Kiddimoto helmet

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A Kiddimoto helmet is the perfect accessory to any of the exciting and innovative balance bikes in the Kiddimoto range. These include the funky Kiddimoto Kurves, the Kiddimoto Super Junior and a range of scooters and super bikes.

A Kiddimoto helmet not only looks good, but it also combines the essential elements of safety and comfort. Features include vents in the helmet to keep the child’s head cool (small children’s heads can get very hot!), extra pads for a comfortable fit and a hard plastic shell for protection.

Some of the helmets also offer the option of being personalised with your child’s name – so this will be an extra incentive for them to be worn!

We have pictured just some of the most popular Kiddimoto helmets below, and with such a great range of colours and unique styles there should be a helmet for everybody.

Pastel Dotty Helmet

Pastel Dotty Helmet 

Kiddimoto Union Jack Helmet

Union Jack Helmet 

Blue Goggles Helmet

Blue Goggles Helmet 

Some of the most popular models complement the bikes available in the range, so these include a Pastel Dotty helmet, the Union Jack helmet and the Official Evil Knievel Helmet.

We also really like the Blue Goggle helmet, the Neon helmet and the Skullz design which look fantastic and will add an extra dimension to your child’s experience. 

A Kiddimoto helmet is not just for balance bikes, as they are multi-functional so can be used for other activities such as skating, scooters and riding other sorts of bikes such as BMX’s. They also conform to all of the required safety standards.

An adjustable strap is included, although you will need to determine the size that you will require as most models are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large – and to do this you will need you should measure around the head just above the eyebrows.

You will need a Small helmet if the measurement is 48 – 53cm, a Medium helmet for 53 – 58cm and a Large helmet for 58 – 62cm.

Kiddimoto helmets are generally available at a very reasonable price, and this is a small price to pay for a cool and funky helmet that will also keep your child safe! A fantastic option that will look great with any balance bike!

Peppa Pig Bike Helmet

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Peppa Pig Bike Helmet
  • Essential item for all Peppa Pig fans
  • Looks great with Peppa Pig polka graphics
  • Ventilated shell with EPS inner for safety
  • Foam padding and adjustable straps for comfort

A safety helmet is an absolutely essential accessory when you are shopping for a balance bike, and although little boys and girls love to get out and about on their bikes we all know that getting them to wear a helmet can be a bit more of a challenge!

This is where the Peppa Pig Bike Helmet comes into its own, as not only will Peppa Pig fans love the helmet and be excited to wear it, the helmet does a fantastic job of keeping children safe with a range of excellent features. You may also find your child will want to wear the helmet around the house if they are massive Peppa Pig fans!

As well as the cute Peppa Pig polka graphics, the helmet features a lightweight EPS inner, a ventilated shell and foam padding for extra comfort and fit. There is also a quick release buckle, adjustable head straps and it can be adjusted to fit any head measuring 48 – 54cm.

The Peppa Pig safety helmet can also be used when scootering, skating and skateboarding. It is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

This helmet is just one of the many balance bike helmets available. There are excellent helmets available from Kiddimoto among others, and for further details make sure you check out our comprehensive guide to balance bike helmets.

Best Balance bike helmet

As an Amazon associate I may earn a small fee from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. This helps us to run the site. Thank you for your support!

Learning to ride on a balance bike will be the first time that your child is out in the park or on the road on a bike, so this is a great time to get them used to wearing a kids balance bike helmet.

This means that they will be safe on their bikes while they are learning and they will have no problem continuing to wear the helmet when they graduate to larger and ‘proper’ bikes.

How to choose the best balance bike helmet

The good news for everybody is that there is a fantastic range of kids bike helmets available, so your child can have fun and look great while they are learning to ride on the best balance bike! Kids balance bike helmets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and designs and are available from several leading manufacturers.

Make sure it fits!

The most important thing to consider when you are buying a child cycle helmet is that it fits correctly. Make sure that you measure your child’s head before you go ahead and select your favourite colour and design, as this can save you a lot of time and effort in returning a helmet that doesn’t go on their head properly!

The best way to do this is to measure the widest part of the head, which is above the eyebrows. This will give you the size in centimetres and you can start looking for the correct size of helmet. You can’t really go just on the age of the child, as every child is different so the size of their heads will vary!

A general rule is that a small kids bike helmet will be 48-52cm, a medium size helmet will be 53-58cm and a large helmet will be 59cm and above. The helmets are usually adjustable within these size ranges.

Product reviews

The main manufacturers of balance bikes such as Puky and Kiddimoto, also provide a great range of helmets to go along with their bikes. There are also fun options such as the Peppa Pig helmet as well as a huge range of other choices.

We have reviewed a few of the most popular helmets below:

Kiddimoto Bike Helmets

Kiddimoto offers a fantastic range of colourful and stylish helmets, ranging from the Union Jack, (pictured), Pastel Dotty and Blue Goggle designs, to the fun police and firemen helmets and even the Italian Job!

These helmets have a rear head adjustment dial as well as a lightweight inner shell with foam pads for comfort and fit. They also have 11 top vents to keep little heads cool, adjustable chin straps and a quick release buckle.

They are made to international safety standards so they are perfect for scootering as well as cycling.

It will be great fun choosing from this range of exciting kids bike helmets and you can expect to pay a very reasonable price for a quality helmet from Kiddimoto.

Puky Bike Helmets

Puky also specialists in children's bikes, and although their range of kids bike helmets is not quite as extensive they offer very good quality and stylish helmets.

Puky bike helmets have been redesigned for 2020, and we would recommend the Puky PH8 helmet which has a sleek black and red design.

The helmet is equipped with everything that makes a good helmet for kids, with good ventilation, insect protection, a robust shell and an adjustment system which is easy to use.

This helmet is suitable for head circumference of 51 - 56cm and has a weight of 235g.

A Puky child's bike helmet offers excellent value for a great product from one of the leading manufacturers. It is the perfect accessory to any balance bike, especially a Puky balance bike!

Raleigh Boy's Spiderman Helmet

A third option and a helmet which is ideal for children riding balance bikes is the Raleigh Boy's Spiderman Helmet.

Raleigh is one of the most well known companies in the UK for cycling products, and this helmet is ideal for kids riding a balance bike with a fun spiderman design.

It is designed to fully conform with the highest of safety standards, and is made of high density EPS protection.

It also features vents for air flow ventilation, and it can be adjusted between 48 and 54cm using the adjustable dial at the back of the helmet. The chin strap can also be adjusted for length.

This is a lightweight, fun and sturdy helmet which is also great value.

Staying safe on your balance bike

Now that spring is here, more and more children will be taking the opportunity to get outside in the lighter evenings and warmer weekends to enjoy some riding on their balance bikes. Maybe you got a bike for Christmas, but just haven’t had the chance to ride it properly yet?

While there is no doubt that riding balance bikes is great fun, a fantastic family activity and also has plenty of health benefits – it is also important to stay safe and make sure that you are well protected from falls and other hazards.

Find a safe place to ride

Probably the most important safety aspect when it comes to riding balance bikes is to find a safe place to ride. Although city streets and life in general is very busy, try to find a quiet and protected area to practise riding – especially if the child is still getting to grips with the principles of balance and steering.

It is best to practice on a flat and smooth surface so a playground or somewhere like tennis courts are ideal. This will allow you to help the child improve their riding without having to worry about traffic hazards.

If you have to practice on the street or pavement, then a residential cul-de-sac or quiet street make the best options.

Protective gear

A couple of falls are almost inevitable when learning to ride a balance bike, and even more experienced riders can take a tumble from time to time.

Kiddimoto Union Jack Helmet

There is a lot of protective gear available for children, and the most essential piece of kit is a balance bike helmet.

We have already looked at options from manufacturers such as Kiddimoto who provide bright and cheerful designs, (including the Union Jack helmt) although there are plenty of other options available as well which even include a Peppa Pig helmet!

Balance bike riders can also wear kids bike gloves, which help the rider to look cool as well as providing extra grip and protection from falls.

Kids bike gloves are also available from Kiddimoto, as well as from more specialist providers such as Polaris.

Children’s knee and elbow pads are also available to complete the protective gear, and these are strongly recommended as knees are always likely to get cut, bruised and grazed in the event of a fall.


It should also go without saying that balance bike riders should always be supervised, especially younger riders who are possibly more likely to fall. When your child gets more proficient at riding, it can be tempting to let them ride off into the distance but just make sure they don’t go too far!

Safety should always be paramount when enjoying balance bikes, and with the right protective gear you can help your child to concentrate on their riding skills. This means you should enjoy some even longer riders and hopefully encourage a love of cycling into later childhood!

Balance bike bag

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There are plenty of accessories available for balance bikes, so even once you have decided upon the best size, colour, model and type of balance bike – there are plenty of ways to make your child’s ride even more enjoyable and stylish!

Some manufacturers offer a great range of accessories to complement their bikes, especially Puky who offer some great helmets as well as bags.

Puky Wheel Bag

Puky LRT Wheel Bag
  • Fits most Puky balance bikes
  • Clips conveniently to the frame
  • Storage for water bottles, clothes or toys
  • Includes carry strap

The Puky Wheel Bag is a great option if you are looking for a balance bike bag.

It fits all Puky balance bikes, (except the LR ride) and it clips securely into place on the frame so the rider can keep everything they might need during their ride to hand.

These items could include a water bottle which would come in useful during hot summer rides, extra clothes if they get muddy during their ride or just their favourite toys they like to carry around with them everywhere!

This bag also comes equipped with a built in carry strap, so this means that the bike will be easy to transport if the child has had enough of riding for one day and is getting tired. The strap means that you can easily carry the bag over your shoulder, and this in itself will usually cost almost £10 so it is well worth investing in the bag as well.

The Puky Learner bike bag will set you back around £20 and is available in several colours so there should be a bag to match the bike that you decide upon.

Janod Bikloon Balance Bike with Bag

Janod Bikloon balance bike
  • Bag comes as an accessory with the Janod Bikloon Racing Balance Bike
  • Clips easily to the front of the bike
  • Stylish racing design wooden bike

The Puky Wheel bag comes as an accessory to the Puky range of bikes, but some other bikes include a bag as an extra with the initial purchase.

This is the case with the Janod Bikloon racing wooden balance bike, which is an excellent wooden balance bike with a stylish red design.

The bag is easily clipped to the front of the bike, so it provides easy access to water bottles, snacks and toys.

Other features of this balance bike include inflatable tyres, a height adjustable saddle between 39cm – 44cm and a bell so that everyone will know they are coming!

You may not have thought of a balance bike bag as an accessory when looking for the best balance bike, but these bags look great and will give the child even more independence if they have somewhere to store everything they need while they are out and about without having to rely on Mum and Dad all the time!

Kids Bike Gloves

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A pair of good quality and stylish kids bike gloves is an essential accessory when you are buying some extras for your balance bike!

Kids bike gloves perform several functions, as they will not only help to protect the hands in the event of a fall or scrape against walls, trees or other such hazards, they can also help to provide extra grip on the handlebars as well as keeping the hands warm.

As there is such a huge range of kids bike gloves available, it would be impossible to review them all so we have selected our top 3 choices to help you choose:

Best Bike Gloves for 2 Year Olds

Kiddimoto Kids Bike Gloves

Kiddimto Bike Gloves Flames
  • Great range of funky designs
  • Fingerless style allows greater dexterity
  • Especially designed for younger riders aged 2-5
  • Padded palms for protection

Kiddimoto offer a fantastic range of really good looking kids bike gloves, available in a number of different styles which complement their range of funky balance bikes.

These include styles such as Pastel Dotty, Neon Yellow and Stars – and we really like the colourful Flames gloves (pictured)

The gloves feature padded palms for extra protection, Velcro straps to keep them secure on tiny hands and a fingerless style which allows the rider greater dexterity.

These are possibly the best kids bike gloves available for younger balance bike riders, as they are suitable for children from the age of 2. There are two different sizes available with the smaller size suitable for the younger age group.

This is in contrast to many of the bike gloves available from other bike manufacturers, which are mainly catering for older children with the smaller sizes fitting children from age 4 or 5.

Kiddimto Bike Gloves are great value and are usually available for less than £10!

Bike Gloves for 4-6 Year Olds

Vbiger Kids Bike Gloves

Vbiger Kids bike gloves
  • Fleece lining for warmth
  • Lightweight gloves give range of movement
  • Anti-slip printing for extra grip
  • Touchscreen facility
  • Great gloves for 4 years plus

As mentioned above, the smaller sizes of many bike manufacturers are suitable for children in the higher end of the balance bike range.

These gloves from Vbiger are an excellent choice, as they are made from soft lycra with a smooth fleece lining to keep the hands warm. They also have an anti-slip silicone printing on the palm and fingertips to provide extra grip.

These kids bike gloves are lightweight so they provide great freedom of movement, and they also have a touchscreen function on the thumb and index finger so they can be used with smartphones and tablets!

It is useful to know that these gloves are not very thick, so although they are ideal for the cooler autumn months they will not provide full protection in the depths of winter.

However, they are a really good choice for 4-6 year olds and are available for around £8.99.

Leopards Kids Motocross Bike Gloves

Leopard Motocross Kids Bike Gloves
  • Bright and striking colours
  • An ideal complement to a sporty or BMX balance bike
  • Breathable mesh material 
  • Suitable for children aged 4 plus

Several balance bikes have a BMX, sporty or motorbike style, and if you are looking for some bike gloves to match then these gloves from Leopard are ideal!

They are available in a range of bright colours including red, blue, black, yellow and green – and they are made from a breathable mesh construction with reinforced thumb and palm.

The Velcro strap provides a secure fit, and they offer great protection against falls and scrapes.

The small size of the Leopard Motocross bike gloves are suitable for 4-6 year olds..

This is a just a small selection of the kids bike gloves available, as there are also excellent gloves produced by companies such as Polaris and Wulfsport.

Most gloves are available for between £5 and £15, so it is a just a small investment to enjoy all of the benefits that kids bike gloves provide.