Balance bike reviews

Balance bike reviews

Buying a balance bike is an important decision and a milestone in your child’s development, so it is important to read some balance bike reviews before you purchase your bike. Balance bikes are clean, lightweight and help your child learn to ride and balance before they progress to larger and heavier pedal bikes.

Stompee Balance Bike
Balance bike

Here at, we have created the ultimate balance bike guide which will provide you with an at a glance guide to the best balance bikes on the market. The guide includes information relating to the brand, the model, the suitable age range, the saddle height of the bike, the composition of the frame and the total weight – which are all important factors when you are choosing the best balance bike. Price is also an important consideration as well!

We have also provided information on all of the bikes from many of the leading brands in the balance bike market, featuring many of the most popular brands including Puky, Strider, Early Rider, Stompee and many more.

However, balance bike reviews include much more detail than simply information on each brand and model. Every bike comes equipped with a range of features, from basics such as frame composition (wooden or metal), the type of tyre and height of the saddle – to additional extras such as brakes, turning limiters and footrests. A general rule of thumb is that the more expensive the bike, the more features it will have.

You also need to consider how old your child is and which size bike will suit them. The core balance bike market is for children aged from 2 to 4 years, and although most children will have moved on from balance bikes by the time they are 6 – there are some models that cater for children as old as 10 or 12. There are also some bikes for very young children from 18 months!

Balance bikes come in all sorts of colours and designs. Wooden balance bikes are great for the environment and are traditional in design, or you might prefer a sportier metal bike. There are also scooters and trikes available!

We hope that the balance bike reviews we have provided prove useful for choosing the best balance bike. Your child will benefit greatly from learning to ride on a balance bike and they will have hours, months and years of fun!