to view table which shows each model, the suitable range, the size of bike and distinguishing features.

With fresh designs for 2019 and bikes starting from those suitable for two year olds, there should be something for everyone!

Comparison Table



Saddle Height



Puky LRM Learner Bike

29cm - 40cm

Low step thorough platform.

Foam tyres

Puky LR1 Learner Bike

34 - 45cm

Kickstand added

Puky LR1L Learner Bike

34 - 45cm

Pneumatic tyres

Puky LR1L BR Learner Bike

34 - 45cm

Rear brake added

Puky Balance Bike Reviews

Puky LRM Balance Bike

The Puky LRM Learner bikes are the smallest bikes in the range and are suitable for the youngest children who are just starting to learn to ride to build their confidence and co-ordination.

Puky LRM Balance Bike 2018

One of the main features of the Puky LRM Learner Bike is the low platform, as this makes it ideal for the smallest of bike riders, allowing them to rest their feet as they scoot along.

Another excellent feature of this bike is the special learner bike saddle. This is height adjustable with the lowest setting at just 29cm, which is one of the lowest saddle heights on the market and makes the Puky LRM Learner Bike especially suitable for 2 year olds.

The saddle can be adjusted right up to 40cm, so it has a great range and can grow with your child.

We have prepared a separate guide for the best balance bikes for 2 year olds, and the Puky LRM Learner Bike is featured here as the low platform and low saddle height make it an ideal bike for this age group.

If you would like to look at an alternative, then a competing bike in this category is the Weeride First Balance Bike. This bike also offers a low platform and step through frame, but the lowest seat height is 31cm which makes it more suitable for slightly older children.

Other features of the Puky LRM Learner Bike include safety handlebar grips, soft luxury foam tyres, a height adjustable handlebar and ball bearing wheels and steering.

It is also one of the most lightweight learner balance bikes on the market and weighs in at just 3.5kg – so it is easy to transport and carry around either in your car or by hand if and when your child gets tired of riding.

The Puky LRM Learner bike makes an ideal first balance bike and is available in four different colours including ocean blue, lovely pink, red and kiwi. It is available now from around £55 - £60 so this is a similar price to the Strider 12 Classic and a great option for a mid-range bike.

Puky LRM Plus Learner Bike

The Puky LRM Push Learner Bike has the same dimensions as the base level Puky LRM bike, but offers extra features such as a kickstand, mudguards and a bell.

Puky LRM Plus Balance bike

The extra features mean that the Puky LRM Plus is slightly more expensive and you should expect to pay around £80 for this bike.

One addition that we really like is the kickstand which prevents the bike being thrown to the floor at every opportunity!

Puky LR1 Learner Bike

The Puky LR1 Learner Bike is the next model up, and although it has a similar appearance to the Puky LRM Learner bike it is more suitable for slightly older children.

Puky LR1 Balance Bike 2018

We talk a lot about saddle heights on this website, and this is because the height of the saddle is one of the most crucial elements to consider when choosing your bike.

The lowest setting for the saddle on the LR1 Learner bike is 34cm, as compared to 29cm for Puky LRM Learner bike so this means the bike will probably be too big for most children who have just turned 2 and this is the standard model of balance bikes for 3 year olds.

This bike has many of the features of the Puky LRM learner bike including the low platform, safety handlebar grips and height adjustable saddle. You should expect to pay around £70 for the Puky LR1 Balance Bike

Puky LR1L Learner Bike

The Puky LR1L Learner Bike is another model offered by Puky. The bike is the same size as the Puky LR1 Learner bike, but a significant difference is that this bike has pneumatic tyres rather than the foam tyres of the LRM and LR1 bikes – this means that the bike has an appearance more like a ‘real bike’ and the pneumatic tyres generally provide a more comfortable ride.

Puky LR1L Balance Bike 2018

This is a great bike for 3-4 year olds and is available in several colours including ocean blue, lovely pink, red and kiwi.

It is slightly more expensive and prices start at around £75 but this still provides great value for an excellent bike from one of the leading manufacturers around.

Puky LR1L BR Learner Bike

The jury is out on whether balance bikes should come equipped with brakes, and brakes are not usually found on bikes for smaller children aged up to 3 who lack the ability and co-ordination to use them

Puky LR1L BR Balance Bike 2018

Brakes can be useful on bikes for slightly older children, who will have more confidence in their riding and may require a brake if they build up a significant speed.

Puky caters for balance bikes with brakes with the Puky LR1L BR Learner bike. This is a bit of mouthful, but essentially offers all of the features of the LR1L bike but with the addition of a rear brake drum.

This means that the low platform, pneumatic tyres and height adjustable saddle starting at 35cm all come as standard with this bike, so we think it is really worth considering for children confident on their feet and who may have some prior experience of riding.

Puky LR XL Bikes

If your child is taller or is starting to ride balance bikes at a slightly later age, then the largest bike in the Puky range may be suitable for you. This is the Puky LRXL, which is the biggest model in their range designed for children over 95cm that are not yet ready to ride a normal bicycle.

Puky LR XL Balance Bike

The Puky LRXL comes equipped with all of the features of the smaller bikes, but has a higher saddle with a range between 41cm – 51cm.

The step through frame is still featured, along with the safety handlebar grips, the rear drum brake, kick stand and pneumatic tyres. It is generally available in black or green and is a bit more expensive at around £110.

Puky LR Ride BR Learner Bikes

A new addition to the Puky range of learner bikes is the superb Puky LR Ride bike

Puky LR Ride BR Balance Bike

This is a very different bike to most of the other models in the Puky range, as the design is completely different with an aluminium frame and a host of top quality features.

The low platform that is featured on all of the other Puky learner bikes is replaced with an aluminium fork, and the quality of the ride has also been improved with rear wheel suspension and Aheadset steering.

This bike looks superb with bi coloured aluminium rims, a handlebars pad and no detail has been spared with impact resistant powder coating. The carry handle which is attached to the saddle is also a neat addition.

The Puky LR Ride is suitable for children from 90cm with a saddle height ranging from 38cm – 48cm. The aluminium frame also keeps the weight down on this bike to just 3.9kg.

All of these quality features come at a price and the Puky LR Ride retails from £160.

Puky Accessories

Puky helmet

Your child will want to look good when they are out exploring on their Puky balance bike, and there is a range of accessories designed to complement the bikes. The first accessory you will probably need is the safety helmet in case the rider takes a tumble – these look really stylish and will get your child used to wearing a helmet when they graduate to larger bikes.

A helmet will set you back around £34.99, but it is well worth the investment and they are available in a range of colours.

Other exciting accessories for your Puky balance bike include a safety bell, a handlebar basket and a learner bike bag that has a built in carry strap.

Puky Balance bikes are robust, stylish and although they may be slightly more expensive than other models on the market they are built to withstand use by energetic small children and have a high resale value when you don’t need them anymore. We think the Puky range is a great choice when you are looking for your best balance bike!

Chillafish balance bike

Chillafish balance bikes cater for all ages with bikes ranging from the Bunzi balance bike for very small children through to the Jack & Josie and BMXIE for a cool and stylish off road ride.

Chillafish BMXie-RS balance bike

BMXie balance bike
  • Cool and stylish BMX design
  • High quality fibre glass frame
  • Airless Rubberskin tyres for grip and appearance 
  • Seat height from 32 - 39cm
  • Ideal bike for 3 year olds

£55 - £60

The Chillafish BMXie-RS balance bike has a cool and stylish BMX design, so it looks great and also performs very well with a range of quality features.

This bike is great to use on more uneven surfaces like the park or rough trails, as it now includes Airless Rubberskin tyres for excellent grip and performance.

These tyres includes a foam core so they do not puncture, but an outside rubber layer gives them the appearance of real tyres. This provides a great combination of good grip with no need to pump the tyre up.

The frame is made from high quality fibre glass material, which sets it apart from the competition and makes it very light and easy to handle. Other clever features include a detachable footrest which can be stored under the frame

Kids will also love the number plates as well as the sticker set for customisation.

The seat is adjustable, which is the case with most balance bikes and with a seat height ranging from 32 – 39cm it will be suitable for most 2 to 5 year olds.

You may find that 32cm is a little high for most 2 year olds, so consider a Strider or Puky bike as an alternative which start at 29cm. You can check out our recommended balance bikes for 2 year olds in our guide.

We think this bike is ideal for 3 year olds, with the perfect saddle height, a great value price and some excellent features that should see your child all the way through to a pedal bike.

Other recommended balance bikes for 3 year olds include the PUKY LR1 Learner Bike, the Strider Classic and the great value range of Boppi balance bikes.

The Chillafish BMXie-RS is perfect for riders who prefer a BMX and off road style with a superb design, high quality specification and it is really fun to ride.

It is available in several colours including blue, green, red, pink and yellow and generally available for between £55 and £65.

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike

Bunzi balance bike
  • Can be converted from a tricyle to a balance bike (no tools)
  • Great introduction to balance bikes
  • Very low saddle height from 22cm
  • Indoor or outdoor use

From £45

The Bunzi balance bike is an extremely clever design as a unique 2-in-1 balance bike that can be converted from a 3 wheel tricycle into a 2 wheel balance bike without the need for tools.

This means that it is suitable for younger children from around 12 months, and the extra stability provided by the 3 wheels means they will soon be racing around the living room and enjoying life on their bike.

The seat position is low to the ground on the 3 wheel bike, which makes it easy to ride and an ideal way to learn the principles of steering and using your feet to get along.

The Bunzi balance bike can then be converted by removing the seat and changing the bike into balance mode, but if you find your child isn’t quite ready for this yet you can switch between the modes as often as you like.

The seat is adjustable on the Bunzi balance bike (from 22cm in 3 wheel mode to 25cm in 3 wheel mode), and this is essential as children grow very quickly at this age!

The bike is made from lightweight high quality ABS material which makes it very light, and it is also easy to carry with the seat handgrip.

Another clever feature is a hidden storage box in the seat which means that your child can bring along their favourite toy, a snack or a drink for the ride.

The Chillafish Bunzi balance bike is a really exciting option which makes cycling a lot of fun for very young children. It is great introduction to balance bikes and the anti-skid, non-marking rubber synthetic tyres means it is ideal for use both in and out of the home.

Chillafish Jack & Josie Balance Bikes

Jack & Josie balance bike
  • Sturdy bike for older 3 or 4 year old
  • Steel V-tube frame
  • Clever floating footrest feature
  • Wide handlebars for easy steering
  • Saddle height from 36cm - 43cm

£50 - £55

The Chillafish Jack & Josie balance bike is aimed at slightly older children aged 3 and above, and differs from the BMXie with a more retro style.

Jack & Josie is available in two very different colours, and you can choose between a bike with black frame and a flame design or white frame with flowers.

Both bikes consist of a steel V-tube frame for strength and durability, and a clever feature of the Jack & Josie bikes is the floating footrest for easy balancing while the riders are on the move.

The seat is also adjustable on these bikes, and with the seat height beginning at 36cm it is definitely a bike for older 3 years or above. The maximum saddle height is 43cm.

Jack & Josie balance bikes are also equipped with wide handlebars for easier steering control as well as 12 ½ inch inflatable tyres.

Jack & Josie bikes are generally available for around £50.

All of these beautifully engineered bikes from Chillafish are extremely high quality, so although they may be more slightly expensive than other bikes on the market you will definitely get what you pay for and the bikes should retain a high resale value.

The Chillafish balance bike range caters for all balance bike riders from toddlers just learning to walk to more experienced riders ready to try some tricks on their BMXie or Jack & Josie. Enjoy the ride!

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike
  • Great value balance bike
  • Can be used indoors or outside
  • One of the lightest balance bikes available (2.7kg)


The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike is manufactured by Chicco and is the sister bike to the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike, with the same specifications making it an ideal bike for a 2 year old.

The Chicco Pink Arrow balance bike is one of the very lightest bikes on the market at just 2.7kg, which makes it an ideal starter bike especially if you are shopping for one of the little girls in the family.

The bike is constructed from a metal frame painted a striking pink colour, and other features include an adjustable seat, safety handlebars and plastic tyres. 

This means that the bike can be used as a toy inside if the weather isn’t great or if your little girl is just starting to learn.

A hand brake is not included on the Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike, but this is not necessarily a problem as younger riders often lack the co-ordination to use a brake and use their feet to stop or slow down instead.

As per our review of the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike, the thin chassis and light weight nature of this bike make it a great choice for 2 – 3 year olds, although the very short wheel base can sometimes make the bike difficult to handle.

The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike is generally available for around £30, which makes it exceptional value and a candidate for one of the best budget balance bikes around.

However, if you are shopping for your 2 year old and would like more options then don’t miss our guide to the best balance bikes for 2 year olds.

Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike

Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike 2019
  • High quality bike
  • Lower seat height for 2019
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Step through frame great for younger children
  • Padded seat and Rhythm Lite Airless tyres


Specialized are well known in the cycling industry for producing high specification bikes for all ages, so it is no surprise that the Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike is one of the best quality models available for toddlers and early riders.

The Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike has been relaunched for 2019, with a redesigned frame and a longer wheelbase for more stable riding.

The Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike is highly recommended to be purchased for children from the age of 2 onwards, and the tough and rugged design should last riders of this age right through to their first pedal bike.

Specialized balance bike key features

The Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike for 2019 now has a lower starting saddle height so it is suitable for children from 82cm in height.

Another key feature is the step through frame, which makes the bike easier to access for younger children. This is a similar feature to some of the other great bikes for 2 year olds like the Puky LRM balance bike and the Weeride Deluxe.

Specialized have previously offered different frames for boys and girls, but this has all changed for 2019 with a standard frame including the step through frame and a footrest. Younger children will also enjoy the footrest which comes in handy as they ride along.

The Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike is one of the more expensive bikes we have reviewed at a price of £130, but this does include quality features such as a frame which is constructed from Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium which helps to keep the weight of the bike down.

The bike also includes alloy rims and a Specialised Kid’s Henge padded seat for a comfortable ride. The tyres are Rhythm Lite Airless tyres so they will never get a puncture.

Appearance wise, this bike looks top of the range with a stylish design that is available in a choice of green, blue, pink or red.

Overall, this is a top quality balance bike which will last the test of time and will retain its value or can be passed down to friends and family.

The Specialized Hotwalk balance bike is currently available for £130, but if you like the look of this bike but are working towards a smaller budget then check out the range of bikes from Puky or the Strider Classic Balance bike for £66.

Early Rider Lite Balance Bike

The Early Rider Lite balance bike is a quality, lightweight wooden balance bike produced by Early Rider, a forward thinking and innovative British company that also manufacture the Spherovelo, The Early Rider Classic and The Alley Runner.

Early rider lite balance bike
  • High quality wooden balance bike
  • Low saddle height makes it ideal for 2 year olds
  • Dual steering system
  • Fiery design
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


The Early Rider Lite balance bike is aimed at younger riders from 18 months to 3 years, and as the name suggests it is the smaller version of the Early Rider Classic, which is the flagship model of the Early Rider range. These are both quality bikes, and we have dedicated an entire blog post to the differences between these two models if you are looking to choose between them.

The Early Rider Lite is a beautiful looking wooden bike, featuring a stylish fiery design on the main body and it is made from marine birch ply. It is a really lightweight bike weighing in at just 3.2kg, so it is easy to handle and this is one of the reasons that it is an ideal starter bike for younger children.

The bike features an adjustable saddle with the lowest height at just 29.5cm (this compares very favourably with the Puky LRM balance bike which starts at a similar height). The saddle can be extended up to 38cm so it will grow with your child.

Another feature that makes it a great bike for younger riders is the steering lock that can be set to restricted or unrestricted. This means that when the lock is in place the rider can concentrate on their balance so they can go a little bit faster, and once the lock is removed they can then use the steering for balance rather than just putting down their feet.

Other features of the Early Rider Lite Balance bike are the 12 inch pneumatic air tyres at the front and the rear. The benefit of the air tyres is that these provide a more comfortable ride, although there is also the possibility of a puncture! The air tyres are a feature common with the Early Rider Classic. The faux leather seat also looks great with the wooden frame and stylish design.

This is one of the more expensive wooden balance bikes on the market and is available at around £130. There are less expensive wooden balance bikes such as the Kiddimoto Kurve (£65 - £70) or the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike which is available for around £35.

However, it is a fast and nimble bike that is one of the most popular around and makes an ideal birthday present for a 2 year old if they are ready to learn to ride by then, and the large range on the adjustable saddle means that the Early Rider Lite should see your child all the way through to a pedal bike.