Steel balance bikes

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Although there are some excellent wooden balance bikes available from manufacturers such as Kiddimoto, Boppi and Prince Lionheart – the majority of balance bikes on the market today are made from metal, and a large number of those are made from lightweight steel.

Advantages of Steel Balance Bikes

The technology used to create balance bikes is very advanced, so this means that steel balance bikes can be tough, lightweight and can take most of the knocks that a 2, 3 or 4 year old can throw at them!

Steel balance bikes are welded together to form the main frame of the bike, and this is then enhanced with extra features with saddles, handlebars and the various types of tyres that are available.

Steel balance bikes are much closer in appearance to a real bike than wooden balance bikes, and they can also be painted in many different colours, so there is a huge range available from bright pink to oasis blue and stylish red or green.

Another benefit of steel balance bikes is that they are usually more adjustable than wooden balance bikes. This means that a good steel balance bike should be able to last your child from learning to ride until when they are ready to graduate to a pedal bike.

Steel balance bikes are also usually able to accommodate heavier riders than aluminium bikes, so once again if you choose a bike with a large range of saddle heights it should take them from learning to ride at 2 or 3 through to a much larger bike.

Disadvantages of Steel Balance Bikes

Steel balance bikes do have some disadvantages. They are not as environmentally friendly as wooden balance bikes which are usually made from materials such as recycled birch plywood.

Additionally, if you get a chip in your bike it could turn to rust over time. However, they should not rust over the course of their lifetime, unless they are left out in the rain – which we would not recommend!

Finally, although steel balance bikes closely resemble ‘real bikes’ in appearance, they cannot be painted in quite such a large range of funky patterns and styles like the Kiddimoto range of bikes. This is not really a disadvantage, just one of the differences between the types of bikes.

Product reviews

There is a huge range of steel balance bikes available so it is impossible to review them all here. However, we have selected 3 bikes at different budgets to give you an idea of the range of bikes available.

Boppi Metal Balance Bike

Metal Boppi balance bike

The Boppi metal balance bike offers great value, and it includes a strong and light tubular frame with an adjustable padded seat and padded handlebars.

The frame weighs just 3kg, so this is an ideal bike for 2 or 3 year olds and the saddle height starts at 30cm. It can be extended up to 40cm so this means the bike should have a good lifespan.

This bike features all of the advantages of a steel balance bike and will be more than enough to teach your child the basics of balance and steering

Strider Classic Balance Bike

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

The Strider Classic balance bike is one of our very favourite balance bikes and an excellent choice for most age groups.

It has a huge range of features with an adjustable saddle from just 29cm and a lightweight metal frame which also weighs 3kg.

This bike also includes a frame integrated footrest, so this provides the child with a place to rest their feet when gliding or even performing tricks. EVA foam tyres are also included.

The Strider Classic balance bike is an excellent choice for a steel balance bike, and Strider also provide a Sport model which is slightly more expensive but includes extra features.

Weeride Deluxe Balance Bike

Weeride Deluxe Balance Bike

This high quality balance bike is suitable for older children that are not yet ready to ride a pedal bike, as it has a 14 inch frame and a much higher saddle height starting at 45cm.

It has a beautiful Weeride paint finish, a stylish two-tone seat and proper air tyres which provide more ‘give’ and therefore a more comfortable ride.

The bike also features a hand brake, which is a useful accessory for older children as well as non-slip hand grips.

These are just a selection of the many steel balance bikes available, with other excellent options also available from Puky, Bike Star and Specialized to name just a few.

You should also make sure that your bike has the correct fit for your child, and don’t forget about other essential accessories such as selection a balance bike helmet.

Best balance bike for 6 year olds

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If your child has been using balance bikes since they were 2 or 3, then by the time they approach the age of 6 they should have well and truly mastered the arts of balance and steering and be ready to move on to larger bikes.

However, some children do not discover balance bikes or take to cycling until an older age . This could be due to lack of space if you live in a big city, a preference for other activities or that you just don't have enough time to learn to ride with a busy schedule.

Other children love balance bikes so much that they want to continue to become expert riders. Balance bikes are much lighter than normal pedal bikes which have a heavy chain and pedals, so they allow children to perform some tricks and stunts that just aren’t possible on normal bikes!

The range of bikes in this category is much smaller than the number of bikes that are available for children aged 18 month – 5 years.

But although there is much less choice, there are still some quality options when looking for the best balance bike for 6 year olds, and although older children may not take to riding quite as easily as younger children they still have the choice of several very good models.

Ridgeback Scoot XL Balance Bike 14"

  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • Saddle Height 40cm - 54cm
  • High quality spec

Although the other bikes we have recommended for 6 year olds have 16 inch wheels, we have included the Ridgeback Scoot XL in our selection as it would fit well with some 6 year olds and it is a high quality bike.

It has a long wheelbase for stability, as well as wide handlebars and air tyres for a comfortable ride. Ridgeback are well known for the quality of their bikes so you know you will be getting a very good bike here.

The bike also includes a very comfortable leather saddle as well as a hand brake.

LLF 16" Balance Bike

  • Suitbable for children 80cm - 120cm
  • Non slip handle and soft seat
  • Polymer tyres so no stopping for flats
  • Sturdy enough for children up to 30kg

This carbon steel balance bike is suitable for children between 80cm and 120cm, so it should cater for most 5 and 6 year olds that are just learning to ride a bike.

It is designed without any sharp points, with a non-slip handle and a soft seat to absorb all bumps in the road.

It also features polymer tyres, so there will be no problem with flats. It also has a really cool and stylish design so it is perfect for the playground or the park.

This bike is sturdy enough for children up to 30kg, so it is ideal for slightly older children looking to get on with riding a bike.

YUMEIGE 16" Balance Bike

  • Strong, high-carbon steel frame
  • Wide Dayan handlebars
  • Ergonomically designed seat cushion
  • Seat height 59cm - 76cm

This bike makes an excellent alternative to the Strider Youth bike, and is ideal for older children learning to ride.

It has a strong, high-carbon steel frame and wide Dayan handlebars which increase stability and make the bike easier to ride. The bike also features super wide anti-wear tyres, which have excellent elasticity and give a smoother ride.

Another feature of this bike is the ergonomically designed seat cushion, which is soft-filled, hollow and breathable for comfort. The saddle height on this bike is from 59cm – 76cm so it is also great for children in the 6 – 12 age group.

The market for balance bikes for older children is growing, so there are sure to be some more models available for this age group soon. We will keep you updated as soon as they become available!

Bike Star Balance Bike

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Bike Star is a specialist German child bike's company that produces a wide range of children’s vehicles including scooters and skateboards. Bike Star balance bikes are suitable for children from as young as 18 months all the way through to 5 year olds.


Bike Star are well known for ergonomically friendly bikes for young children as well as sporty styles for those that are accomplished riders.

This guide will review the Bike Star range in some detail, so to get started on this leading brand we have produced this easy to use table which show each model, the suitable age, the size of the bike and distinguishing features.



Saddle Height


Classic 10 inch

30cm plus

Step through frame

10 inch tyres

Air tyres

Includes hand brake

Classic 12 inch

30cm plus

Step through frame

12 inch tyres

AIr tyres

Includes hand brake

Sport 10 inch

30cm plus

Sporty design

Recommended 2 - 5 yr

Metal frame

Air Tyres

10 inch tyres

Sport 12 inch

30cm plus

Sporty design

Recommended 3 - 5yr

Metal frame

Air tyres

12 inch tyres

Wooden 12 inch

37cm - 43cm

Beech Wooden frame

Recommended 3 - 5 yr


12 inch air filled tyres

Convertible Mini Bike and Tricycle

26cm - 28cm

Unique 2 in 1 design

Recommended 18 month - 3 years

Wooden frame

One of the smallest balance bikes available

Bike Star Balance Bike Reviews

Bike Star Classic Balance Bike

  • Saddle height from 30cm
  • Step through frame
  • Air tyres
  • Includes hand brake and ergonomic saddle

The signature model of the Bike Star range is the Bike Star Classic Balance bike. This is a high quality metal balance bike, and of the key features is the low platform or footboard which makes it ideal for balance bike beginners.

The footboard allows the child to rest their feet as they scoot along, so they easily put their feet on the floor as they ride until they learn how to balance. This is very similar feature to the PUKY LRM Learner bike.

This bike scores well on appearance, with a high quality metallic paint finish and it is available in either Blue, Green, Heartbeat Red or Pink and White. It is well made with strong welds so will be able to withstand being ridden, manhandled and dumped on the floor by a small child.

One of the most important aspects of choosing the best balance bike for your child is the saddle height, and the saddle on this bike starts at just 30cm which makes it ideal for children aged 2 or above.

This height compares well with other recommended balance bikes for 2 year olds, and it can easily be adjusted as your child grows so this should see them all the way through to a pedal bike!

The Bike Star Classic Balance Bike also comes equipped with a child friendly handbrake and a stand, extra features which really add value to the bike.

This bike is available with either 10 inch or 12 inch tyres, and speaking of the tyres these are pneumatic air tyres which provide a smooth ride on all surfaces.

The 12 inch model is larger and slightly heavier so this would be a better choice for an older child of 3 or above.

The Bike Star Classic Balance Bike is a great, mid-range balance bike.

Bike Star Sport Balance Bike

  • Sporty design
  • 10 or 12 inch tyres
  • Saddle height from 30cm

The Bike Star Sport Balance Bike offers something completely different to the Classic bike, with a sporty style and exciting designs on the frame and wheel forks.

The low footboard has also been removed, giving the child more room to move their legs during the ride and giving the bike a sportier appearance.

Features include air tyres, alloy wheels, an adjustable handlebar and an adjustable saddle height that starts at just 30cm and can be raised as your child grows.

The Bike Star Sport Balance bike is available in several striking designs including Brilliant Green, Flamingo Pink and Berry & Turquoise.

Similarly to the Classic model, the Sport is available with either 10 inch or 12 inch tyres, with the larger bike being more suitable for children aged 3 or above.

This is another great option for a high quality, mid-range balance bike.

Bike Star Wooden Balance Bike

  • Beech wooden frame
  • Lightweight
  • Fun design
  • Saddle height 37cm - 43cm

Bike Star now also offer a wooden balance bike as part of their range, so if you prefer the benefits of a wooden bike this may be the bike for you.

The frame is made from environmentally friendly beech wood, which makes it much lighter than the metal Classic and Sport models and therefore easier for a young child to handle.

The bike has designed with a great eye for detail, and is available in a number of different painted colours and designs that will appeal to young children.

Features include an extra-large handle which makes the bike easy to transport, as well as rubber handlebar grips for protection from falls.

As with most other wooden balance bikes, the saddle is not as adjustable as on the wooden bikes with a limited number of settings. We would recommend the 10 inch version of this bike for 2 year olds and the 12 inch version for 3 years and above.

The final feature of the Bike Star Wooden Balance Bike is the air filled tyres, which provide a comfortable ride and good suspension. 

This bike is a great choice if you prefer a wooden balance bike.

Bike Star Convertible Mini 2 in 1 Bike and Tricycle

  • Suitable from 18 months plus
  • Convers from a trike to a bike as they get older
  • Lightweight and quality wooden frame
  • Saddle height from 26cm

The final balance bike in the Bike Star range is the extremely clever convertible mini 2 in 1 Bike and Tricycle.

This bike is suitable for children as young as 18 months, as they can start off riding the tricycle with 3 wheels which can then convert to a small balance bike as they gain more confidence!

It is made from a lightweight and high quality wooden frame, painted in bright colours which will appeal to very young children.

This really is one of the smallest balance bikes available, with a seat height starting at just 26cm (there is another option of 28cm). If your child is already 2 or about to turn 2 then we would recommend the 10 inch Bike Star Classic or Sport or one of our other recommended balance bikes for 2 year olds.

This bike is available as a ‘Little Sheriff’ or ‘Little Princess’ and is one of the best balance bike models available for 18 month olds. 

John Crane Balance Bike

John Crane Tidlo First Balance Bike

Currently Unavailable

The John Crane Tidlo Balance Bike is currently unavailable. 

Check out these reviews of alternative balance bikes and relevant age groups for our recommendations.

Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike 

Boppi Wooden Balance Bike 

Best Balance Bike for 2 year old guide

Best Balance Bike for 3 year old guide

Here is our review of the John Crane Tidlo Balance Bike for when it is available again:

John Crane is a British company that specialises in wooden toys of all shapes and sizes. They offer a small range of quality balance bikes through their own label brand, Tidlo, and all bikes are suitable for children of 3 years and above.

All John Crane balance bikes are made from replenishable rubberwood, so they are environmentally friendly as the trees have reached the end of their natural life.

Their signature bike is the Tidlo First Balance Bike, and this makes an ideal first balance bike with a study wooden structure which will help the child to get to grips with the concept of balance and steering

Tidlo bikes are brightly painted in red, pink or blue and features include a padded seat, easy grip handlebars, pneumatic tyres and a bell so that they can let you know they are coming!

As with most wooden balance bikes, there is not a huge range of seat positions available but the seat height of the Tidlo First Wooden Balance bike can be adjusted to 3 different heights from the lowest height of 34cm up to 38cm. This would probably make the bike slightly too big for an average 2 year old, so we would recommend this bike to children aged 3 and above.

The Tidlo First Balance Bike weighs in at 4.7kg and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great value balance bike and you would prefer a wooden bike. Other wooden balance bikes worth considering in this price range would be the Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike, the Boppi Wooden Balance bike or the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike which is usually slightly more expensive.

Also available from John Crane is the ‘Branching Out First Bike’, which is also made from environmentally friendly wood and has many of the same features as the Tidlo bike

Tidlo Scooter Balance bike

An alternative to the traditional balance bike is the funky Tidlo Scooter Balance Bike, that is available in bright red or lemon colours.

Shaped in the style of a retro Italian scooter, this bike is suitable for children aged 3 years and above with the regular features of an adjustable seat, pneumatic tyres and easy grip handlebar.

The scooter is a stylish way to scoot around the playground or local park.

John Crane balance bikes are definitely worth considering when you are looking for the best balance bike. The paintwork may chip off as the bikes can take a bit of a battering from smaller children, but these are quality bikes with an excellent range of features and a funky design.

Boys balance bike

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Balance bikes are so popular now that you will see both boys and girls whizzing around as they learn to balance, steer and brake before graduating to a proper pedal bicycle.

Most balance bikes are unisex in design, although almost all of the main manufacturers will offer their most popular models in a range of colours.

We have already covered pink balance bikes, which will probably appeal to the girls in your family, so if you are looking for a boys balance bike then you will most likely be looking for a bike with a bright red or blue colour, or one with a funky or sporty design.

Best Boys Balance Bikes

Best bikes for 2-3 year old boys

Puky LRM balance bike

Puky LRM Balance Bike

Many of the bikes you are probably looking at for a 2 or 3 year old from manufacturers such as Puky, Strider, WeeRide or Kettler all offer blue versions of their best-selling models.

We think that the Puky LRM makes an ideal first balance bike, with a low platform, height adjustable saddle and safety handlebars.

Sporty Boys Balance Bike

There is a great range of sporty balance bikes available which will be ideal for the little boy in your family.

You could choose a BMX style bike such as the Chillafish BMXie, or one of the bikes we have featured in our article on motorbike balance bikes.

However, our favourite sporty boys balance bike is the Strider Sport, which is ultralight and has an adjustable saddle from 29cm – 41cm so it is suitable for all ages.

Strider 12 Sport balance bike

The Strider Sport features a padded performance seat with mini handlebars and grips, as well as a footrest to help your little boy learn to balance as well as pull off some tricks!

The bike includes puncture-proof EVA tyres so it is easy to maintain.

Best Cheap Boys Balance Bike

We have made some recommendations in our post on best cheap balance bikes, and all of these bikes are suitable for both boys and girls.

There are some great value bikes with both wooden and metal frames available between £30 and £40, but perhaps our favourite is the Banana balance bike.

Banana Balance Bike

This bike looks really cool with a curved, banana shaped frame, and the 2019 version is new and improved with a twin bearing headset for improved steering and improved tread pattern for better grip.

The Banana Balance bike is available in several different colours.

Best Wooden Boys Balance Bike

Wooden balance bikes can be painted in all sorts of fun and funky designs, and we think that little boys will love the range of Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes!

These bikes are most suitable for 3 year olds and upwards, and are available in a number of exciting designs including Police (pictured below), Fire and Union Jack.

Kiddimoto Kurve Police Balance Bike

These quality bikes look amazing and include pneumatic rubber tyres for a smooth ride as well as a padded seat.

Best Balance Bike for Older Boys

Slighty higher up the price range is the Adventure Zooom balance bike.

This bike has an aluminium frame and a range of quality features coupled with a sleek and stylish design.

 It has an extremely large range of heights as it comes with two different seat posts. The lowest saddle height is 34cm and this can be adjusted right up to 51cm as your child grows
Adventure Zooom balance bike

The Adventure Zooom is more expensive than most other models we have features, however it is a quality bike so makes a great introduction to cycling.

This is a just a small selection of the huge number of balance bikes that are available for boys of all ages from 18 months up to the age of 11 or 12, so with such a great choice you should be able to find the best boys balance bike!

Kettler Balance Bike

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Kettler balance bikes are aimed at children aged 2-4 in the core balance bike age range, and with several different bikes in their range, Kettler is an excellent brand to consider when you are looking for the best balance bike for your child.

Kettler Speedy Balance Bike

Kettler Speedy Balance Bike
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Scratch resistant finish
  • Adjustable saddle from 33cm - 43cm
  • Good bike for 2.5 - 3 years plus
  • Hand brake included

The entry level Kettler balance bike is the Kettler Speedy Balance bike, which provides a great value option and a very good bike to get your toddler on the move.

The bike is well constructed with a sturdy steel frame (although it does require some construction out of the box), but this means that the bike is likely to stand the test of time with a scratch resistant finish.

All of the basic features of a good value balance bike are included, with a padded, adjustable seat and a safety handlebar, which is useful for when the bike is dumped on the ground.

The seat can be adjusted from 33 - 43cm, so while this may make the Kettler Speedy Balance bike a little too big for the average 2 year old, the large range of seat heights mean that this bike should see your child through to a proper pedal bike.

If you are shopping for a child approaching their 2nd birthday, then read our guide to the best balance bikes for 2 year olds.

The Kettler Speedy Balance Bike also comes equipped with a hand brake, which is not always found on bikes in this price category. This can save a lot on the wear and tear of your child's shoes as they won't need to use their feet for braking!

The Kettler Speedy Balance bike is available in different colours and sizes, including the Kettler Speedy Pablo 12.5” model

This bike has larger wheels, so it is suitable for slightly older children and the handlebar does not have a turning limiter. 

The Kettler Speedy Balance bike weighs in at 4.1kg, so this lines up with the fact that we would recommend these bikes to children aged 2 and a half or older as a 2 year old may find this difficult to handle. 

The Kettler Speedy Balance bike will give you everything you need from a starter bike with all of the features you will need and a little bit more.

Kettler Spirit Air Balance Bike

Kettler Spirit Air
  • Includes boarding frame with running board
  • 12.5" wheels
  • Ergonomic seat for comfort
  • Adjustable saddle from 37cm - 46cm
  • Slightly heavier bike better for older children

If you are sold on a Kettler balance bike, then it may be worth spending a bit more for the next model in their range which is the Kettler Spirit Air balance bike.

This bike features a step through frame with a running board, for safely boarding and dismounting the bike. This feature is only usually found on bikes for the youngest children, but if your 3 or 4 year old is new to balance bikes this will make it easier for them to get going.

The steel frame is scratch resistant and durable, and the bike also features ball bearing mounted, 12.5” wheels with pneumatic tyres for a comfortable ride.

Safety features include a handlebar with rear brake and there is also a parking stand so your child can enjoy “parking” their bike when they are not using it.

The Kettler Spirit Air Balance bike weighs 6.3kg. The heavier weight of this bike means that it would probably be most suitable for children that are slightly older as it would be difficult for a 2 year old to handle.

Kettler Run Air Balance Bike

Kettler Run Air
  • Similar features to the Spirit Air 
  • Step through frame with running board 
  • 12.5" spoke rims
  • Ergonomic seat for comfort
  • Hand brake and parking stand included

The final model to feature in the range of Kettler balance bikes is the Kettler Run Air balance bike. This has a similar design to the Spirit Air bike, with the step through frame and a running board included.

The ergonomic seat is also a feature of this bike, and the saddle can be adjusted from 37cm – 46cm. Additional features include the 12.5” spoke rims, safety handlebar with brake and the park stand.

The Run Air balance bike is available in a sporty black and red design or a stylish purple and green.

Kettler balance bikes cater for children of all ages, from the very youngest children with the Kettler Speedy through to sportier models like the Run Air balance bike.

Weeride balance bike

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Weeride are well known for their range of excellent bike seats, but they also produce award winning balance bikes that are well worth considering when you are looking for the best balance bike.

Weeride balance bikes are available for all children aged between 18 months and 6 years, with the range containing just two options which are the Weeride First Balance Bike and the Weeride Deluxe Balance Bike.

Weeride First Balance Bike

Weeride First balance bike
  • Step through frame
  • Adjustable saddle from 31cm
  • Great option for 2 year olds
  • Soft saddle with carry handle
  • Non slip, rubber air tyres

The Weeride First Balance Bike will be a great introduction to cycling for the very youngest children, with a stylish metal frame that comes in a choice of red or green.

One of the defining features of the Weeride First Balance bike is the easy step through frame which makes the bike manageable for young riders, and the seat is adjustable from 31 - 42cm which means that the saddle height can be changed as your child grows.

This makes it comparable to the Puky LRM Learner Bike which has a similar feature (but is usually more expensive at around £70).

The bike has been recently improved with a soft saddle that makes for a comfortable ride and also comes with a carry handle for parents. This comes in handy when your child has had enough of riding and you end up carrying the bike!

The Weeride First balance bike now includes pneumatic air tyres with an angled valve, a rear band brake for extra safety and safe non slip hand grips.

These features make this bike an excellent choice for 2 year olds and is featured in our guide to the best balance bikes for 2 year olds

It is marketed as being suitable for those from 18 months, but we think that toddlers of this age might struggle with this bike and there are more suitable options available.

Weeride Deluxe Balance Bike

Weeride Deluxe Balance Bike
  • Quality 14 inch frame
  • A range of excellent features
  • Seat height from 45cm - 52cm
  • Suitable for 4-6 year olds

If you are shopping for a slightly older child or need a bike larger than the Weeride First Balance bike, then your next option from Weeride is the Weeride Deluxe Balance Bike.

This is a much larger bike that is designed for older children that are not ready to ride a pedal bike yet, and it is a quality bike with a 14 inch frame, a beautiful Weeride paint finish and a stylish two tone seat.

The 14 inch wheels make this a great choice for older children as many other models use bikes with a 12 inch frame. Other bikes which have 14 inch wheels include the Ridgeback Scoot XL and the Frog Tadpole Plus.

The seat height ranges from 45cm – 52cm, so this bike might even be too old for 3 year olds and we think it would be most suitable for the 4-6 year age range.

Check out our other recommendations in our guide to the best balance bikes for 4 year olds.

The Weeride Deluxe Balance bike also features proper air tyres which provide a comfortable ride, a rear hand brake and safe non slip hand grips.

This is not a budget option but the quality finish in silver or red from Weeride means this will be one of the best looking bikes in the playground.

Kiddimoto balance bike

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Hands up who wants a Union Jack, Pastel Dotty or Fire Engine themed balance bike?

Then you will love the range of wooden Kiddimoto balance bikes that are British made and are among the best wooden balance bikes available. There are also lightweight metal bikes as well as BMX bikes and mod scooters on offer from Kiddimoto to complete their range.

A fantastic choice during your search for the best balance bike!

Kiddimoto Kurve balance bike

  • Wooden frames
  • A range of eye catching designs
  • Award winning British bikes
  • Three different saddle heights from 37cm
  • Most suited to 3 years and above

The most well known bikes of the Kiddimoto range are the Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes, which are beautifully designed wooden bikes with a gracious curved styling and a sturdy construction manufactured from birch ply wood.

The Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes come in a wide range of exciting and distinctive styles, including Police, Fire, Flower, Union Jack and Pastel Dotty (one of our favourite pink balance bikes). Other options include Red Dotty, Skullz and a funky Splatz style so there should be something for everyone!

The Kiddimoto Kurve is one of our recommended balance bikes for 3 years olds, partly due to the saddle heights which offer three different positions ranging from 37cm to 39.5cm

This is a relatively high starting saddle position so the bike would be too big for 2 year olds. However, it would be ideal for 3 or 4 year olds who are just starting to learn to ride. As a comparison, our recommended balance bikes for 2 year olds such as the LAVA balance bike or the Strider Classic have saddle heights starting between 29 - 31cm.

Other features of the Kiddimoto Kurve balance bikes include a 12 inch pneumatic tyre with inner tube and safety is also a priority with a steering lock that stops the bike from turning more than 30 degrees and preventing jack knife. The comfortable rubber hand grips protect little hands and the bike weighs in at 4.5kg.

Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike

Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Saddle height from 34cm - 45cm
  • Pneumatic rubber tyres

The second bike in the Kiddimoto range is the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike, which we has also reviewed in a separate post.

This is completely different from the Kiddimoto Kurve, as it is made from metal and has a lower starting saddle height so it is great for younger children.

It boasts an impressive range of features, including a padded seat for comfort and an adjustable saddle with a minimum height of 34cm. This can extend up to 45cm so it can grow with your child until they are ready for a pedal bike.

The lightweight steel frame makes the bike easy to transport and it is available in a number of funky and exciting colours.

Kiddimoto Super Junior Max balance bike

  • Extra features including a brake and grippy footplate
  • A range of funky designs
  • Pneumatic air tyres

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Max is based on the same frame as the Super Junior, but offers a number of extra features such as a brake for the front wheel, an extra grippy footplate and pneumatic air tyres. 

This makes for a more comfortable ride and a superior performance, although the extra weight of this bike would make it more suitable for children aged 3 and above. A carry handle is also included on the seat for if (and when) the child gets tired.

Similarly to the Kiddimoto Kurve, it is available in a number of funky designs including the Union Jack, Stars (pictured), Skullz and Pastel Dotty.

Kiddimoto BMX Balance Bike

  • All terrain balance bike, BMX style
  • 12 inch pneumatic air tyres
  • Saddle height from 38cm

This high quality, BMX style balance bike is perfect for any terrain with a lightweight, durable frame and 12 inch pneumatic tyres.

The bike has a saddle height starting at 38cm, so it is ideal for slightly older children aged from 3.5 – 5 years.

The bike is painted in a striking gloss blue or red, so it looks great and weight in at just 4.8kg.

Kiddimoto Scooter Balance Bike

  • Distinctive Mod Scooter design
  • Birch Plywood Frame
  • Footboards for freewheeling

Our final featured bike from the Kiddimoto range is the Kiddimoto Scooter Wooden Balance bike.

This is an excellent replica of the real thing, with the Union Jack design based on the iconic Mod Scooters of the 1960’s.

The scooters are manufactured from sustainable birch plywood, and feature footboards for freewheeling as well as pneumatic tyres for a comfortable ride.

The saddle is not adjustable on this bike, so it may only be suitable for your child for a short while – but it is fun bike balance bike and one of the most distinctive models available.


Kiddimoto also offer a great range of accessories including a number of kids helmets which are perfect for smaller heads. Designs include Police, Pastel Dotty and Pink Goggles.

There are also kids bike gloves available to complete your outfit and to make sure your child is fully protected while they are out on their bike.