BMX Balance Bikes

A BMX balance bike makes a great choice when learning to ride, as it will allow you to get off road (or off-pavement) and experience all of the fun of a BMX while riding in the park!

A good BMX style balance bike will resemble the real thing, with a sporty design and a lightweight frame that is easy to handle and manoeuvre. As with all balance bikes, a good quality bike will have an adjustable saddle, a comfortable seat and handlebars offering plenty of grip.

Several different manufacturers offer balance bikes in a BMX styles, and we have highlighted some of our preferred models below:

Chillafish BMXie Balance Bike

Chillafish BMXie balance bike
  • Cool design with vibrant colours
  • The look and feel of a real BMX
  • High quality features and fun extras
  • Saddle height 32cm - 39cm

Our favourite BMX style balance bike is the Chillafish BMXie bike.

This bike has a cool and stylish design that is just like a real BMX, as well as a fibre glass-reinforced frame and Airless RubberSkin tyres.

The saddle height can be adjusted from 32cm – 39cm, so this makes it an ideal bike for 3-4 year olds or those approaching their third birthday. The seat is easy to adjust with a simple twist and lock system.

Budding BMX riders will love this bike which is available in a range of vibrant colours, and also includes fun extra features such as a detachable front number plate and detachable footrest for gliding.

Boppi BMX Balance Bike

Boppi BMX balance bike
  • Great value BMX balance bike
  • Saddle height from 30cm so great for 2 years plus
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

The Boppi BMX balance bike is an excellent alternative which is slightly cheaper, and makes a great choice for 2-3 year olds with a lightweight frame in combination with an adjustable padded seat and cushion pad handlebars.

The bike weighs just 3kg, so this should be comfortable for a small child to handle and it is also extremely well balanced.

The saddle height starts at just 30cm and can be adjusted up to 40cm, so this places the bike firmly in the ideal size for 2-3 year olds.

This bike features EVA foam tyres, so this means they are puncture proof and easy to maintain. One point to note is that the ride is generally smoother on air tyres than foam tyres.

It is available in several different colours, and this is a great value BMX balance bike that is available for around £35.

Scooch BMX Balance Bike

Scooch BMX Balance Bike
  • Clean and stylish BMX design
  • Good range of basic features
  • Excellent value
  • Higher minimum saddle height from 35cm
  • Best for age 3 and upwards

Our final choice is the Scooch BMX balance bike.

This bike has a clean and simple BMX design, with a steel fork and frame and spoked tyres which enhance the appearance of the bike.

This bike has a slightly higher minimum saddle height than our other recommended bikes, starting at 35cm and going up to 43cm. This means it would be suitable for children aged 3 – 5 years.

The comfortable grip handlebars make for an easy ride, and it is available in 3 different colours including blue, pink and red.

The Scooch BMX balance bike is one of the best value bikes on the market, so this is an ideal bike for those on a budget.

Whichever bike you choose, don’t forget you will need accessories such as a good quality helmet and perhaps some gloves for extra grip.

Banana Balance Bike

Banana balance bikes are among our favourite models for 2020, as they combine a really competitive price with a fantastic design and a range of superb features.

Banana Balance Bike LT model

  • Signature curved frame helps with access to the bike
  • Saddle height from 31cm - 40cm
  • Ideal bike for 2 years plus
  • Upgraded features for 2019/20

There are 2 different models available of the Banana balance bike, and the first of these is the LT model.

The signature feature of this bike, that both models share, is that is the frame is curved like a banana. This has the dual benefits of allowing the child to easily access the bike – and it also looks really cool!

This bike is lightweight and strong, and with a saddle that is adjustable from 31cm to 40cm it is suitable for children aged between 2 and 4. We think it will be an ideal gift for a 2nd or 3rd birthday!

The Banana balance bike has been improved for 2019, and one of the upgraded features is the twin bearing headset. This provides a smooth steering action and is both lightweight, strong and durable.

The wheels have also been updated, with a grippier tread pattern which helps in wet conditions and a revised spindle and bearing set up which allows for better free spinning of the wheels.

Another fantastic feature of the Banana balance bike is the handlebars, which are wide enough to help with steering and include safety features with updated rubber grips. The handlebars can also easily be adjusted using the clamp.

There is little to fault the Banana balance bike, as it includes a great range of features, the ergonomic design will help children to learn and it is available for just £37.99.

Colours available include blue, pink and green (pictured).

Banana Balance Bike GT model

Banana Balance Bike GT
  • Improved features include 12" alloy wheels
  • Saddle height from 32cm - 40cm
  • Quality aluminium handlebars and steering set up
  • Slightly heavier than LT model

The GT model includes all of the benefits of the LT model, but with a range of improved features that give it a slick and premium look.

The GT model features 12” alloy wheels, so this really improves the appearance of the bike and air filled tyres provide a comfortable ride and greater traction.

The aluminium handlebars are lightweight and strong, and combined with the threadless headset provide a steering and handlebar set up that is often only found on adult bikes.

The saddle height on this bike ranges from 32cm – 40cm, so this is a similar range to the LT model and makes it suitable for 2 year olds and upwards. However, it is slightly heavier than the LT model (3.6kg v 2.9kg), so if it is a younger child you are buying for we would recommend the LT model.

The Banana balance bike GT model is slightly more expensive, but if you are looking for a cool, cruising bike for your child to begin their journey on two wheels this makes a fantastic choice!