Adult balance bike

Balance bikes have revolutionised the way that children learn to ride over the last few years, and there is now a huge range of models that allow children to learn to balance, steer and understand the concepts of riding a bike.

The vast majority of these bikes are designed for children from as young as 18 months through to the age of 5 or 6, as by this time most children will be ready to move on to a ‘proper’ pedal bike.

However, there are some balance bikes designed for older children between 6 - 12 – and as balance bikes are such a fantastic product there is also a growing market for companies to produce an adult balance bike.

An adult balance bike is developed for teenagers and adults who might be learning to ride for the first time. They are also very useful for those who have special needs challenges, providing the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and excitement of cycling.

There are only a handful of adult balance bikes available at the moment, and the best models are reviewed below.

Pedibal Suprema Balance Bike

Pedibal Suprema Balance Bike

The Pedibal Suprema is a unique bike that is suited for teenagers and adults that are looking to develop the skills associated with riding a bike for the first time.

This bike acts as a balance bike for adults, with a range of features including a lightweight aluminium frame, 20 inch wheels and pneumatic air tyres.

However, the unique feature of this bike is that once the concepts of balance and steering have been mastered, it can be adapted to full pedal formation with the inclusion of 7 Speed Shimano gears for the full riding experience.

This means that the bike will be with you throughout your journey from learning to ride to complete cyclist!

Another great feature of the Pedibal Suprema is that it can be folded away for easy storage, and also comes equipped with a toolkit and carrying bag for running repairs.

The Pedibal Suprema weighs just 14kg as a balance bike and 16kg with the pedals and is suitable for heights 4ft 10 in – 6ft 4 in. Age range 11 years to adult.

You can check the current price and reviews on Amazon using the link below.

Strider 20 Sport Balance Bike

Strider Adult 20 Sport

The Strider 20 Sport is a beautifully designed balance bike with wide handlebars, a lightweight frame and all of the features and components that you would expect from a quality manufacturer like Strider.

These include cross terrain tyres, front and rear v-brakes and a fully padded seat for comfort. The saddles is easily adjustable, and the height range is from 67.3 – 81.9cm.

The simple design of the bike allows the rider to balance very easily, and the footrest allows the rider to coast along once they have built up some speed. The footrest can be added or removed according to the riders ability.

The footrest also means that advanced riders can build up some speed and perform some amazing tricks on this bike. There are already several competitions and races for balance bike users including the Strider Cup!

There are still relatively few adult balance bikes available, but if the popularity of children’s balance bikes is anything to go by then we are sure that it won’t be long before there are more and more models available for teenagers and adults.

There are plenty of 6-12 year old already tearing it up at the skate board parks on their balance bikes so they will need larger bikes as they get older!

We will be sure to review as many of these bikes as we can as they get released! Happy riding.

Micro balance bike

The Micro Balance bike is manufactured by Micro Scooters Ltd, who are most well known for their fantastic range of scooters. However they also provide an excellent balance bike as part of their range as well.

Micro balance bike review

Micro Balance Bike
  • Clean, simple and unique design
  • High quality, lightweight aluminium frame
  • Saddle height 36cm - 42cm
  • Quick and nimble

The Micro Balance bike is designed in Switzerland and with a clean and simple design it looks great and really stands out from most other balance bikes.

The frame consists of lightweight aluminium, and is available in a choice of either orange or purple.

Micro balance bike saddle height

The bike is advertised as being suitable for children aged 2-5, although with an adjustable saddle height between 36 – 42cm this means that it may be slightly too large for an average 2 year old.

If you are looking for balance bikes for 2 year olds then check out our recommendations here – these bikes include models such as the Puky LRM Learner bike which has a saddle height starting at just 29cm.

However, if your child is the right height for the Micro Balance bike then they will enjoy the range of features which include a lightweight frame, adjustable handlebars (with a thick rubber bumper to protect little hands) and mark free wheels, which makes the bike ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The bike weighs in at just 3.2kg, which is one of the lightest on the market and makes it easy to carry and transport.

The Micro balance bike is quick and nimble, so once the rider has mastered the art of balance and steering they will be racing away enjoying their freedom. It is beautifully designed, with a smooth and flat fork, no exposed bolts and a comfortable foam seat which gives bike a slick and stylish look.

Solid wheels

One point to note is that although the solid wheels are great for indoor use or on paved surfaces, the solid wheels of the Micro balance bike provide very little cushioning, and the small diameter wheels would make it difficult to ride the bike on non-paved surfaces.

If you are looking for a more BMX style balance bike, then try the Chillafish BMXie balance bike which is much more suitable for getting off the beaten track.

The Micro balance bike has a quality build, as would be expected from such a market leading company so this bike will retain its value and be able to be handed down through the family or to friends.

The Micro balance bike is in the higher end of the price range of the balance bike market, but the lightweight and quality build nature of the bike justify this cost and it is a quality bike for indoor use or getting around towns and villages.