Mongoose balance bike

Mongoose is a market leading American company renowned for producing stylish, quality and durable mountain bikes, and their contribution to the balance bike market certainly catches the eye.

Mongoose boys balance bike


Mongoose boys balance bikeBuy now £49.99


Mongoose offer a selection of 2 different balance bikes aimed at either boys or girls, and the Mongoose balance bike for boys is one of our favourite bikes that we have reviewed.

The first thing that stands out about this bike is the frame, which is produced from natural birch plywood and offers an eye catching design.

The wooden frame means that the bike is environmentally friendly, and the black background is complemented by flames along the side and on the front of the bike, and with red handlebars, 12 inch red aluminium wheels and a black saddle so this will really appeal to little riders who want to get on their bike.

Other features of the Mongoose balance bike for boys include an adjustable saddle and pneumatic air tyres which provide a comfortable ride. Most leading balance bikes offer this style of tyre, although others such as Strider prefer the EVA foam tyre.

The maximum weight of the bike is 35kg, and this bike will be suitable for children from age 3 and upwards as 2 year olds will struggle with the weight of the bike and the saddle height. If you are buying a bike for a 2 year old then check out our recommended bikes here.

The Mongoose boys balance bike is generally available for £59.99, but the best price that we can find is for £53.99 which represents a 10% discount and a fantastic price for such a quality bike!

Mongoose girls balance bike


Mongoose girls balance bike Buy now £53.99


Mongoose also provide a balance bike that will appeal to little girls, and this bike provides many of the same features as the above bike. The frame is also made from birch plywood, so offers the same environmental benefits although does not offer many different saddle heights, which can be a drawback of wooden balance bikes.

The pink frame is decorated with pretty flowers and petals, so this is a real contrast to the black and red flame design offered on the boys bike. The other features are exactly the same with 12 inch wheels, pneumatic tyres and safety handlebars.

The Mongoose balance bike is suitable for girls aged 3 years and above, and the pedal less design is a great way to learn to ride and to pick up the fundamentals of balance and steering. This bike is also available for the sale price of £53.99 and either of the Mongoose balance bikes will really catch the eye in the playground or around the house!