Boppi balance bike

The Boppi balance bike is a great value bike that is available as either a wooden balance bike or a metal balance bike.

Both bikes are priced at under £30, so this is an excellent option in the budget balance bikes category and a very good alternative to the best-selling Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike.

The bikes are manufactured by Bopster, who are a UK based company that offer a great range of balance bikes, trikes and scooters as well as go karts and skateboards as well.


Boppi Metal Balance bike


Metal Boppi balance bikeBuy now from £28.99


The metal version of the Boppi balance bike includes a strong and light tubular frame with features including an adjustable padded seat and cushion pad handlebars.

The frame bike weighs just 3kg, so this compares well to the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike of 2.7kg and should be comfortable for a 2 or 3 year old child to handle.

Although the Boppi metal balance bike is slightly heavier than the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike, this is because the Chicco bike is very small and the short wheel base means that it can be difficult to handle for small children. The extra weight of the Boppi balance bike means the bike is slightly longer and better balanced.

The all important saddle height starts at 30cm and can be increased to a maximum of 40cm, so this is a good range and comparable to other good bikes in this sector.

The lowest saddle height we have seen is 29cm on the Puky LRM Learner Bike and the Strider Classic, which are both much more expensive bikes.

Another feature of this metal Boppi balance bike is the 11 inch EVA tyres. This means that the tyres are filled with foam so they are puncture proof, and these sorts of tyres are also used on most Strider balance bikes.

EVA foam tyres are excellent for younger children learning to ride on smooth surfaces and they also require less maintenance.

Although the metal Boppi balance bike does not offer many additional features, it is an excellent basic balance bike, a great choice for 2 or 3 year olds and superb value at under £30. It is available in up to 6 different colours including blue, red, pink, yellow, purple and green.


Wooden Boppi balance bike


Wooden Boppi balance bikeBuy now  from £29.99


Boppi balance bikes are also available as wooden balance bikes, with an environmentally friendly birch plywood frame and a choice of several exciting colours and designs.

As with most wooden balance bikes, the saddle is not as adjustable as the metal version of the bike, with just two heights available at 35cm and 39cm. This means that a 2 year old might find the lowest saddle height of 35cm too high.

This bike also features EVA foam tyres and padded handlebars, and as the frame is wooden it is available in a choice of fun designs which have been painted on to the frames including Flame, Purple Flower, Space, Blue Racer (pictured) and Hand Print.

An integrated carry handle is included for when your child gets tired and you need to carry the bike, and carrying the bike shouldn’t be too difficult as this bike weighs just 2.5kg which is one of the very lightest bikes on the market!

The wooden Boppi balance bike is also very competitively priced at under £30, so it is a great alternative to the Jiggy Wooden Balance bike which is available at a similar price.

These Boppi balance bikes are both great bikes and excellent value for money, with the metal bike having the advantage of a more adjustable seat but the wooden balance bike is lighter and available in fun and eye-catching designs.

We hope this review helps you to find the best balance bike for your child and don’t forget the accessories such as a bike helmet and gloves.

Best balance bike for 4 year old

Many of the points we mentioned in the article on the best balance bike for 3 year olds will also apply to 4 and 5 year old children.

Almost all manufacturers will have balance bikes that are suitable for 4 and 5 year olds so it is impossible to feature them all here. However, we have provided details of some of our favourite models below:

PictureBikeSaddle heightWeightFrame MaterialPrice
Strider 12 Sport balance bikeStrider 12 Sport27cm - 48cm2.9kgSteel£88
Jack & Josie balance bikeChillafish Jack & Josie36cm - 43cm4.9kgSteel£45
Early Rider Evo balance bikeEarly Rider Evo38cm - 46cm4.25kgWood£125

Children in this age group will be very confident on their feet, although abilities on the bike may vary. Some children may have been practising for 2 years or more on a smaller balance bike and need an upgrade, whereas other children may have preferred scooters or not been introduced to balance bikes before now.

One factor to consider when looking for the best balance bike for 4 year old is the size of the bike. 4 and 5 year old children are much bigger than 2 year olds, so they will need a bigger and heavier bike to support the extra weight.

As with all children you will also need to consider the saddle height which is probably the most important thing to think about with all balance bikes.

You need to make sure that the lowest setting of the saddle is around 2.5 – 3cm lower than their inside leg. You will probably find that you will need a saddle height from around 36cm for a 4 year old.

This means they will be able to rest their feet flat on the ground easily when sitting on the bike and you can read more on this in our balance bike saddle height guide.

Recommended balance bikes for 4 year olds

Strider Sport balance bike

Strider 12 Sport balance bikeWe have highlighted 3 models of balance bike in the table above, and the first of these is the Strider Sport balance bike.

Strider balance bikes are sporty and fun to ride, and although the Strider Classic is a fantastic bike we think it is worth an extra £22 for the Strider Sport if you are shopping for a 4 or 5 year old.

This is because the Strider Sport is equipped with an extra long seatpost, meaning that you can extend the saddle height to a whopping 48cm.

All of the other features of Strider bikes are included, with grippy, off-road tyres and a padded seat for comfort. Although the Strider Sport is not a budget option at £88 it is a top quality balance bike and our recommended pick for 4-5 year olds.

Chillafish Jack & Josie

Jack & Josie balance bikeThe Chillafish Jack & Josie balance bike is an excellently priced option for a 4 year old with prices starting at around £45.

This is a quality balance bike with a steel V-tube frame so it is strong and durable and a clever feature of this bike is the floating footrest that children can use as they are gliding along.

It is available in two different colours, so you can choose between a white frame with flowers or a black frame with a flame design.

The seat height starts at 36cm with a maximum height of 43cm, so this would be an excellent choice for a balance bike for a 4 year old.

Early Rider Evo

Early Rider Evo balance bikeIf you can stretch your budget beyond £100 for a balance bike for a 4 year old, then an excellent option is the Early Rider Evo.

Early Rider produce beautiful wooden balance bikes, and the Early Rider Evo is no exception with a birch plywood flame, a stylish design and 14 inch pneumatic wheels.

At 4.25kg, this bike is heavy and sturdy enough to support a 4 year old rider, but it is not too cumbersome for the child to manoeuvre and they should be able to handle the bike confidently.

It is 1kg heavier than the Early Rider Lite which features in our guide for best balance bikes for 2 year olds.

The Early Rider Evo has a minimum seat height of 38cm, although as it is a wooden balance bike it is not as adjustable as some of the metal balance bikes which are other options for 4 year olds.

Overall, this is a high quality wooden balance bike that would make a great purchase for a 4 year old, although it is a more expensive option at around £129.

Maintaining your balance bike

Balance bikes can be a considerable investment, with a good quality bike like a Strider Sport or an Adventure Zooom bike costing close to £100.

This means that it is recommended to look after your child’s balance bike, so even if they want to throw the bike in the shed and collapse on the sofa after use you really should give the bike a good clean, especially if you have been out in the mud!

Cleaning your balance bike

If your child owns a metal balance bike, then you can remove the worst of the dirt with a bucket of soapy water and a dishcloth. This will help to prevent salt corrosion and extend the life of the bike.

To keep the bike in top condition, you might want to consider using one of the excellent bike specific cleaners which are now available. If you are a keen cyclist yourself, then you may have some bike cleaning solution which you use on your own bike.

These solutions are biodegrable and easy to use, as they are easily applied by spray and removed with some fresh water.

Many of the most popular balance bikes have wooden frames, such as the range of Kiddimoto balance bikes and the excellent models from Early Rider including the Early Rider Lite.

Some parents express concern that wooden balance bikes will warp, but this won’t be case as long as you don’t leave them out in the rain.

You should also keep wooden balance bikes nice and clean, and this can also be achieved with some soapy water and a household detergent. It is best not to soak the frame too much in the water, simply to remove the excess dirt as much as you can.

Look after the tyres

It is well worth looking after all aspects of your balance bike, including the tyres, brakes, handlebars and all of the nuts and bolts. Make sure that you keep the tyres inflated, as this can help the child balance as harder tyres help you ride faster with less effort.

Although your child’s bike will probably take a bit of a battering through plenty of use, a clean balance bike in good condition will be easier to ride and last for longer.

Balance bikes also have a good resale value, so if you have invested in a good quality bike and looked after it properly then you should find it is in good condition to pass on to another owner.

Balance bikes are great fun, and they are even better when they are clean and in good condition. Hopefully these tips will help you to enjoy your bikes even more!

Chillafish balance bike

Chillafish produce stylishly designed, innovative and fun balance bikes, with Chillafish balance bike models ranging from the Bunzi balance bike for very small children through to the Jack & Josie and BMXIE for a cool and stylish off road ride.

Bunzi Balance bike

Bunzi balance bikeBuy now  £32


The first bike in the Chillafish balance bike range is the Bunzi balance bike, which is an extremely clever design as a unique 2-in-1 balance bike that can be converted from a 3 wheel tricycle into a 2 wheel balance bike without the need for tools.

This means that it is suitable for younger children from around 12 months, and the extra stability provided by the 3 wheels means they will soon be racing around the living room and enjoying life on their bike.

The seat position is low to the ground on the 3 wheel bike, which makes it easy to ride and an ideal way to learn the principles of steering and using your feet to get along.

The Bunzi balance bike can then be converted by removing the seat and changing the bike into balance mode, but if you find your child isn’t quite ready for this yet you can switch between the modes as often as you like.

The seat is adjustable on the Bunzi balance bike (from 22cm in 3 wheel mode to 25cm in 3 wheel mode), and this is essential as children grow very quickly at this age! The bike is also very light to carry and ideal for use in the home as well as outdoors.

A really exciting option which makes cycling a lot of fun for very young children and a great introduction to balance bikes.

BMXie balance bike

BMXie balance bikeBuy now £50 – £55


Most balance bikes are aimed at children between 2 and 5 years, as by this age children are confident on their feet and have the co-ordination to ride a larger bike.

The Chillafish BMXie balance bike is aimed at this age group, and with a cool and stylish BMX design it looks great and also performs very well with a range of quality features.

This bike is great to use on more uneven surfaces like the park or rough trails, as with inflatable tyres it provides excellent grip and looks and feels like a real BMX. This makes the BMXie really popular and a fun bike to ride.

The frame is made from high quality fibre glass material, which sets it apart from the competition and other clever features include a detachable footrest which can be stored under the frame

Kids will also love the number plates as well as the sticker set for customisation.

The seat is adjustable, which is the case with most balance bikes and with a seat height ranging from 32 – 39cm it will be suitable for most 2 to 5 year olds. You may find that 32cm is a little high for most 2 year olds, so consider a Strider or Puky bike as an alternative which start at 29cm. Check out our guide to balance bike seat heights here.

The Chillafish BMXie is perfect for riders who prefer a BMX and off road style with a superb design and high quality specification. It is available in several colours including blue, green, red, pink and yellow.

The BMXie will set you back around £50, so if you are looking for a BMX style balance bike that is slightly less expensive you could consider the Stompee balance bike which is generally available for around £44.

Jack & Josie Balance bikes


Jack & Josie balance bikeBuy now  £50


The Chillafish Jack & Josie balance bike is aimed at slightly older children aged 3 and above, and differs from the BMXie with a more retro style.

Jack & Josie is available in two very different colours, and you can choose between a bike with black frame and a flame design or white frame with flowers.

Both bikes consist of a steel V-tube frame for strength and durability, and a clever feature of the Jack & Josie bikes is the floating footrest for easy balancing while the riders are on the move.

The seat is also adjustable on these bikes, and with the seat height beginning at 36cm it is definitely a bike for 3 years or above. The maximum saddle height is 43cm.

Jack & Josie balance bikes are also equipped with wide handlebars for easier steering control as well as 12 ½ inch inflatable tyres.

Jack & Josie bikes are generally available for around £50

All of these beautifully engineered bikes from Chillafish are extremely high quality, so although they may be more expensive than other bikes on the market you will definitely get what you pay for and the bikes should retain a high resale value.

The Chillafish balance bike range caters for all balance bike riders from toddlers just learning to walk to more experienced riders ready to try some tricks on their BMXie or Jack & Josie. Enjoy the ride!

Staying safe on your balance bike

Now that spring is here, more and more children will be taking the opportunity to get outside in the lighter evenings and warmer weekends to enjoy some riding on their balance bikes. Maybe you got a bike for Christmas, but just haven’t had the chance to ride it properly yet?

While there is no doubt that riding balance bikes is great fun, a fantastic family activity and also has plenty of health benefits – it is also important to stay safe and make sure that you are well protected from falls and other hazards.

Find a safe place to ride

Probably the most important safety aspect when it comes to riding balance bikes is to find a safe place to ride. Although city streets and life in general is very busy, try to find a quiet and protected area to practise riding – especially if the child is still getting to grips with the principles of balance and steering.

It is best to practise on a flat and smooth surface so a playground or somewhere like tennis courts are ideal. This will allow you to help the child improve their riding without having to worry about traffic hazards.

If you have to practise on the street or pavement, then a residential cul-de-sac or quiet street make the best options.

Protective gear

A couple of falls are almost inevitable when learning to ride a balance bike, and even more experienced riders can take a tumble from time to time.

Kiddimoto helmet

Kiddimoto child helmet

There is a lot of protective gear available for children, and the most essential piece of kit is a balance bike helmet. We have already looked at options from manufacturers such as Kiddimoto who provide bright and cheerful designs, although there are plenty of other options available as well which even include a Peppa Pig helmet!

Balance bike riders can also wear kids bike gloves, which help the rider to look cool as well as providing extra grip and protection from falls.

Kids bike gloves are also available from Kiddimoto, as well as from more specialist providers such as Polaris.

Children’s knee and elbow pads are also available to complete the protective gear, and these are strongly recommended as knees are always likely to get cut, bruised and grazed in the event of a fall.


It should also go without saying that balance bike riders should always be supervised, especially younger riders who are possibly more likely to fall. When your child gets more proficient at riding, it can be tempting to let them ride off into the distance but just make sure they don’t go too far!

Safety should always be paramount when enjoying balance bikes, and with the right protective gear you can help your child to concentrate on their riding skills. This means you should enjoy some even longer riders and hopefully encourage a love of cycling into later childhood!

Early Rider Spherovelo

Early Rider Spherovelo Buy now £65


The Early Rider Spherovelo is part of the balance bike collection on offer from Early Rider, who also offer the beautiful Early Rider Lite and Early Rider Classics which are firmly established as top quality balance bikes for children from as young as 18 months.

Early Rider have taken recognised that some parents might want to start teaching their children the concept of balance from an even earlier age, and this is where the Early Rider Spherovelo comes into play.

Although it is not a balance bike in the traditional sense of the word, the Early Rider Spherovelo introduces the concepts of balance and co-ordination to very young children. It can be used by children as young as 7 – 10 months (with parental help), but is mainly aimed at toddlers aged between 1 and 2 as a precursor to a ‘normal’ balance bike.

This means the wonderful world of balance bikes and cycling is available for toddlers who can learn to ride before they can walk!

The Early Rider Spherovelo is very different from any other balance bike around, as it comprises of two spheres encased in a hard wearing polyurethane covered shell complete with a moulded saddle and handlebars.

The front wheel rotates on a normal bike axis, so what makes this product unique is the rear spherical wheel which rotates on all axises providing manoeuvrability.

Early Rider Spherovelo settings

The Spherovelo has two main settings, with the ‘stable’ setting designed for the youngest riders. In this setting, the spheres are supported by stabilisers which mean that the bike can’t topple over and if the rider loses balance it will just move in another direction as dictated by the rear sphere.

This can result in the Spherovelo heading in all sorts of different directions, but it will allow the child to start building some confidence to remove the stabilisers and move into the ‘balance’ mode suitable for children 12 months or older.

The stabilisers are removed at this stage, which means that the rider will have to exert some control on the bike to stop it toppling over, hence improving essential motor skills. It is still much more difficult to fall off than a normal bike and should avoid too many toddler tears!

The Early Rider Spherovelo allows children to start developing motor skills at a very young age, and it is a revolutionary product in the balance bike market that has won several awards.

It is mainly designed to be used inside on a smooth wooden floor or carpet – but could also be used out in the garden on a sunny day. It is also a surprising nimble little bike, so once the child gets the hang of the concept they should be able to zoom around the house or the garden in much more style than a traditional baby walker.

It is a great option if you are looking for a bike for a very young child, and it is available in four different colours including white, blue, red and green for around £65.

Kiddimoto helmet

A Kiddimoto helmet is the perfect accessory to any of the exciting and innovative balance bikes in the Kiddimoto range. These include the funky Kiddimoto Kurves, the Kiddimoto Super Junior and a range of scooters and super bikes.

View the range of Kiddimoto helmets from £24.99.

A Kiddimoto helmet not only looks good, but it also combines the essential elements of safety and comfort. Features include vents in the helmet to keep the child’s head cool (small children’s heads can get very hot!), extra pads for a comfortable fit and a hard plastic shell for protection. Some of the helmets also offer the option of being personalised with your child’s name – so this will be an extra incentive for them to be worn!

We have pictured just some of the most popular Kiddimoto helmets below, and with such a great range of colours and unique styles there should be a helmet for everybody.

Pastel Dotty Helmet

Pastel Dotty Helmet

Union Jack Helmet

Union Jack Helmet

Blue Goggles Helmet

Blue Goggles Helmet

Some of the most popular models complement the bikes available in the range, so these include a Pastel Dotty helmet, the Union Jack helmet and the Official Evil Knievel Helmet.

We also really like the Blue Goggle helmet, the Neon helmet and the Skullz design which look fantastic and will add an extra dimension to your child’s experience. The unique Carl Fogarty helmet is a recent addition to the range and is based on Foggy’s own style.

A Kiddimoto helmet is not just for balance bikes, as they are multi-functional so can be used for other activities such as skating, scooters and riding other sorts of bikes such as BMX’s. They also conform to all of the required safety standards.

An adjustable strap is included, although you will need to determine the size that you will require as most models are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large – and to do this you will need you should measure around the head just above the eyebrows.

You will need a Small helmet if the measurement is 48 – 53cm, a Medium helmet for 53 – 58cm and a Large helmet for 58 – 62cm.

Kiddimoto helmets are generally available from around £24.99, and this is a small price to pay for a cool and funky helmet that will also keep your child safe! A fantastic option that will look great with any balance bike!

Adult balance bike

Balance bikes have revolutionised the way that children learn to ride over the last few years, and there is now a huge range of models that allow children to learn to balance, steer and understand the concepts of riding a bike.

The vast majority of these bikes are designed for children from as young as 18 months through to the age of 5 or 6, as by this time most children will be ready to move on to a ‘proper’ pedal bike.

However, there are some balance bikes designed for older children between 6 – 12 – and as balance bikes are such a fantastic product there is also a growing market for companies to produce an adult balance bike.

An adult balance bike is developed for teenagers and adults who might be learning to ride for the first time. They are also very useful for those who have special needs challenges, providing the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and excitement of cycling.

Strider 20 Sport Balance bike

One of the best examples of an adult balance bike is manufactured by Strider, who are a major player in balance bikes with several models designed for children aged between 2 and 12.

The Strider Youth 16 Sport balance bike is one of the best balance bikes available for 6 – 12 years olds, and you can now also buy the Strider 20 Sport Balance bike which is aimed at teenagers and adults.

Strider 20 SportThe Strider 20 Sport is a beautifully designed balance bike with wide handlebars, a lightweight frame and all of the features and components that you would expect from a quality manufacturer like Strider.

These include cross terrain tyres, front and rear v-brakes and a fully padded seat for comfort. The saddles is easily adjustable, and the height range is from 67.3 – 81.9cm.

The simple design of the bike allows the rider to balance very easily, and the footrest allows the rider to coast along once they have built up some speed. The footrest can be added or removed according to the riders ability.

The footrest also means that advanced riders can build up some speed and perform some amazing tricks on this bike. There are already several competitions and races for balance bike users including the Strider Cup!

The Strider 20 Sport is a new balance bike for 2015, but if the popularity of children’s balance bikes is anything to go by then we are sure that it won’t be long before there are more and more models available for teenagers and adults. There are plenty of 6-12 year old already tearing it up at the skate board parks on their balance bikes so they will need larger bikes as they get older!

We will be sure to review as many of these bikes as we can as they get released! Happy riding.

Micro balance bike

The Micro Balance bike is manufactured by Micro Scooters Ltd, who are most well known for their fantastic range of scooters. However they also provide an excellent balance bike as part of their range as well.

Micro Balance bike review


Micro balance bike

Buy now £109.45


The Micro Balance bike is designed in Switzerland and with a clean and simple design it looks great and really stands out from most other balance bikes.

The frame consists of lightweight aluminium, and is available in a number of different colours including blue, green, purple, orange, yellow and pink.

Micro Balance bike saddle height

The bike is advertised as being suitable for children aged 2-5, although with an adjustable saddle height between 36 – 42cm this means that it may be slightly too large for an average 2 year old.

If you are looking for balance bikes for 2 year olds then check out our recommendations here – these bikes include models such as the Puky LRM Learner bike which has a saddle height starting at just 29cm.

However, if your child is the right height for the Micro Balance bike then they will enjoy the range of features which include a lightweight frame, adjustable handlebars (with a thick rubber bumper to protect little hands) and mark free wheels, which makes the bike ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The bike weighs in at just 3.2kg, which is one of the lightest on the market and makes it easy to carry and transport.

The Micro balance bike is quick and nimble, so once the rider has mastered the art of balance and steering they will be racing away enjoying their freedom. It is beautifully designed, with a smooth and flat fork, no exposed bolts and a comfortable foam seat which gives bike a slick and stylish look.

Solid wheels

One point to note is that although the solid wheels are great for indoor use or on paved surfaces, the solid wheels of the Micro balance bike provide very little cushioning, and the small diameter wheels would make it difficult to ride the bike on non-paved surfaces. If you are looking for a more BMX style balance bike, then try the Stompee Balance bike which is much more suitable for getting off the beaten track.

The Micro balance bike has a quality build, as would be expected from such a market leading company so this bike will retain its value and be able to be handed down through the family or to friends.

The Micro balance bike is priced in the more expensive part of the balance bike market at £109, but the lightweight and quality build nature of the bike justify this cost and it is a quality bike for indoor use or getting around towns and villages.

Micro Chopper Balance bike

There is also now a Micro Chopper Balance bike available from Micro Scooters Ltd, which makes a great alternative to the Micro balance bike. This bike is modelled on the classic Chopper bikes of the 1970’s and 80’s, with wider handlebars giving a cool and desirable look for toddlers and small children.

The frame and other features remain the same on the Micro Chopper balance bike, and it is also very similarly priced.

Balance bike bolts

Balance bikes are equipped with a huge range of features these days, and the most important factors in your decision on buying the best balance bike will be determined by the type of frame you prefer, which sort of tyres and many other factors including the age of the child, style of bike and if the bike has a brake (or not).

One of the features often overlooked is the bolts that hold the bike together, and if they are exposed, recessed or covered.

Exposed bolts are common on many metal balance bikes, and although this means that the bolts are easy enough to access and adjust if required they can prove a slight concern. This is because exposed metal bolts can get scratched over time, and if they are very prominent this means that they can scratch the inside of the child’s leg while riding.

This problem is avoided with recessed bolts, which are often found on wooden balance bikes such as the Prince Lionheart Balance bike. The bolts on this style of bike are hidden away within the wooden frame of the bike so they are out of sight and don’t cause any hindrance to the rider.

Another advantage of balance bikes with recessed bolts is that they are out of the way if the child has a fall. Small children will sometimes fall directly on top of the bike during a fall, so exposed bolts can cause an injury so this is not a problem with bikes with recessed bolts. This also applies to balance bikes with covered bolts.

Bolts are an essential feature of balance bikes as they hold the entire bike together. Although recessed and covered bolts do help to prevent injury in the event of a fall, there are many excellent metal balance bikes with exposed bolts that don’t hinder the performance of the bike.