Balance bike footrests

Does your balance bike need to have a footrest? You will probably find that most balance bikes out there these days don’t have a footrest, and it is not really an essential feature to consider when you are looking for the best balance bike.

However, footrests on balance bikes can be useful, especially if the rider is coasting along or going down a long hill. It gives them somewhere to tuck their feet out of the way and stops them getting tangled up in the rest of the bike! If your child is using the footrest for a reasonable period of time, then they must be well on their well to learning to balance!

ST4 Strider Balance Bike
Strider bike with footrest

Some Strider bikes feature a footrest, which is towards the back wheel of the bike. This is a great design as it doesn’t get in the way when the rider is walking or running with their bike to push it along.
Other bikes feature a low platform, and you will find this on models such as the Puky LRM Learner Bike and the Bike Star Classic. The low platform or footboard often comes combined with a step through frame – so this feature makes the bikes easy to mount and the footboard gives the rider somewhere to rest their feet as they scoot along.


These bikes are particularly good options for younger riders and we have recommended them in our feature on best balance bikes for 2 year olds.
Going back to footrests, although they can be useful we think there are more important things to consider when you are choosing the best balance bike for you. The make, model, type of tyres, frame composition (wooden, steel or aluminium), saddle height and many other factors are probably all much more important!

Motorbike balance bike

Motorbike Balance bike

There is a huge range of balance bikes available today, ranging from simple, wooden bikes for very small children to top of the range balance bikes and even bikes that are purpose built for older children. You can choose between wooden, steel or aluminium bikes, there are different bikes for different age ranges and a huge number of colours, styles and sizes!

Most balance bikes will resemble a normal pedal bike, but If your think that your child would prefer something a bit different, then you could look for a motorbike balance bike.

These bikes have the same principle of helping young children to balance, steer and get to grips with the basics of riding a bike from a young age. They differ from normal bikes with an exciting motorbike style, and several different manufacturers offers bikes like this. We have done some research and come up with our top motorbike models!


Tidlo Motorbike Balance Bike


Tidlo Motorbike Balance BikeBuy now  £53


Tidlo is the own brand label of John Crane, which is a British company that specialises in wooden toys of all shapes and sizes. They offer several different styles of balance bike, which includes the Tidlo Motorbike Balance bike.

All of John Crane’s balance bikes are made from replenishable rubberwood, so the bikes are environmentally friendly as the trees will have reached the end of their natural life.

The Tidlo Motorbike balance bike has a racing style and is a really bright and colourful design, so it should appeal to young children and it really does look like a mini motorbike! The wooden frame is painted in a dynamic red and blue, with yellow flames added to the exhaust to give the impression of speed.

Features include pneumatic air tyres for a comfortable ride, a padded seat and easy grip handlebars. The bike has a height of 54cm and is suitable for children from 3 years and above. It is available for £53.


Yammy Wooden Motorbike Balance Bike


Yammy Wooden Motorbike balance bikeBuy now  £35

Another balance bike with an exciting motorbike style is the Yammy Wooden Motorbike Balance bike. The bike is made by Kidzmotion, who also offer the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike and the Oowee Pink Balance Bike.

This bike will really catch the eye with an all blue colour scheme including the frame, tyres and handlebars. It comes with a birch plywood frame, a soft padded seat and a saddle that is adjustable to 3 different heights between 38cm and 42cm. Check out our guide to balance bike seat heights here. Just watch out for the handlebars as you are not able to adjust the height of these!

This bike will probably be a bit too big for an average 2 year old with a 38cm saddle height, and it is also quite heavy. However, it will suit older children who are getting into racing perfectly and it is great value at just £35.

Alternatives to the Yammy Wooden Motorbike Balance bike are the Hondee Wooden Motorbike Balance bike and the Kwaka Wooden Motorbike balance bike. These bikes are also produced by Kidzmotion, so they offer the same style and features of the Yammy bike, but in different colours. The Hondee bike is available in striking orange and the Kwaka bike in green – they are both also £35.

Happy racing on your motorbike balance bike!

Kids Bike Gloves

A pair of good quality and stylish kids bike gloves is an essential accessory when you are buying some extras for your balance bike!

A good pair of gloves will help the rider look really cool, and they will also perform some essential safety functions such as extra grip and protection for the hands if they take a tumble or scrape their hands against walls, trees or other such hazards.

Kiddimoto Kids Gloves

Kiddimoto gloves
Kiddimoto neon yellow gloves

There are some really good looking kids bike gloves available, and we love the range that is offered by Kiddimoto! Kiddimoto bikes come in a range of funky designs including Pastel Dotty and Union Jack, and so Kiddimoto also offer a range of gloves to go along side their bikes.

The gloves feature padded palms for extra protection, Velcro straps to keep them secure on tiny hands and a fingerless style which allows the rider greater dexterity. The secure fit and adjustable straps means that one size fits all for all children from age 2 through to 6.


There are loads of different designs, but our favourites are the Neon Yellow Gloves, Red Dotty or the Rainbow Union Jack. These gloves are great value and are usually available for less than £10!

If you are looking for a good quality pair of kids bike gloves but without the styles and designs that Kiddimoto offer, then there are plenty of other gloves available from manufacturers such as Polaris and Tour de France.

Polaris Kids Gloves

Polaris Kids Gloves
Polaris Kids Gloves

Polaris is a company that specialises in bike wear, so their Polaris Controller Junior Mitts are a superb choice for a quality pair of Kids Bike Gloves. The gloves feature padded palms and a lyrca backed fabric which provides breathability and comfort. Velcro straps provide a secure fit and kids will look like professional little riders in these gloves.

The smallest size of the Polaris Controller Junior Mitts is intended for children age 5-6, so these gloves may not be suitable for the younger balance bike riders.



Tour de France Kids Gloves

Tour de France Kids Gloves
Tour de France Kids Gloves

A final choice is the Tour de France Kids Gloves, which will help your child practice just in case they love their bike riding so much so they enter the real race in the future! These gloves also offer non slip palms and a fingerless style, and they are a bargain with prices starting at just £3.99!

There are plenty of other accessories available for balance bikes, although one essential purchase is a good Kids Bike Helmet and Kiddimoto also offer a good range here.

So with so many options available for Kids Bike Gloves, it is worth the extra few pounds to really help your child feel like a real rider when they are enjoying their balance bike!

Tiny Bike Balance Bike

Tiny Bike Balance Bike

Tiny Balance Bike
Tiny Bike Balance Bike

Buy now  £49.95


  • Wide rubber wheels
  • Steel frame
  • Can be used indoor and outdoors

The Tiny Bike Balance Bike is a really popular bike that looks great, has a robust build and is produced by Fun 4 Kids, a family run company that produces a range of quality products.



The bike is aimed at children aged 2-4 years, but it lives up to its name as one of the smaller bikes in the market so would make an ideal present for a child’s 2nd birthday.

It would also be suitable or some children aged under 2 if they are big for their age and you are keen for them to get on their bike. It makes a great starter bike to help children steer and balance before they graduate to a ‘proper’ pedal bike. It weighs in at a lightweight 3.9kg.

Easy to assemble straight out of the box, the Tiny Bike Balance Bike is sturdy and stylish and features a steel frame that is available in a range of colours, including pink, purple, red and white.

Other features include a footrest that is ideal for children as they glide along, an adjustable seat and safety handlebars. Check out our guide to balance bike saddle heights for advice on how to choose a bike that is the correct size for your child. The tyres are solid, which means there is no risk of punctures but the ride may not be as comfortable a bike with air tyres.

The Tiny Bike Balance Bike is available for around £49.95, which makes it fantastic value for money and competes directly with bikes such as Stompee and Bike Star which are a similar price.

We think this is a great choice for a starter bike as it can be ridden indoors and outdoors, so if you do decide to purchase the Tiny Bike Balance Bike then your child should be off and about in no time at all.