Safetots Balance bike

The Safetots Ultimate Balance bike is produced by Safetots, who are a leading British company that offers a range of quality services and products for babies and children.

Safetots Balance bike review

Safetots Balance bike Buy now  £29.99

The Safetots Balance bike has an unspectacular, yet solid appearance on first viewing, with a steel frame, horse shoe saddle and spoked wheels which improve the look of the bike and improve the flexibility to help the learning process.

As with most steel balance bikes, the Safetots Ultimate Balance bike is equipped with a fully adjustable saddle and handlebars so you can change the height as your child grows. However, although this bike is advertised as being suitable for children age 2 through to 5 – the lowest seat height on this bike is around 37cm which will make it too big for most 2 year olds as they will most likely require a seat at around 29cm. Check out our guide to balance bikes for 2 years olds if you are looking for this age range.

The Safetots Balance bike offers a good range of features for the price, with rubber handlebars to protect little hands, a ‘horse shoe’ saddle for comfort and mud guards which look great!

The tyres are solid rubber with a high spec tred, so this does reduce the risk of skidding and means the bike can be used indoors.

At a price of just £29.99, the Safetots balance bike is great value and a very good competitor for the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike which is the market leader in this price range. The bikes are very different though, as the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is much smaller and more suited for 2 year old riders and the Safetots Balance bike would be a great buy for children aged 3 or 4 who are just taking to the saddle.

The bike is available in blue or pink, and don’t forget the essential accessories such as a protective helmet when getting your children learning to ride!

Best budget balance bike

Balance bikes are an essential item in the playground, at the park and looking good for young children these days, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great quality bike. The cheaper bikes may not have all of the bells, whistles and luxury features of more expensive models – but you can still get hold of some great bikes for prices ranging from £25 – £30 and upwards.

We love a comparison table on this website, so we have provided the table below to highlight three of the best budget balance bikes available on the market today.

Chicco Red Bullet balance bike

Chicco Red Bullet balance bike

Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike

Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike

Boppi balance bike

Boppi balance bike

Metal or Wooden£27 - £32

Our first recommendation is the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike, which is incredible value as the bike is generally available for just under £30.

This is a great option starter bike for children aged between 2 and 3, as the lightweight nature of the bike (weighing just 2.7kg) and the low saddle height means that it is easy to handle for smaller children. The Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is equipped with a metal frame and features an adjustable seat and handlebars.

If you would prefer a wooden balance bike in this price range, then look no further than the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike. This bike has a retro style, and although it is much heavier than the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike it is made from birch plywood so it is great for the environment and the saddle can be adjusted between 34cm, 36cm and 38cm. Another benefit of the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike is the inflatable tyres.


A final option is the Boppi balance bike, which is available as either a metal or a wooden bike.

The metal bike features a lightweight tubular frame which weighs in at 3kg, so although this is slightly heavier than the Chicco Red Bullet bike it is very well balanced.

Both the metal and wooden Boppi balance bikes feature EVA foam tyres, so this means they are easy to maintain and excellent for younger riders. Boppi balance bikes are available for under £30 which makes them a very good choice for a budget balance bike.

These models show that you can find a great quality balance bike on a limited budget, although if you can stretch your budget to £50 and above then you open up the choices to a greater range of bikes including Bike Star, Stompee and even a Strider. Don’t forget you will also need to invest in a safety helmet as well if your child is going to be out on the pavement or cycling on tarmac.

We hope this helps you choose the best budget balance bike, and if you are shopping by age group then check out our recommendations for the best balance bikes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds or 4 year olds.



Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike

Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance BikeBuy now  £44.99


Kiddimoto are probably most well known for their exciting and innovative wooden balance bikes, including the ever popular Kiddimoto Kurve bike which comes in a range of funky designs.

A new addition to the Kiddimoto stable is the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike which is also available in an upgraded ‘Max’ version. These bikes are very different from the Kiddimoto Kurve and other bikes in the Kiddimoto range, as they are metal balance bikes and aimed firmly at the younger age range of children in the balance bike market.

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike looks great with a modern and stylish design, and is packed with an impressive number of features given that the bike is generally available for under £50.

The seat is adjustable from 34cm – 47cm, which is a large range of heights and means that if you invest in this bike for your toddler they will have plenty of time to learn the principles of balance and steering before moving on to a pedal bike. The seat height of 34cm compares well with other bikes in the market, but you may find this will be too high for an 18 month or 2 year old given that other bike such as the Puky LRM and Strider ST4 start at 29cm.

As well as offering such a large range of seat heights, the seat on the Kiddimoto Super Junior is well padded, the frame is manufactured from lightweight steel and the bike is equipped with comfortable sculpted hand grips with padded ends from protection during falls.

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike is available in black, red or pink – and at just 2.5kg, this is also one of the lightest balance bikes around!

Kiddimoto Super Junior Max Balance Bike


Super Junior Max Balance bikeBuy now  £65

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike is a great starter bike, but if you are sold on the look and design of the bike then it may well be worth upgrading to the ‘Max’ version of the bike.

This model offers several additional features, the most notable of which are the additional of a drum brake for the front wheel, an extra grippy footplate and pneumatic air tyres (as opposed to the solid tyres on the starter version).

These features give the Max version of the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike a superior performance, as the air tyres will provide a much more comfortable ride, the brake will save on shoe leather and the extra grips on the footplate is a cute little addition that is often overlooked on other bikes.

These extra features increase the weight of the Max version to 4.1kg, so this bike would be suitable for older children aged 3 and above who would be capable of handling a bike of this weight. You would also expect to pay around £20 extra.

The modern design, impressive range of features and competitive pricing makes the Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance bike a fantastic addition to the balance bike market, and the extra features on the Super Junior Max make this one of our favourite balance bikes of 2015!

How long should a balance bike last

It is well know that balance bikes help young children to learn the essentials of balance and steering before they graduate to pedal bikes, but how long should your balance bike last for?

Most children love their balance bikes, but as they are usually in the hands of youngsters between the ages of 2 and 5 then they can expect to experience plenty of wear and tear, being thrown to the ground and ridden into obstacles along the way!

The rate of progress will vary from child to child, but if they get their first bike between the ages of 2 and 3, then a good quality model should last them for up to 2 years to the point where they are confident on the bike and ready to progress to a larger model.

We have already looked at the differences between wooden and metal balance bikes on this site, as wooden balance bikes do have a reputation for warping or losing shape – especially if they are left out in the rain. However, as long as you take good care of the bike and store it indoors or in a safe place such as a garage or a shed then there is no reason why a wooden balance bike shouldn’t last as long as a metal balance bike.

As with anything in life, you tend to get what you pay for so if you decide to buy one of the budget balance bikes at the cheaper end of the market then it is likely that the bike will have reached the end of it’s life by the time your child has finished with it. If this is the case, then please make sure that you dispose of the balance bike in an environmentally friendly way!

More expensive and better quality balance bikes should stand the test of time, so there is a good chance you will be able to hand the bike down to younger brothers, sisters or cousins. The better bikes may even retain some value for resale.

As long as you make sure that you choose the best size bike and a style that you child enjoys – then almost every balance bike will get your child confident on two wheels and they will have great fun at the same time!

Peppa Pig Bike Helmet

Peppa Pig Bike Helmet

Peppa Pig Bike Helmet

Buy now £12 – £18

A safety helmet is an absolutely essential accessory when you are shopping for a balance bike, and although little boys and girls love to get out and about on their bikes we all know that getting them to wear a helmet can be a bit more of a challenge!

This is where the Peppa Pig Bike Helmet comes into its own, as not only will Peppa Pig fans love the helmet and be excited to wear it, the helmet does a fantastic job of keeping children safe with a range of excellent features. You may also find your child will want to wear the helmet around the house if they are massive Peppa Pig fans!

As well as the cute Peppa Pig polka graphics, the helmet features a lightweight EPS inner, a ventilated shell and foam padding for extra comfort and fit. There is also a quick release buckle, adjustable head straps and it can be adjusted to fit any head measuring 48 – 52cm.

The Peppa Pig safety helmet is available for between £12 and  £18, and it can also be used when scootering, skating and skateboarding. It is suitable for children aged 3 years and above, and if your little boy would prefer a Peppa Pig Boy’s George Safety Helmet then this model is also available with the same specifications. Stay safe and look great with a Peppa Pig Bike Helmet!

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike

Buy now £29.99

The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike is manufactured by Chicco and is the sister bike to the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike, with the same specifications making it an ideal bike for a 2 year old.

The Chicco Pink Arrow balance bike is one of the very lightest bikes on the market at just 2.7kg, which makes it an ideal starter bike especially if you are shopping for one of the little girls in the family.

The bike is constructed from a metal frame painted a striking pink colour, and other features include an adjustable seat, safety handlebars and plastic tyres, which means that it can be used as a toy inside if the weather isn’t great or if your little girl is just starting to learn. A hand brake is not included on the Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike, but this is not necessarily a problem as younger riders often lack the co-ordination to use a brake and use their feet to stop or slow down instead.

As per our review of the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike, the thin chassis and light weight nature of this bike make it a great choice for 2 – 3 year olds, although the very short wheel base can sometimes make the bike difficult to handle.

The Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike is generally available for under £30, which makes it exceptional value and a candidate for one of the best budget balance bikes around. However, if you are shopping for your 2 year old and would like more options then don’t miss our guide to the best balance bikes for 2 year olds.

Balance bike seats

Not only do balance bikes come in all shapes, colours, materials and sizes – so do the seats on the bikes so we thought it would be useful to prepare the Ultimate Guide to Balance Bike seats to help you in your search for the best balance bike.

Most balance bikes will have a triangular shaped seat, and the material of the seat and the amount of padding provided will often depend on the cost and overall quality of the bike.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Chicco Red Bullet balance bike

Many bikes towards the lower end of the price range will have a hard plastic seat, so although these types of seats are very durable they don’t provide much comfort for the rider. A good example of this is the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike, which is one of the best value balance bikes available at around £30. Although it does not have a huge range of features, it is great for younger children just learning to ride and it is one of the smaller balance bikes available.

Some of the more expensive bikes towards the higher end of the market will offer various layers of foam padding, which does make the ride more comfortable although will usually increase the cost of the bike. The Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike includes a padded seat and there are models available for both boys and girls. These bikes are more expensive at around £110 but have a high specification and a great range of features.

We must not forget wooden balance bikes, which will usually come with a wooden seat! One of the main disadvantages of wooden balance bikes is that the seat does not usually have as large a range of heights as metal bikes, although they are more environmentally friendly and look great as well. Check out the Mongoose balance bike which has an eye catching design!

Some balance bikes now also offer U-shaped seats, which will help the rider to stay on the bike  – especially if they are freewheeling downhill when they might be likely to slide off a plastic seat.

The material and shape of the seat is just one aspect to consider when you are buying a balance bike, and perhaps a more important factor is the actual height of the seat and the range of heights available. Check out our Balance Bike Seat Height Guide here!

Balance bike bag

There are plenty of accessories available for balance bikes, so even once you have decided upon the best size, colour, model and type of balance bike – there are plenty of ways to make your child’s ride even more enjoyable and stylish!

Some manufacturers offer a great range of accessories to complement their bikes, and if you are looking for a balance bike bag then the Puky Learner Bike Bag is a great option.

Puky balance bike bagThis bag fits all Puky balance bikes, and it clips securely into place so the rider can keep everything they might need during their ride to hand. These items could include a water bottle which could come in useful during hot summer rides, extra clothes if they get muddy during their ride or just their favourite toys they like to carry around with them everywhere!

The Puky Learner bike bag will set you back around £20 and is available in several colours so there should be a bag to match the bike that you decide upon.


This bag also comes equipped with a built in carry strap, so this means that the bike will be easy to transport if the child has had enough of riding for one day and is getting tired. The strap means that you can easily carry the bag over your shoulder, and this in itself will usually cost almost £10 so it is well worth investing in the bag as well.


janod balance bikeThis Puky Learner bike bag clips easily to the frame of the bike (as pictured), but some other bags will clip to the front of the bike. The Bikloon racing balance bike is an excellent wooden balance bike with a stylish red design, and the price of the bike at around £60 also includes a bell and a detachable bag which can be attached to the handlebars. This will provide easy access to everything in the bike, although some children may find it a distraction when they are first learning to ride.

You may not have thought of a balance bike bag as an accessory when looking for the best balance bike, but these bags look great and will give the child even more independence if they have somewhere to store everything they need while they are out and about without having to rely on Mum and Dad all the time!

Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike

Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike

Specialized Hotwalk Boys Balance bike

Specialized Hotwalk Boys Balance bike

Buy now £130


  • High quality bikes
  • Different models for boys and girls
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Pneumatic tyres


Specialized are well known in the cycling industry for producing high specification bikes for all ages, so it is no surprise that the Specialized Hotwalk Balance Bike is one of the best quality models available for toddlers and early riders.

The Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike has been relaunched for 2017, with specific and different models designed for boys and girls.

The Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike is highly recommended to be purchased for children of ages between 2.5 and 3, and the tough and rugged design should last riders of this age right through to their first pedal bike.

Specialized balance bike seat height

Both the boys and girls models of this bike are suitable for children from 85cm in height, so if you are looking for a bike for a younger child of between 18 months and 2 then we recommend checking out our Best Balance bike for 2 year olds guide. A 2 year old will probably find the seat height a bit too high on the Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike.

Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike 2016 girls

Specialized Hotwalk Girls Balance Bike

One of the main differences between the boys model and the girls version is that the Hotwalk Balance bike for girls has a step through frame.

We are not sure why Specialized think that this is only necessary for girls, but this does make the girls model easier to mount and this feature is fairly common on bikes for younger children.



The seat height can be adjusted as you child grows over time, and although there is not a huge range of different heights this bike should see your child through to the age of 4 or 5 by which time they should be ready to graduate to a ‘proper’ pedal bike. The maximum recommended height for the Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike is 110cm.

Specialized balance bike features

As mentioned at the start of the review, Specialized are a brand renowned for quality bikes so the Specialized Hotwalk Balance bike comes with a range of features including an integrated footrest, a padded seat and Specialized Rhythm Lite Sport which are proper air tyres and make for a more comfortable ride.

The frame is constructed from Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium which helps to keep the weight of the bike down, and the steel seat post is integrated with the saddle. The bike also looks top of the range with a stylish design with the boys bike available in green and the girls bike in a stylish pastel blue (which is a departure from the stereotypical pink of the 2015 model)

Overall, this is a top quality balance bike which will last the test of time and will retain its value or can be passed down to friends and family.

The Specialized Hotwalk balance bike is currently available for £130, but if you like the look of this bike but are working towards a smaller budget then check out the Bike Star Balance bike which has a similar style for around £50, the range of bikes from Puky or the Strider Classic Balance bike for £66.


Early Rider Lite Balance Bike

Buy now  from £85

The Early Rider Lite balance bike is a quality, lightweight wooden balance bike produced by Early Rider, a forward thinking and innovative British company that also manufacture the Sphrevelo, The Early Rider Classic and The Alley Runner.

Early rider lite balance bikeThe Early Rider Lite balance bike is aimed at younger riders from 18 months to 3 years, and as the name suggests it is the smaller version of the Early Rider Classic, which is the flagship model of the Early Rider range. These are both quality bikes, and we have dedicated an entire blog post to the differences between these two models if you are looking to choose between them.

The Early Rider Lite is a beautiful looking wooden bike, featuring a stylish fiery design on the main body and it is made from marine birch ply. It is a really lightweight bike weighing in at just 3.2kg, so it is easy to handle and this is one of the reasons that it is an ideal starter bike for younger children.

The bike features an adjustable saddle with the lowest height at just 29.5cm (this compares very favourably with the Puky LRM balance bike which starts at a similar height). The saddle can be extended up to 38cm so it will grow with your child.

Another feature that makes it a great bike for younger riders is the steering lock that can be set to restricted or unrestricted. This means that when the lock is in place the rider can concentrate on their balance so they can go a little bit faster, and once the lock is removed they can then use the steering for balance rather than just putting down their feet.

Other features of the Early Rider Lite Balance bike are the 12 inch pneumatic air tyres at the front and the rear. The benefit of the air tyres is that these provide a more comfortable ride, although there is also the possibility of a puncture! The air tyres are a feature common with the Early Rider Classic. The faux leather seat also looks great with the wooden frame and stylish design.

This is one of the more expensive wooden balance bikes on the market and is available from £85 – £100, and there are cheaper models available just as the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike which is available for around £35.

However, it is a fast and nimble bike that is one of the most popular around and makes an ideal birthday present for a 2 year old if they are ready to learn to ride by then, and the large range on the adjustable saddle means that the Early Rider Lite should see your child all the way through to a pedal bike.