Stompee Balance Bike

Stompee Balance Bike

Stompee Balance Bike
Stompee Balance Bike


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Here is the Stompee Balance bike review for when it is back in stock!

  • Excellent price
  • Cool mountain bike appearance
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Steel frame
  • Min seat height 35cm

The Stompee Balance bike is a great choice if your child is a budding mountain biker, produced by Stomp who are a leading pit bike manufacturer.

The Stompee Balance Bike is very popular as it has the appearance of a genuine mini mountain bike, helped by the chunky pneumatic tyres and quality build. The pneumatic tyres help to provide a comfortable ride, and kids will love the style of this bike as Stomp specialise in cool off road motorbikes.

Other features of the Stompee Balance Bike include a steel tube frame, alloy rims and a large padded seat that is adjustable from 35cm – 45cm. The light weight frame means that the Stompee weighs in a 4.2kg, and the padded seat is really comfy! It is available in several colours including black, bright blue, bright red and hot pink.

This is the only balance bike in the Stomp range, and is suitable for children from 2 years through to 5 or 6, by which time they will more than likely  have outgrown their Stompee and be ready to move on to a larger pedal bike.  You might find that the bike is slightly too big and heavy for a 2 year old of average height, as some other balance bikes such as a Puky balance bike have a saddle height starting at 29cm, so these may be more suitable for younger children. We have a full guide to the best balance bikes for 2 years olds here.

The Stompee Balance bike comes with plenty of features for a mid range priced bike, and these include a high performance V-brake. This is applied to the left handlebar and is attached to the rear wheel so this will help your child get used to the principle of braking as they learn to steer and balance. It will also help to save on their shoes if they learn to use it properly! Check out our guide to balance bike brakes here!

Overall, this is a great all round balance bike that looks cool and provides fantastic value at just £34 – although if you like this style of bike but can stretch your budget further then you could also consider the Specialised Hotwalk Balance bike which is priced at around £110 and offers specific models and designs for boys and girls.

Happy cycling and don’t forget your balance bike accessories such as the essential helmets and kids bike gloves.