Balance bike weight

While you are searching through all of the options and looking for the best balance bike, one of the major factors to consider when you are choosing the best model is the weight of your balance bike.

An obvious point to note is that smaller balance bikes aimed at 2-3 year olds will generally be lighter than balance bikes for older children or those aged 6 and over. A useful guideline is that your bike should be less than a third of your child’s weight, otherwise it will be difficult for them to handle and they may be reluctant to ride it, especially if they are just starting out with their first bike.

ST4 Strider Balance Bike
Strider ST4 Balance Bike

The lightest balance bikes for 2 year olds will start at around 3kg, so this will be perfect for smaller children. Good examples of these sorts of bikes are the Early Rider Lite which weighs 3.25kg and the Strider ST4, which is probably the lightest bike on the market at just 3kg.

A lighter bike is also appreciated by parents when the rider decides that they have had enough and they end up carrying the bike! You can check out our recommended balance bikes for 2 year olds in our comparison table which shows the weights of our suggested models.

Balance bikes for children in the core balance bike market of between 3 and 5 will vary in weight between from around 4.5kg such as the Kiddimoto Kurve up to the Weeride Deluxe, which weighs in at 6.5kg partly due to the steel frame. There is a huge range of balance bikes available in this part of the market, all of which vary in frame composition, style and features.

The weight of your balance bike is just something to consider when you are looking around for the best balance bike, as well as other features such as the tyres, model and colour

Scooter balance bike

Balance bikes come in all shapes and sizes and cater for children from as young as 18 months up to children as old as 11 or 12. Bikes can be made from wood, steel or aluminium – and although they come in a range of styles most models are in the shape of a traditional bicycle.

We have already looked at a range of motorbike balance bikes if you are looking for a bike in a exciting racing style, and another style of balance bike available is a scooter balance bike.

These bikes have a fun and funky design, they will really help your child to stand out from the crowd and are a great introduction to cycling. Below are a couple of the scooter balance bikes that we recommend.

Tidlo Scooter Balance Bike

Tidlo Scooter Balance bike
Tidlo Scooter Balance bike

Buy now  £39.00 – £52.00

John Crane is a British company specialising in wooden toys of many different varieties, and Tidlo is their own brand label. The Tidlo Scooter Balance bike is one of the balance bikes that is available.

All of John Crane’s balance bikes are made from replenishable rubberwood, so the bikes are environmentally friendly as the trees will have reached the end of their natural life.

The Tidlo Scooter balance bike has a retro and fun design, with a bright red frame and a scooter style that would not look out of place on the streets of Rome! It should really appeal to young boys or girls with the bright colours, and the pneumatic tyres give it a very realistic appearance.

Other features of the Tidlo Scooter Balance bike include a painted and height adjustable seat, as well as pneumatic tyres which give it a more comfortable ride. This is a great way for young children to learn the concepts of balance and steering and it is suitable for children aged from 3 – 6 years. It is generally available for between £39 – £52.


Kiddimoto Scooter Balance Bike

Kiddimoto Scooter Balance bike
Kiddimoto Scooter Balance bike

Buy now  £89.99 – £119.99

If you can stretch your budget a little further, then another superb option is the Kiddimoto Wooden Scooter Balance Bike. Kiddimoto specialise in balance bikes and have range of other bikes such as the Kiddimoto Kurve, the Middi Kurve for older children and different styles such as Superbikes and Choppers.

All of the Kiddimoto Balance bikes are made from natural birch plywood, and we love the Kiddimoto Scooter Balance Bike!

This bike is based on the style of the iconic Mod Scooters of the 1960’s, so the rider will really look the part as the design takes influence from the original 60’s Lambretta Scooter.

The Kiddimoto Scooter Balance bike is available in a range of colours including orange, red and Union Jack – or you could really go for it with the Mod Target Design!

Other features include a footboard for free wheeling and pneumatic air tyres. Available for between £89.99 – £119.99, this is an amazing scooter balance bike that is a great way to learn to ride.

The most expensive balance bikes

We try to feature all types of balance bikes on this website, ranging from the most basic and economical bikes through to the most expensive and deluxe bikes which will offer a much wider range of features.

Although you can get an excellent balance bike for as little as £30 – £35 (the Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike is a good example), most bikes will retail between £50 – £100. This will buy you a good quality bike with extra features such as padded seats, safety handlebars and a stylish design. There is a huge range of models to choose from in this price bracket including Puky, Weeride and Stompee Balance Bikes.

However, we realise  that some people will be only be looking for the very best and most expensive bikes, and so there are a handful of models that we can focus on!

Early rider Alley Runner
Early rider Alley Runner

One of the most expensive balance bikes that we have featured is the Early Rider Alley Runner, which is the only aluminium bike manufactured by Early Rider.

The Alley Runner offers a range of premium features, with an aluminium frame, a carbon seat post and carbon handlebars. The faux leather seat is also anatomically designed for comfort, and so this bike looks and feels like a top of the range model with a classic diamond design. The carbon features help to keep the weight of this bike down to just 3.3kg, which is comparable to some of the smaller balance bikes on offer for much younger children.

You can buy the Early Rider Alley Runner for around £150.

Another balance bike that will set you back over £100 is the Go Glider 16 inch balance bike. This bike is designed for older children aged from 5-10 years, so it is ideal for late starters or for children with balance and co-ordination challenges.

Go Glider Balance Bike
Go Glider Balance Bike

The Go Glider balance bike is a great way to learn to ride and features puncture proof EVA tyres (check out our balance bikes tyres guide), and a rear handbrake so the child is ready to learn at their own pace. It is also easy to assemble as you will just need to insert the handlebars, adjust the seat and you will be ready to go.

Although these bikes from Early Rider and Go Glider are quality bikes, they don’t quite compete with the Petit Pierre Pearl White Balance Bike. This is the most technologically advanced and expensive balance bike in the world with features including a carbon frame, optimized wheelbase and saddle suspension.

The Petit Pierre Pearl White Balance Bike retails for well over £1,000, so if none of the bikes available on general sale aren’t quite what you are looking for then this could be the bike for you!

Balance bike footrests

Does your balance bike need to have a footrest? You will probably find that most balance bikes out there these days don’t have a footrest, and it is not really an essential feature to consider when you are looking for the best balance bike.

However, footrests on balance bikes can be useful, especially if the rider is coasting along or going down a long hill. It gives them somewhere to tuck their feet out of the way and stops them getting tangled up in the rest of the bike! If your child is using the footrest for a reasonable period of time, then they must be well on their well to learning to balance!

ST4 Strider Balance Bike
Strider bike with footrest

Some Strider bikes feature a footrest, which is towards the back wheel of the bike. This is a great design as it doesn’t get in the way when the rider is walking or running with their bike to push it along.
Other bikes feature a low platform, and you will find this on models such as the Puky LRM Learner Bike and the Bike Star Classic. The low platform or footboard often comes combined with a step through frame – so this feature makes the bikes easy to mount and the footboard gives the rider somewhere to rest their feet as they scoot along.


These bikes are particularly good options for younger riders and we have recommended them in our feature on best balance bikes for 2 year olds.
Going back to footrests, although they can be useful we think there are more important things to consider when you are choosing the best balance bike for you. The make, model, type of tyres, frame composition (wooden, steel or aluminium), saddle height and many other factors are probably all much more important!

Motorbike balance bike

Motorbike Balance bike

There is a huge range of balance bikes available today, ranging from simple, wooden bikes for very small children to top of the range balance bikes and even bikes that are purpose built for older children. You can choose between wooden, steel or aluminium bikes, there are different bikes for different age ranges and a huge number of colours, styles and sizes!

Most balance bikes will resemble a normal pedal bike, but If your think that your child would prefer something a bit different, then you could look for a motorbike balance bike.

These bikes have the same principle of helping young children to balance, steer and get to grips with the basics of riding a bike from a young age. They differ from normal bikes with an exciting motorbike style, and several different manufacturers offers bikes like this. We have done some research and come up with our top motorbike models!


Tidlo Motorbike Balance Bike


Tidlo Motorbike Balance BikeBuy now  £53


Tidlo is the own brand label of John Crane, which is a British company that specialises in wooden toys of all shapes and sizes. They offer several different styles of balance bike, which includes the Tidlo Motorbike Balance bike.

All of John Crane’s balance bikes are made from replenishable rubberwood, so the bikes are environmentally friendly as the trees will have reached the end of their natural life.

The Tidlo Motorbike balance bike has a racing style and is a really bright and colourful design, so it should appeal to young children and it really does look like a mini motorbike! The wooden frame is painted in a dynamic red and blue, with yellow flames added to the exhaust to give the impression of speed.

Features include pneumatic air tyres for a comfortable ride, a padded seat and easy grip handlebars. The bike has a height of 54cm and is suitable for children from 3 years and above. It is available for £53.


Yammy Wooden Motorbike Balance Bike


Yammy Wooden Motorbike balance bikeBuy now  £35

Another balance bike with an exciting motorbike style is the Yammy Wooden Motorbike Balance bike. The bike is made by Kidzmotion, who also offer the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike and the Oowee Pink Balance Bike.

This bike will really catch the eye with an all blue colour scheme including the frame, tyres and handlebars. It comes with a birch plywood frame, a soft padded seat and a saddle that is adjustable to 3 different heights between 38cm and 42cm. Check out our guide to balance bike seat heights here. Just watch out for the handlebars as you are not able to adjust the height of these!

This bike will probably be a bit too big for an average 2 year old with a 38cm saddle height, and it is also quite heavy. However, it will suit older children who are getting into racing perfectly and it is great value at just £35.

Alternatives to the Yammy Wooden Motorbike Balance bike are the Hondee Wooden Motorbike Balance bike and the Kwaka Wooden Motorbike balance bike. These bikes are also produced by Kidzmotion, so they offer the same style and features of the Yammy bike, but in different colours. The Hondee bike is available in striking orange and the Kwaka bike in green – they are both also £35.

Happy racing on your motorbike balance bike!

Kids Bike Gloves

A pair of good quality and stylish kids bike gloves is an essential accessory when you are buying some extras for your balance bike!

A good pair of gloves will help the rider look really cool, and they will also perform some essential safety functions such as extra grip and protection for the hands if they take a tumble or scrape their hands against walls, trees or other such hazards.

Kiddimoto Kids Gloves

Kiddimoto gloves
Kiddimoto neon yellow gloves

There are some really good looking kids bike gloves available, and we love the range that is offered by Kiddimoto! Kiddimoto bikes come in a range of funky designs including Pastel Dotty and Union Jack, and so Kiddimoto also offer a range of gloves to go along side their bikes.

The gloves feature padded palms for extra protection, Velcro straps to keep them secure on tiny hands and a fingerless style which allows the rider greater dexterity. The secure fit and adjustable straps means that one size fits all for all children from age 2 through to 6.


There are loads of different designs, but our favourites are the Neon Yellow Gloves, Red Dotty or the Rainbow Union Jack. These gloves are great value and are usually available for less than £10!

If you are looking for a good quality pair of kids bike gloves but without the styles and designs that Kiddimoto offer, then there are plenty of other gloves available from manufacturers such as Polaris and Tour de France.

Polaris Kids Gloves

Polaris Kids Gloves
Polaris Kids Gloves

Polaris is a company that specialises in bike wear, so their Polaris Controller Junior Mitts are a superb choice for a quality pair of Kids Bike Gloves. The gloves feature padded palms and a lyrca backed fabric which provides breathability and comfort. Velcro straps provide a secure fit and kids will look like professional little riders in these gloves.

The smallest size of the Polaris Controller Junior Mitts is intended for children age 5-6, so these gloves may not be suitable for the younger balance bike riders.



Tour de France Kids Gloves

Tour de France Kids Gloves
Tour de France Kids Gloves

A final choice is the Tour de France Kids Gloves, which will help your child practice just in case they love their bike riding so much so they enter the real race in the future! These gloves also offer non slip palms and a fingerless style, and they are a bargain with prices starting at just £3.99!

There are plenty of other accessories available for balance bikes, although one essential purchase is a good Kids Bike Helmet and Kiddimoto also offer a good range here.

So with so many options available for Kids Bike Gloves, it is worth the extra few pounds to really help your child feel like a real rider when they are enjoying their balance bike!

Balance bike handlebars

The handlebars are another important feature of every balance bike, and as well as the usual functions of grip and steering, the handlebars will usually be able to be adjusted to various heights and will also be one of the main safety functions on the bike.

We have already discovered how important it is to make sure that you buy a bike with the correct seat height in our Balance Bike Saddle Height Guide. It is equally important to consider the height of the handlebars so that the rider can sit comfortably and is not reaching too high or stooping too low over the front of the bike.

We have found that metal balance bikes are more likely to have adjustable handlebars than wooden balance bikes, and the range will usually be a few centimetres so that the bike can grow with your child.

The Puky LR1 Learner bike has a seat that can be adjusted from 29cm – 40cm, so this is one of our recommended balance bikes for 2 year old as it is an ideal first balance bike. The bike is also designed so that the handlebars can also be adjusted when you are ready to move the saddle up – so the rider maintains the same comfortable position.

The handlebars on wooden balance bikes tend to be less adjustable, although the handlebars on the top of the range Early Rider wooden bikes are manufactured from a very luxurious foam and are easy grip for the rider. The handlebars may be fixed on less expensive wooden balance bikes.

The safety aspect of balance bike handlebars is provided by the knobby rubber ends that are usually found on most bikes. These will stop a wayward child scraping their hands against hedges, trees and walls – and they should also provide some protection in the event of a fall.

So, although you may not think about handlebars too much when you are looking for the best balance bike, they are an important part of the bike and play a major factor in providing a comfortable ride.

Balance bike Turning Limiters

Balance bike turning limiters are another factor to consider when you are looking for the best balance bike, so are they really necessary?

The main function of a turning limiter is to restrict the angle that the front wheel and handlebars can turn and prevent them from performing a full revolution.

If a turning limiter is fitted to your bike, then the child will probably not be able to turn much beyond 30 degrees in each direction. This provides a safety aspect to the bike, as it prevents the handlebars being turned fully to the right or left by an inexperienced rider, which would probably result in the rider taking a tumble over the handlebars.

Turning limiters are supposed to minimise injuries if a fall does occur and they prevent the brake cables becoming twisted (if your balance bike has brakes – don’t miss our guide to balance bike brakes).

However, the main purpose of your child learning to ride on a balance bike is to get them ready for a proper pedal bike once they have mastered steering and balance. If the bike is fitted with a turning limiter, then they are not going to be used to the full steering range when they grow out of their balance bike.

Some balance bike experts have also claimed that the presence of a turning limiter will prevent the handlebars from lying flat to the ground in the event of a fall – which could make injuries more likely.

So although some bikes do come equipped with a turning limiter, this can restrict the child’s ability to steer and there are probably more important factors to consider when you are deciding upon the best balance bike. These include the frame component (wooden or metal), tyres, colour and of course the price. Good luck in choosing the best balance bike, and make sure that you consult our Ultimate Balance Bike Comparison Chart.

Balance bike reviews

Balance bike reviews

Buying a balance bike is an important decision and a milestone in your child’s development, so it is important to read some balance bike reviews before you purchase your bike. Balance bikes are clean, lightweight and help your child learn to ride and balance before they progress to larger and heavier pedal bikes.

Stompee Balance Bike
Balance bike

Here at, we have created the ultimate balance bike guide which will provide you with an at a glance guide to the best balance bikes on the market. The guide includes information relating to the brand, the model, the suitable age range, the saddle height of the bike, the composition of the frame and the total weight – which are all important factors when you are choosing the best balance bike. Price is also an important consideration as well!

We have also provided information on all of the bikes from many of the leading brands in the balance bike market, featuring many of the most popular brands including Puky, Strider, Early Rider, Stompee and many more.

However, balance bike reviews include much more detail than simply information on each brand and model. Every bike comes equipped with a range of features, from basics such as frame composition (wooden or metal), the type of tyre and height of the saddle – to additional extras such as brakes, turning limiters and footrests. A general rule of thumb is that the more expensive the bike, the more features it will have.

You also need to consider how old your child is and which size bike will suit them. The core balance bike market is for children aged from 2 to 4 years, and although most children will have moved on from balance bikes by the time they are 6 – there are some models that cater for children as old as 10 or 12. There are also some bikes for very young children from 18 months!

Balance bikes come in all sorts of colours and designs. Wooden balance bikes are great for the environment and are traditional in design, or you might prefer a sportier metal bike. There are also scooters and trikes available!

We hope that the balance bike reviews we have provided prove useful for choosing the best balance bike. Your child will benefit greatly from learning to ride on a balance bike and they will have hours, months and years of fun!

Balance bike brakes

Brake or no brake? That is often one of the questions when you are trying to decide upon  the best balance bike for you and your child!

The purpose of balance bikes is to help children learn to ride, balance and steer before they graduate to larger, heavier pedal bikes. Balance bikes are lightweight, easy to transport and maintain so they are the perfect introduction to cycling.

The natural way for children to stop themselves on a balance bike is to put their feet on the floor, and this will also happen if they find they are losing their balance to stop them from falling.

This means that there often is not the need for a brake on balance bikes, especially bikes for younger children aged from 18 months – 3 years. Children of this age also lack the ability and don’t have big enough hands to use a brake, so many of the smaller models will come without one as it is not necessary.

As your child becomes a more confident rider, then it is worth considering buying a balance bike with a brake or fitting a brake to their existing bike. A confident rider can gain a decent amount of speed, especially if they are going downhill so it would be useful to have a brake in these situations where it is not practical to use their feet to stop.

Another argument for buying a balance bike with a brake is that this will help children with the transition from a balance bike to a normal pedal bike, that will be fitted with a brake. It can be difficult for children to change their habits if they are used to stopping themselves with their feet, and it can be dangerous to be dragging your feet along when riding a pedal bike.

Puky Balance Bike LRM
Puky Balance Bike LRM (no brake)

A good example of brakes on balance bikes is to look at the Puky range of bikes. Puky offer several models of balance bikes in their range, and the smallest two models are the Puky LRM Learner bike and the LR1L Learner bike. The Puky LRM model is aimed at the youngest children aged 2 and upwards, and does not come with any sort of brake as it would not be used.

The LR1L bike has the option of a rear drum brake, and the largest model in their range is the Puky LR XL Learner bike, aimed at older children and comes equipped with a rear V-brake.

Deciding on a balance bike with or without a brake is another factor when you are looking for your preferred balance bike – however it is probably far more important to find a bike that is the right size, style and colour for your child and most importantly helps them to get on their bike!